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Free Memory 2nd Anniversary

It’s the 2nd anniversary of Free Memory Firefox Add-on and we have some celebration goodies. A new logo, a new website and an add-on update.

Over the course of 2 years, a lot has changed. Thanks to the help of users who tried the add-on and submitted reviews, a lot of features were added after the initial release of the add-on. Reviewes helped in improving the add-on over time. After a few months of release, a huge increase in downloads was observed. Soon Free Memory became a featured AMO add-on 🙌 . This lead to more users and more reviews. It even got features on some sites like Windows Forest.

Here are some numbers. Over 330000 downloads and over 30000 average daily users. 100+ reviews on AMO and via emails combined. A lot of donations. So much awesomeness 😃 Big thanks to all the users for making Free Memory a success.


Free Memory has a new logo now.

External image

I made it myself using Procreate app.

A Free Memory website for details about what and hows of it . This website serves as a help page for the add-on.

Add-on update contains rollback of the HELP option which links to the above website. HELP was removed in previous release and some users wrote that they need the HELP page back. So here it is 😊 . Another new feature is a pre-cleanup notification. Some users wrote that when the automated memory cleanup starts, the browser freezes suddenly without any hint of what’s happening behind the scene. Now whenever an automated cleanup starts, a notification is issued informing that cleanup has started.

Once again, thanks to all the users for such a huge support. 💙💚💛💜🙏✨💙💚💛💜

Adding AAM support

Some freememory reviewers asked for about:addons-memory(AAM)[0] support in freememory. Well, it’s here :)

Now freememory provides an option to install AAM and once installed the panel option changes to `about:addons-memory` which allows to open AAM page in a new tab.

I have sent a message to the maintainer of AAM if the addon could provide an API which would enable triggering Minimize addons memory without actually visiting AAM page. It would be cool to have that feature ;)

Even cooler when this is available on mobile with freememory doorhanger UI :D  oh! I forgot to update that on this blog :3

More details about all these in freememory wiki[1].


Sophos Anti Virus - Because you can never be too careful!
Fantastical - I use this to simplify my iCal workflow, especially for school. 
smcFanControl - This keeps my Mac cool during processor intensive activities. I have several preset speeds that I choose based on what I’m doing. It also boosts the fan speed by 750RPM while my Air is charging. 
Ejector - I use this especially on my MacBook Air to make removing my external disks simple. 
FreeMemory - I have this set to automatically purge my inactive RAM whenever it drops below a certain level. Keeps my Air smooth and responsive. 
Dropbox - Self explanatory. Also, awesome.  
BwanaDik - Keeps tabs on my current Wi-Fi situation. More informative than the built-in menu app. 
MenuPrefs - Simplifies changing the System Preferences. 
Growl - Apple should have done this…
CloudApp - For quick sharing of small items between my Macs and friends
Evernote - For jotting down stuff I want to remember
Weather HD - Displays the weather in really nice HD graphics, and the menu bar app drops down a list of current temps for selected cities. 
Caffeine - Keeps my Mac running high. 
Then the standards: Keychain Access, Time Machine, Bluetooth, Battery, Wi-Fi, Volume, Date/Time, and Spotlight.
(From Vincent Sanchez)

Add-on Weekend

Great weekend with 3 new releases.

Updated tabShow[0], got rid of SDK libs and used XPCOM interfaces to perform proper tab switching across multiple browser windows. More details in the wiki[1].

Released openPics[2], AMO link[3]. openPics helps in opening multiple pictures in the browser at once. This is a complementary add-on to tabShow. They could be combined to showcase pictures in a slideshow style.

And the last and the greatest one, freeMemory for Fennec ( Firefox for Android ). It works! More details in the wiki[4]. To keep things simple only memory minimization has been added in Fennec. This could be made better in future releases :)

External image


freeMemory - NO MAGIC

Since the release of freeMemory [0], there were a lot of confusion among the users about what it does and how it worked. The add-on description was:

An add-on to perform free-memory operations without visiting about:memory.

Which appears to be really clear. In spite of the clear description above and screenshots on the AMO page, people were confused about how it works. Well, it was annoying that people were misunderstanding the description. Some user reviews were about it not working for them and some were very happy with how it made their browser fast by cleaning memory.

Well, the actual thing what freeMemory was made to do was very simple. about:memory page in Firefox provided a few buttons to perform memory cleanup operations. These options are hidden under about:memory page and usually unknown to people. freeMemory made it easy to reach those buttons from anywhere using the widget/button panel or the shortcut keys. The add-on never implemented it’s own algorithm to deal with memory. It just highlighted the built in functionality in the browser. **NO MAGIC**

Source code of freeMemory is available in github [1]. Feel free to check it out and fork & send PR :)