freeman moustache


Gosh, it’s a Sherlock behind-the-scenes exclusive that I have completely made up! While Sherlock was doing his best French waiter impersonation in The Empty Hearse, little did we know that he ALSO slipped a cunningly prepared fake winelist in front of John, hoping that he might get the subtle hint. Sadly, John was too preoccupied to notice and Sherlock had to opt for the UNsubtle approach to returning from the dead…

  • question: why is the special victorian?
  • una stubbs: oh, it's such an affectionate sherlock!
  • martin freeman: look at this moustache
  • benedict cumberbatch: *something poetic and vague because fuck that interview from april is still smarting*
  • moffat: we just had to play dress up
  • gatiss: couldn't be here today because he's beginning to crack