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truthharbinger  asked:

Could you do a Muse of Breath? :D

The Muse of Breath

A Muse inspires action of their aspect or inspires action through their aspect

Breath is the aspect of freedom and direction

While Muses are characterized by being the ultimate passive class, I envision a Muse of Breath as inspiring through example. They’d be a completely free spirit, free from obligations, loyalty, and relationships. They’d be perfectly content to glide around and cater to every ridiculous whim they’d possess for the rest of their lives. By doing so, they inspire others to follow their example and leave behind their obligations. They’d inspire a wave of people eager to do nothing but be freed from the demands of society and their friends. Whether this is done maliciously to undermine powerful groups or positively to encourage personal growth over stagnant relations depends on the Muse, their influence would spread beyond themselves and reach everyone their disciples would come into contact with.

Plus, they’d be flying high in their incredible outfit!

anonymous asked:

what personality would go best with selenite?

Selenite comes from the Greek word selene which means moon, with the meaning of moon comes energies of instinct and emotional well being. They are the stone of truth and honesty and connected to the third eye chakra. For selenite I’d say a good personality would be someone who follows their gut and is a free spirit, who is connected to who they are and who they want to be. Someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves and who isn’t afraid to tell a friend that they are doing something they don’t like. I hope that helped! -mod lepidolite

She was both an old soul and a free spirit. It was hard to understand her, but oh lord did you want to try.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #166