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Ghosts have the capability to change the sound of their voice. Most don’t use this ability to ensure that newly rezzed Guardians have a constant to hold on to whilst they adjust to their new life.

Of course, there are some that don the voices of others. Some imitate famous Crucible players; others imitate actresses. There’s been a few Ghosts who’s able to emulate the voice of a pre-Golden Age actor named Morgan Freeman. Voices of Vanguard members are a huge no-no: but that doesn’t stop Ghosts from imitating them for the pleasure of their Guardians.

Some say that this ability is dangerous- that others can use Ghosts to disrupt City peace and incite conflict. That they can spread false information and start riots. That an entire group of them can imitate the voice of the Speaker and spread blasphemy.

But I mean, no Ghost would do that, right?


On this day in music history: July 8, 1981 - “Beauty And The Beat”, the debut album by The Go-Go’s is released. Produced by Richard Gottehrer and Rob Freeman, it is recorded at Penny Lane Studios, The Record Plant and Sound Mixers Studios in New York City from April - May 1981. Having started on the underground punk rock scene in Los Angeles in the late 70’s, The Go-Go’s make their recording debut in 1980 when they release the first version of “We Got The Beat” through UK indie label Stiff Records. The single generates significant buzz back home in the US, but the Go-Go’s have difficulty securing a record contract. I.R.S. Records signs them, after numerous rejections from other labels, telling them bluntly that they feel that a self contained all female band won’t be successful in a male dominated music industry. The band work with songwriter and producer Richard Gottherer, originally one third of the 60’s band and songwriting team The Strangeloves (“I Want Candy”, “My Boyfriend’s Back”) and Rob Freeman. To record their full length debut, the band relocate to New York City to work with Gottherer and Freeman. Band members Charlotte Caffey and Jane Wiedlin write the bulk of the albums eleven tracks with Kathy Valentine and Belinda Carlisle also contributing. The first single “Our Lips Are Sealed” (#20 Pop) penned by Wiedlin and Terry Hall of the UK ska bands The Specials (later of Fun Boy Three), comes about after the pair become romantically involved while The Go-Go’s are touring as the opening act for The Specials. With Hall having a girlfriend back home, they write the song as a sly and ironic reference to the affair while trying outwardly to keep it under wraps. The albums now iconic cover photo features the Go-Go’s with their faces covered in cold cream and with their hair and bodies wrapped with bath towels. Before the photo shoot, the bands manager Ginger Canzoneri warns the girls not to get anything on the towels as she “needs to return them to Macy’s” after the photo session. Once released, the album initially gets off to a slow start, but quickly picks up steam after the release of the second single, the re-recorded version of “We Got The Beat” (#2 Pop) is issued in January of 1982. From there, “Beauty And The Beat” takes off like a rocket, with The Go-Go’s making history as the first all female band to score a number one album on the Top 200 in the US. Originally released on CD in the mid 80’s, it is remastered and reissued in 2011 for its thirtieth anniversary as a two disc deluxe edition, with the second CD featuring a live concert recorded at The Metro Club in Boston on August 20, 1981. The title is also reissued as a 180 gram vinyl LP pressed on pink translucent vinyl. “Beauty And The Beat” spends six weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Video game voice actors strike against publishers

by Iman Smith

Effective Friday, SAG-AFTRA has declared a strike against 11 video game publishers over games that went into production after Feb. 17, 2015. The companies in question include some of the biggest heavyweights of the industry, such as Electronic Arts Productions, or EA, Insomniac Games, Activision and Disney.

The strike comes in light of an unsuccessful 19 months of negotiations after the existing labor contract known as the Interactive Media Agreement expired in late 2014. Overall, the strike is an effort to provide more secondary compensation along with other concerns, such as transparency upon hiring talent and on-set safety precautions.

SAG-AFTRA says voice actors don’t receive residuals for their gaming work. Instead, they receive a fixed rate, which is typically about $825 for a standard four-hour vocal session. So the voice actors are pushing for the idea of secondary compensation — a performance bonus every time a game sells 2 million copies or downloads, or reaches 2 million unique subscribers, with a cap at 8 million.

“It’s a very small number of games that would trigger this secondary compensation issue,” said voice actor Crispin Freeman, who’s a member of the union’s negotiating committee. “This is an important aspect of what it means to be a freelance performer, who has to go from job-to-job – who isn’t regularly employed every single day working on projects.”

Read the full article and listen to an interview with voice actor Jennifer Hale (Halo 5, Mass Effect 3, Bioshock Infinite).

Photo: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg/Getty Images

anonymous asked:

How did you first hear of BTS and what was your first impression of all of the members?

[morgan freeman voice]

it was an innocent summer day. minnie was browsing through youtube like every other university student does in her spare time.

she noticed in her ‘suggested videos’ list a kpop mv titled “No More Dream”. She clicked on it, not knowing that this very moment would be pivotal in her future productivity and sanity.

And that, is how she first heard of BTS.

/the end/

lol yeah so my first impression of all the members was based on their debut mv, which if you dont remember, had them wearing chains, heavy eyeliner and very fuckboy-esque outfits. if you want to see what i mean here

these were my thoughts

  • Rap monster: this dude is serious. like he means BIZNESS. but that hair….
  • Suga: ok this dude is prob the short but angsty one. he wants big cars and big rings, lmfao #relatable
  • V: oooh ok i c u pretty boy, i c u
  • Jimin: holy shiT HE’S CUTE. like, baby cute tho
  • Jhope: that MASK. he’s hardcore, i can tell
  • Jin: ok i c u pretty boy #2, i c u
  • Jungkook: THIS KIDS SO YUNG
  • Jimin: [lifts up shirt but smirks at the same time] OHHH SHIT NO HE DIDNT

and then a few hours later i made this blog lol cause i was so offended by jimin