Why Sense 8 is important!!

•major character is a transgender woman
•character was written by transgender sisters ( the Wachowski brothers are now the Wachowski sisters as of march 2016)
•male characters authentically expressing emotions other than anger and lust(although there is plenty of that too)
•shows cultural differences with respect and dignity
•general representation of minorities
•representation of cooperation and love between all kinds of people
•beautiful soundtrack
•awesome story
•just watch it okay
•btw the Christmas special is amazing too


Look at how fast David Tennant throws himself down those stairs.

This is from the Doctor Who Confidential episode “Stage Fright” (which accompanied The Shakespeare Code)

You can see that the three of them (the Doctor, Martha, and Shakespeare) start together at the top of the stairs.  David runs down at breakneck speed - taking the steps at least two at a time - leaving Martha and Shakespeare far behind (Freema and Dean are running more like normal people - being careful to not to kill themselves on the old and probably rather uneven steps).  

I don’t think he can even stand up straight on those stairs - he’s crouching down because the ceiling/covering is too low for him.  He somehow even manages to make it look graceful.  Amazing!


Some of the British actresses of colour suggested for Peggy Carter. The MCU could have used this opportunity to introduce historically accurate chromatic women in period television shows, especially since it wasn’t just British white women that fought in World War II.

Gemma Chan
Angel Coulby
Oona Chaplin
Carmen Ejogo
Freema Agyeman
Aiysha Hart
Wunmi Mosaku
Maisie Richardson-Sellers
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Karen David