Names of over five hundred captive Orcas and other Dolphins, only five hundred of the 2,000 names I collected.. Two thousand animals suffering because of humans.. An orca can swim up to one hundred miles a day in the wild, in the average tank they would have to swim 1,208 laps each day to reach that equivalent. Not only are the tanks small but they’re over crowded with stressed, bored, scared, and depressed animals which only leads to violence and injuries to themselves and the people they work with. These animals are so much smarter than most people can even comprehend, they deserve better, say no to sea world and other marine parks promoting this slavery

Beyond Blackfish

Blackfish dramatically changed my thinking. SeaWorld was a place of joy in my childhood. I loved it. If you were like me and visited the parks in the late 80’s–early 90’s, isn’t it crazy to think the same whales we saw are probably still there–same tanks, same tricks, same miserable existence? Think about all you’ve done in your life since then. These poor brilliant animals…I’ve been reading and researching orcas like crazy this past week. I can’t stop. 

Here are some things Blackfish didn’t touch on:

Tilikum’s life now:

The poor guy has been kept in solitary confinement. SeaWorld claims he’s active and (mentally) stimulated. I hope you know now not to believe the lies SeaWorld spews. Read more about his life now here. It’s hard to say if Tilly regrets killing Dawn, but there’s no arguing he knows he’s being treated differently than the other whales now. He watches them, alone, and chews at the gates. 


Morgan was taken from the wild in 2010 under the pretense that she would be released after being nursed back to health. She’s the first orca taken from the wild in 25 years. She’s valuable because she can help with SeaWorld’s inbreeding problem. Even though she was supposed to be released, she’s now at Loro Parque. A judge recently ruled she can’t be returned to the wild despite many experts testifying in her favor. She’s considered a pre-teen, but she’s being housed with older males. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. Morgan has an appeal coming up. Read more about it here


If you think Tilly and Morgan have it bad (and they do), poor Lolita might just have it the worst. She was taken from her mother in the wild in 1970. Think about how long that’s been. Unlike the whales at SeaWorld, she’s in an illegally small tank with no shade (ever) from the Florida sun, alone. The last time she even saw another Orca was 1980. Imagine being kept in solitary confinement in torturous conditions for nearly 34 years. For the record, her mother is still alive. There are extensive plans for Lolita, but they have yet to take effect. Read about them here

Get involved

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I remembered seeing on the Free Morgan website, listed under ways to help Morgan being - Build a sand Morgan to raise awareness X Their example is like 100% better than my attempt but i lacked a spade! I only had my stick (which is now full of sand!)

Considering i made it in March… on a British beach… i doubt i managed to gain much awareness but I tried ^^

Before the pro-caps start saying "Ingrid Visser lost"...

Let’s make clear that the only one who has lost was Morgan.

When I posted this pic of Orkid, many pro-caps reblogged it feeling sorry for her. What’s the different between she and Morgan? Why “Kalia is a bitch” and Morgan rake marks are only “socialization”?

When pics of Ikaika covered with rake marks showed up he was a “poor boy”, why Morgan isn’t suffering too?

When Vicky was born everyone felt sorry for her but the same people are supporting that Morgan is placed in the same tank as Keto who is sexually harassing her. 

Stop supporting LP because you hate Ingrid Visser, they’re abusing not only Morgan but all the other orcas they’re holding.


Meet Morgan

Morgan is a young female orca who beached herself in the Netherlands in 2010. When she was rescued with the provision she would not be displayed to the public, and that she would be released back into the wild after she had recovered. They wanted to emulate the successful rehabilitation of Springer another lone female orca whom has been successfully rehabilitated. But this was not the case and she is now performing.

Many orca society’s are campaigning for her release but a discovery was made when her trainers at the marine park (Loco Parque) found that she did not respond to the whistle. Tests were made and they found she was either partially or completely deaf which may explain her beaching.

This is where the importance of Stumpy is. Disabled herself and heavily relying on other pod members of the ones she has been with Morgan could probably just as easily be accepted too, especially as her dialect links her to the norweigen orca.

To find out more about Morgan and how to help out in campaigns to set her free here are some helpful links
Free Morgan Foundation  /   Petition    /  Video
IS MORGAN DEAF? - Free Morgan Foundation
Question? Is Morgan Deaf. The short Answer = NO! There are a lot of rumours going around that Morgan is deaf.

Excellent article by the Free Morgan Foundation highlighting that Morgan is not deaf.

The report published on the 28th of March 2013.  It clearly states that Morgan appears to have some hearing deficiency but the scientists  did NOT determine that she was deaf.  They further stated that their study could not have determined if she was deaf, anyway as this “cannot be determined through currently employed electro physiological means.”  Their 14 page report is linked here:
Assessment of basic audiometric functions in killer whales (Orcinus orca) at Loro Parque, Tenerife, Spain

In their conclusions the authors first state “The lack of a click-evoked response in the killer whale, Morgan, suggests that this animal suffers from a hearing deficit” and then later go on to say that it is “possible” that she has a hearing problem but that they can’t test for it.  But they do highlight that more studies should be done (and please note again that Loro Parque has not conducted these, or if they have, that they have not made the results public).