Team Freeplay Mermaids Stim Board

For the lovely @djlemmiex and her encouraging me to do another water-based stimboard. I apparently have an unconditional love for water-based stims.

Note: This isn’t Turnwood. They have both said they’re over that so don’t.

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A lot of people have told me that I’m responsible, and I generally just smile and nod while wondering if they’d rethink that statement if they knew that I spend my time watching my OTPs come to life on Sims FreePlay. *Edit: Also while listening to romantic French songs*

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Playing HxH Sims this morning :
-Leopika get married in the kitchen with Hisoka as their witness
-Gon throws a house party to show off his new clothes
-Illumi cries and plots Gon’s death because he hates parties
-Killugon is getting serious

Playing this afternoon :
-the crew moves into a bigger house so Illumi will have his own room to hide in during Gon’s parties
-Kurapika cheats on Leorio with Hisoka
-Hisoka gets arrested and has to stay behind bars
-Gon and Killua get into a fight and are refusing to talk to each other (hopefully they won’t break up)

………. This all happened in freeplay. The ONLY thing from the list that I did was move them into a bigger house.