frees spirit

my favorite otayuri things:

19.1 cm otabek
yuri growing his hair out
yuri growing to be about as tall if not taller than otabek
sharing each other’s clothes
having quickies anywhere
intense make out sessions on beka’s bike
yuri calling otabek beka
otabek calling yuri kitten
living together in their own apartment
otabek styling yuri’s hair
skating together
matching outfits
proudly showing off their hickey’s in public
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She was both an old soul and a free spirit. It was hard to understand her, but oh lord did you want to try.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #166

I got the second Persona 5 comic anthology book and there are some pretty funny comic strips so I wanted to translate a few (emphasis on few) of my favorites. Here are a couple to start!

(I cut up the comic strips for better readability and I had to use photos for my raws since I don’t have a scanner so I’m sorry they’re pretty ugly lmao.)