“The wild woman runs feral through the trees, carrying with her treasures of fern, rock and root.

She who is connected to every stream and branch. She who is woven of shadow, myth and truth. She who beats the drum of magic and mystery.

She is the fire that burns away the old world, destroying the cage that once held tight.

She is the cosmic womb that gives birth to the path ahead, a vibrant tapestry of ancient wisdom and holy medicine.

She brings with her a call to action to reclaim, rekindle and renew our spirits, our hearts and our connection to the Earth.

She brings with her wings of freedom and hands back to us the strings of our destiny.

She is the Priestess

Dancing around the Beltane flames.

She is the healer woman

Who knows the ancient names.

She is the Sorceress

Embracing intuitive sight.

She is the wild warrior

Howling in the Full Moon light.

Daring to love the wild woman is no light task, for she is the firebrand with passion consuming her soul.

There is no taming her. There is only running with her through valleys and fields.

The ocean tides are her blood and the wolf howls deep in her spirit. Her bones are rooted deep in the soil.

There is no cutting her from the foundations of the Earth.

To walk the moss covered paths of her heart exploring every leaf of this lush hidden forest is to glimpse the secrets of the Universe.

To be one with her is to dive deep into the unknown, moving past the shallows and submerging completely in her sacred seas.

Embracing the wild woman is an alchemy of wildfire and cosmic mystery, breathing life back into once stale lungs.

There is no way back once you begin to walk her shores and worship upon the her divine altar.

She is both compass and tempest, beacon and storm.

Within the arms of the wild woman, all things are transformed.”

~C.Ara Campbell~