Official Froyotech i58 Fundraiser

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Off the back of our ESEA S21 Invite championship and having finalized our S22 roster, we are excited to announce that we are planning to attend i58 to defend froyotech’s throne as the TF2 world champions of i52 and i55.

That said, the truth is that not everyone on the team can afford the trip to England out of pocket. However, to me and hopefully all of you, it is more important that our team be there to represent North America and compete. Because of this, I have taken most of the initial financial burden onto myself to guarantee our participation at i58. We are launching a fundraiser to help recoup the costs for the team which include expenses for flights, lodging and PC rentals. Our goal is to raise $6000. (Note: This should be the only major NA fundraiser as Ronin has been generously funded by their sponsor)

b4nny - @4G_b4nny
Freestate - @FreestateTF2
Paddie - @paddie__
Muma - @Mumanji
Phorofor - @phorofor_

Follow us at the links above for TF2 related content and to get to know the team better. In addition to the personal streams above, we will be looking into organizing a showmatch for your viewing pleasure. You probably notice that blaze is no longer our starting roamer, as it turned out he is unable to attend i58 and will be missed. We are welcoming TLR back out of retirement to attend i58 as our starting pocket soldier.

b4nny and froyotech have shirts up for sale, to fund their trip to Insomnia 58 next month. 

Read the post on TeamFortress.TV for more details on the various ways to donate->

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