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Beasts of the East part 1

The Church at Sugarbush (photo #1)
this is one of the hardest inbounds terrain features in the east, it’s all so one of the most famous. It’s not on the map but a lot of people know how to get here, you start with a side step up from paradise, then you will get to paradise chutes, keep going and you’ll get to bear claw, from here take off your skis and hike, at some point you’ll reach a traverse that leads to two openings. The first is called Men’s Tee (photos #2 and #3) this is about 15 to 20 feet high. Its only good on powder days and Ive only jumped it once, it was pretty epic but it’s one of the craziest things I’ve tried and I’m in no rush to do it again. The other drop-in point is called Ladies Tee (photo #4) , this is only 7 to 10 feet but it’s flat, sometimes there is a side entry but that needs a lot of snow, even if you take the side entrance there is a 2 to 4 foot mandatory air onto the apron, there is a traverse to a huge snow apron into the forest below.

Face chutes at Jay peak (photo #5)
Under the tram there is a series of huge cliffs trees and passageways known as face chutes, it’s gnarly enough that the ski the east freeride world tour uses this area as a competition area.
It’s pretty awesome that this area is on the map and available to public skiers.

Liftline at Sugarbush (photo #6)
This one is only crazy if you want it to be, there is a clean line through but you can always find an extreme line through with the multiple rock band and a sick double cliff known by locals as the staircase. The top 3 foot cliff lands on a tiny patch of snow which airs over a cliffs that 7 feet down and 3 and a half feet outward. Even I have trouble holding it together on the landing . This makes it the arguably the hardest run on Castlerock or the hardest marked run at sugarbush, it’s used for the castlerock extreme ski challenge.

The Ridge At Jay Peak
This is the entire headwall between the top of the tram and Green Barret. This area is much harder then face chutes but is not use for ski competitions most likely because after skiers pass below the second headwall rollover they would disappear into a dense forest, this area is usually only good on great snow years, most lines are so steep and narrow that after 2 or 3 people ski it all the rocks are exposed one of these lines is the saddle chute, I was lucky enough to get a line in this one. Even on this big year I had to climb down rocks at the top, once your in there is a mid chute mandatory air which goes more outward then down, this chute along with the trees next to it, is insanely steep. Underneath this area is another rollover with tight trees and cliffs, one chute at the end of the ridge known as pumphouse chute, this chute is moderately steep but the bottom is narrow and the whole chute is very long. This ridge is usually accessed by the stairwell at the top of the tram but on good years you can ski on it from the saddle.

Black Mountain Sidecountry at Loon Mountain
(Photo #8)
If you were to follow the signs skiers right of the walking boss trail, the ones that say area boundary and follow a traverse\hike for about 30 minutes you would get to a deep birch forest known by locals as black mountain, this is always fun in good snow conditions and has lots of rock jumps you can get huge air from

Big Pine Chutes at Loon Mountain
(Photos #9 and #10)
If you enter the woods skiers right of the sunset trail you will find a traverse\side step to the top of the knob on north peak, this leads to a glade, this glade has a fall line that leads to a crazy straight-line between huge boulders with a freakin’ tree in the middle, which I’ve only been able to pass without taking my skis of one time, as shown in photo #9. The other option is to take the traverse around the peak to the chutes, here the trees are extremely wide but there are big cliffs that are hard to get around sometimes these range in size depending on snow. photo #10 shows me airing into chute #1 which has the most cliffs but you can avoid all of them chute 2 has less cliffs but one of them is mandatory, chute 3 has almost no cliffs but is steeper.