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lairofthegoblin  asked:

What are some of your favourite obscure Links YouTube videos?

ooh this is a fun one! i’m not positive exactly what is obscure and what’s not anymore, from my deep trash vantage point, but i’ll give it a try

Ars Nova speech
Lin talks about how Ars Nova nurtured the beginnings of Freestyle Love Supreme, and what he wants the last scene of the movie of his life to be
event playlist here

The Polar Bears
Did you know Lin played a misfit polar bear cub in a 2013 short film of the Coca-Cola polar bears? Because Lin played a misfit polar bear cub in a 2013 short film of the Coca-Cola polar bears

Drunk freestyle at Joe’s Pub
I’m just an evangelist for this video, when I blog it it never really takes off–maybe because you might have to listen at least a few times to get most of the words because of the quality–but this is to me seriously the best freestyle of his I’ve seen and I love watching it so much, plus it’s basically all Broadway in-jokes so a lot of people here should enjoy that. And Tom Kitt on piano. Also relevant: there is a Lin Drunk History coming our way later this year…

In the Heights flash mob
A flash mob welcomes In the Heights to LA by surprising Lin with “96,000”

Writing the 2011 Tony Awards closer
Lin wrote the closing rap (performed by host Neil Patrick Harris) with Tommy Kail during the show
2013 Tony Awards opener
Do not miss this. It’s one of the biggest and most entertaining production numbers you will ever see. The word wondrous comes to mind. Lyrics by Lin, music by Tom Kitt, starring host Neil Patrick Harris. (Don’t miss the lines for aspiring theatre kids that will break/remake your heart.) And Lin and Kail wrote a closing rap during the show again, this time for Neil and Audra McDonald

Empire State of Mind with Another Hundred People
At the 2012 Lincoln Center American Songbook Series, which Lin kicked off on January 11 (Hamilton’s birthday incidentally) with a performance of songs from the Hamilton Mixtape

Empire State of Mind at Broadway on Broadway
This video gives you a good sense of the setting of the performance. This video gives you a good sense of Lin’s butt during the performance

Talking about freestyling
With Freestyle Love Supreme

Freestyle Love Supreme at Joe’s Pub
Lin takes “Neil Patrick Harris” and it’s oh so good. One of those freestyles where it kinda wraps around and builds to a really good climax (shut up I couldn’t think of another way to put it. yes, it’s satisfying too okay) (Lin’s referencing that big Tony number up above at the end of the video)

Don’t Quit Your Night Job
Lin performing with Shockwave, mostly an epic Shock beatbox performance, last two and a half minutes Lin freestyling on audience suggestions he’s pulling out of a bag hanging from his elbow and it just makes me grin like crazy the whole time

Oh, oh yeah. This. Lin freestyles his whole writing and theatre journey from childhood through In the Heights. It’s pretty beautiful and essential

so i plumbed most all these from my playlist Lin-Manuel Miranda for Lintrash, which unfortunately is not in any order but has as of now over 130 videos that are probably relevant to your interests. i have a lot of Hamilton stuff collected on my channel too, plus some In the Heights and FLS

oh, if you haven’t seen it, you gotta see Hamilton Heights. and Lin’s sadsadconversations. OKay bYE


Warning: Spoilers, potential seizure trigger, violence, sexual imagery

Title: A Shot in the Dark

Editor: FeralElement (formerly known as Kratos300123GoW)

Song: A Shot in the Dark

Artist: Within Temptation

Anime: Tenjou Tenge

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the tragedy of iggy ;( ;( ;(

  1. nicki minaj sips tea at the bet awards about iggy’s raps
  2. a video leaks of iggy’s old pop days. it’s bad
  3. snl was bad
  4. azealia calls her igloo and everyone laughs
  5. a video of iggy’s inability to freestyle from 2013 surfaces
  6. fight with steve madden about iffy’s shoes, which were photographed as sandals with socks
  7. yung vegemite beefs with a papa john’s driver
  8. her tour is postponed. nicki, in an ultimate tea sip, scoops up tinashe for the pinkprint tour days later

Cristopher Gibson - “Alonzo” (NPS 2013)

“Freestyling is not just the ability to come up with words. It is being so moved by this music that you cannot help but speak.”

This was Cris Gibson’s first performance ever at the National Poetry Slam. He blew us away.


Freestyling with Sway back before OLD came out