2 hours ago, @MonaEltahawy, an Egyptian-US citizen and journalist, tweeted:

Beaten arrested in interior ministry

I’m writing about her in this space because Mona is a loud, proud feminist and supporter of choice.

My thoughts and good energies are directed to her tonight. To her and all the many prisoners SCAF has and is beating, arresting, and detaining, including @alaa (who has been in prison since Oct 30) and @MagButter (who was with Mona tonight).

Mona’s family and the State Department are already on the case.


[The #freemona image, which, as you can see from the tweet above, comes from her twitter avatar, was posted by @OtimMichael and here’s a direct link to it]


Egyptian-American and news pundit Mona Eltahawy vandalizes racist pro-isreal posters. People claim that the ads are free speech but the vandalism is not. So only the people with the $$$ can make their opinions heard and the rest of us have to consume it? 

Fuck that - if you see an ad that you don’t like

Amazing paper: how an instant global socked campaign helped save a Journo thx @emilybell @techsoc @katz

When a top egyptian blogger was arrested in Tahrir, top tweeps around the world created a campaign that would have taken weeks in the 1990s. A great template with amazing lessons, which must be why @emilybell “recommended @techsoc’s post to two classes it is with @katz storify”

Read it online:

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