Traditional Commission master post

Past commissioners will get discounts on their next commission!

I’ll create a digital art commission post when I don’t feel like drawing on paper anymore, can’t touch my tablet. For now I have a RedBubble page!

All traditional commissions can be sent to you after they are finished. I have really cool wasabi tape I wanna use *^*

My prices are after the read more, if you don’t wanna see this post in the future black list “sasga shut up”.also “daily art reblog”

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@dirkjohnweek Day 6/7: DEALER’S CHOICE: whatever you want!

tfw u disappear for a couple decades without a warning and the husband find ur fickle ass again

i didn’t get to do the other past few days but……… ehhhhhh 3/7 ain’t bad right? toootally

more out of context faestuck dirkjohn for the sunday freespace!


Pictures from the farewell party for Senior Producer Jim Boone. Everyone at the studio will deeply miss him, but we all wish him the best at his new gig at Riot Games!

Jim also wrote up something for the fans that he wanted us to share:

After a long, amazing ride it is sadly time for me to say goodbye to Volition. The studio has been a part of my life before there even was a Volition - back when it was Parallax Software developing Descent. I had the great fortune of being one of the testers on Descent 1 & 2 while at Interplay, and even had the chance to spend a few months working on site at Parallax with Descent 2.  

Once Parallax split into Volition and Outrage, my good fortune continued as I had the chance to produce FreeSpace 1 & 2, Summoner 1 & 2, and Red Faction 1 & 2.  It appears we really liked doing games in pairs back then! BTW, if you want a great laugh look up Summoner Geeks - perhaps a tiny precursor to some of the crazy humor of Saints Row.

After taking some time away from Volition, I returned to work on Saints Row 2. I can clearly remember a debate the team had on FreeSpace 1 where a pilot said “God damn” and the team was split as to whether this was far too mature for our game. If we could have peered into the future to see Saints Row, I think we would have had a coronary!!!  During this return to working with Volition, which lasted nearly 10 years, I had a chance to work on multiple Saints Row titles, and both of our most recent Red Faction titles.

The one constant during all this, was the team at Volition.  What an awesome group of people - talented, hard working, creative and funny! This is what I always loved about the studio, and what I will miss the most - it’s people. I also extend this same feeling to our publisher, Deep Silver.  A great group of people that could not possibly have been more supportive - far more so than any publisher I have worked with before.  

It was hard to say goodbye to Volition yet again, but I had an offer to work at Riot Games that I just couldn’t pass up. Riot is a developer I have a tremendous amount of respect for, and I am incredibly eager to dig in.  On top of this, I have the opportunity to live in my old stomping grounds of Southern California.  It will be really weird not looking through a sea of cornfields or soy fields (or just plain fields in general,) but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make.  

All kidding aside I am going to miss Volition a great deal, and I am going to miss its fans.  The comfort I take in this is that I now get to be a Volition fan myself, just like all of you.  

–Jim Boone

MIKOTO/IZUMO WEEK is happening JANUARY 24th to JANUARY 31st, 2016!

This is a week to celebrate the rare gem of a pair that is Kusanagi Izumo/Suoh Mikoto from [K]. Prompts listed below are to be used as liberally as you like! For days with multiple themes (’vs.’ or ‘/’), participants are welcome to incorporate one or more of the listed themes. Contributions in all mediums encouraged and accepted! Check out the rules page and main blog for more details! Reblog to spread the word!!!

  • jan 24:  day one :: KINGDOM
  • jan 25: day two :: HOME vs. DISTANCE
  • jan 26: day three :: BLOOD / FIRE / SMOKE
  • jan 27: day four :: TATTOO / SCARS / MEMORY
  • jan 28: day five :: BOND / LOSS / REUNION
  • jan 30: day seven :: ALTERNATE UNIVERSE
  • jan 31: day eight :: FREESPACE [CREATOR’S CHOICE]