Pugly Pixel Overlays | Pugly Pixel

Sometimes you want to add a bit of flair and pizazz to your blog, but sometimes you also can’t be bothered. That’s why these overlays are perfect! Just chuck in your pic and voila, amazing blog post! Thank you Pugly Pixel!

p.s. the photo featured is the adorable wooden girlie brooches from Two Crows Art

Printable Thread Bobbins | Wild Olive

I went to make this woven bracelet the other day and decided to search for my thread from my cross stitch days and what I found was a huge, massive tangled mess. Sigh.

So I now need to go and buy some more thread because there’s no way I’m going to try and sort that ball of thread. But next time I’m going to use these printable thread bobbins so I don’t waste more money!

Printable Labels | How About Orange

How About Orange always has the cutest freebies, and these labels are no exception. There’s nothing nicer than getting a letter in the mail, especially these days when it’s virtually non-existant! So get the pen & paper out, whack one of these sweeties on the front and make someone’s day (er, not a break up letter, that’s just mean!)