Across the Pond

Meet the Butlers!

They are the family behind the success of our carnitas over in the UK and France. Blythburgh Free Range Pork Farm was founded by Jimmy (middle) over 15 years ago and he works alongside his two sons, Marketing and Sales Manager, Alastair (right) and Farm Manager, Stuart (left) with dedicated wife and mother Pauline looking after the admin and keeping the boys “in check.” Our Chipotle UK team spent an afternoon at Blythburgh learning about the quality, integrity and history of the farm.

The team starts the morning by being transported to one of the two huge fields which houses the sows and their piglets. We look out to the East and can see the lighthouse of Southwold on the Suffolk-Heritage coast just a mile away. Alastair takes us through the benefits of the farm’s location.

It’s a combination of the fresh sea-air and free-draining sandy soil that makes the ideal conditions for a free-range pig. It keeps the animals cooler in the summer and makes for a milder winter.

The team makes their way around the field looking at the rows of sows, which each feature a farrowing hut with a fender on the front.

This enables the sow to step out and move freely but keeps the piglets safe and warm whilst they gain their strength.

The new-born pigs remain here until they are four-weeks old, which is when the weaning stage takes place and they are moved into the finishing herd.

Stepping among the curious pigs, who enjoy having a good sniff of the team and add some extra splashes of mud to the wellies, you can see how stress-free and happy they are.

They’re more than comfortable enough for the team to spend time in their homes and the feeling is mutual.

Due to the enormous amount of room they have to roam, roughly 80x more than that of an indoor-reared pig, the pigs burn off fat quicker and therefore enjoy a longer and much more natural growth process.

Most pigs are sent to slaughter at around 18–19 weeks but the Free Range Blythburgh pigs will remain on the farm until they are around 24–25 weeks old.

Following the visit to the fields, team Chipotle UK is then treated to a delicious slow roast pork shoulder lunch, expertly prepared by mother Pauline, alongside equally satisfying conversations from the Butler family.

Blythburgh also supplies to some of the top restaurants in the UK as well as top London hotels such as The Savoy and The Ivy.

To top it all off, Blythburgh Free Range Pork were also recently named the Producer Retailer Of The Year at the first annual National Pig Awards.