Names of over five hundred captive Orcas and other Dolphins, only five hundred of the 2,000 names I collected.. Two thousand animals suffering because of humans.. An orca can swim up to one hundred miles a day in the wild, in the average tank they would have to swim 1,208 laps each day to reach that equivalent. Not only are the tanks small but they’re over crowded with stressed, bored, scared, and depressed animals which only leads to violence and injuries to themselves and the people they work with. These animals are so much smarter than most people can even comprehend, they deserve better, say no to sea world and other marine parks promoting this slavery


Quote of the Day:

“Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself to see.”
- Albert Schweitzer

In 2010, ‘Morgan' was taken from the wild, at the age of 1-2 years, as she was very underweight after accidently getting separated from her pod, the Dutch moved her to a marine park to get her healthier promising to release her back into the wild later on. Weeks after her rescue they shipped her off to a different marine park in Spain where she performs tricks in a pen way too small for her sharing it with male orcas who beat her up. When she’s bored she’ll chew the concrete of her tank, even if it hurts she keeps doing it, now her teeth are damaged. Yet, worse of all they plan to impregnate her when she is still WAY too young! PLEASE don’t support these parks, do what you can to help! Educate, inform, sign petitions, and donate when possible. She needs to go home! –>

You can see her scabs in the photo above by pamzilla, I feel as if her eyes beg, “Please. I don’t want to be here.”