Straight Outta Compton, they go hard!

“Krump Body Control” by Jaja Vankova & BDash

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Dytto freestyle dancing to “Day ‘N’ Nite” by Kid Cudi

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The first day of summer it rains seawater. And I have three umbrellas in my car, but none of them belong to me. 
The air feels like heartbreak, because I made it so. And it’s funny, since I shouldn’t have.

I wait for thunder, lightning, you.
With the patience of August and the fickleness of a lemon tree. 
I think about love like it’s on a map. And I can trace it. Write about it. Drive there.

 It’s a different May. A different June.
A different me when you put the pieces back. Because they never fit the same way. Look right or wrong. Only just so.
I come back a girl with stardust fingertips. In a striped cotton sundress the color of July. Standing on the tip of my toes. Looking straight into the sun.

You are only a boy.

—  Love, Em // May, June, July, August