freely music

Devendra Banhart

it ain’t about a heart to find
it’s about the one inside
it’s about the love you hide
that’s waiting to be let outside

and it ain’t about losing your mind
but if you happen to, that’s fine
but there’s only one way to shine
and it’s called trying to live

freely, freely meu coração
freely, freely meu coração
i’d like to live that way
i’d like to live that way

and my mother may not understand
why i’m the way that i am
but i love her and i wanna let her in
get to know a friend

and now we gotta take some time
get to know each other our whole lives
and i call on you to remind
nothing’s really mine except for

freedom, freedom en meu coração
freedom, freedom en meu coração
i’d like to live that way
oh, i’d wanna stay stay that way

you ever seen anything as kind
as the wind blowing by?
i’ve never seen anything as wise
as the sun rise that shines

freely, freely en meu coração
freely, freely en meu coração
i’d like to live that way
oh, i’d wanna live that way

The constant disapproval of Ryan Evan’s father in High School Musical 2 (2007) of Ryan’s choice in tilting his hat to the side may stem from internalized homophobia, indicating Ryan’s father wants him to be straight (through hat straightening). Ryan also shows constant jealousy of Troy Bolton, who spends much of the movie in the constant praise of Ryan’s father - often being ignored for this very reason. Troy Bolton seems to be the epitome of masculinity that Ryan cannot emulate perfectly for his father (maybe due to his hat tilting, doing yoga with his mother, or even the homoerotic swapping of clothes with friend Chad Danforth). This thread of mild homophobia also leads to Ryan wanting to diverge from his family’s (rather sister’s) path to success. Instead of performing with his sister for the country club’s talent show, he sides with the lowly staff who seem much more accepting of his sexuality/flamboyant personality. Ryan’s flow of creativity peaks when with these people that are not his family silently oppressing him through their assumed homophobia. Sharpay, his sister, seems to finally understand Ryan cannot fully flourish under this oppression of his sexuality and expresses this through giving him the talent show award at the end of the movie. Ryan is incredibly grateful and it shows through his dazzling smile. The applause garnered from the audience (including his parents) seems to eliminate much of the unhappiness of Ryan. But who knows if Ryan’s father has overcome his homophobia? But Ryan is gratified enough to forget his unhappiness, even if it is very temporary. High School Musical 2 thus shows the potential of a person will be at its height when one is able to express themselves freely.

ID #10348

Name: Riad
Age: 20
Country: Egypt

I’m just looking for someone to talk to, i don’t think i ever had the luxury of being able to talk freely anout what’s on my mind or what’s going on with me without being scared of having my intentions misrepresented. Which is why i usually keep to myself most of the time, but it got to the point where it’s intolerable.

I’m a music addict, college student majoring in computer softwate engineering. Boxer though i’m taking it seriously as i’m scheming plans to turn pro after college. Also a volunteer in charity orgs.

Preferences:  Anyone who is around my age really.

Bliss | Jimin, You

I am currently watching Yuri on Ice. And this is what came out of it

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Nothing else has ever made my heart beat before you came along

Jimin took in a deep breath before opening his eyes to the flashing lights and the loud cheers, but most of all, the music he was all too familiar with.

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The Mysterious Miranda (Chapter 6)

pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader, daveed diggs x reader

summary: Your cousin Anthony drags you along to one of his neighbor’s infamous parties with his girlfriend, keeping you from a night in. Mr. Miranda, the host, is a mysterious man, but that isn’t the part that gets to you.

warnings: cheating, maybe a lil tiny bit of angst but it’s probably more nostalgia, fluff

words: 4235 (i don’t even know what to say anymore, my dudes)

a/n: wow so I know I said I was gonna get Pippa out first, but this was just screaming my name, I couldn’t get anything done on that one. so this is a very emotionally charged chapter, it’s fluff galore, and I’m super proud of it. Thank you @secretschuylersister for checking it out and reassuring me a bit. enjoy, and please feel free to send asks with your thoughts/reactions!:)

part one part two part three part four part five part seven part eight  part nine

Your husband is searching for you,” Anthony mumbled, shifting awkwardly with a look of worry on his face.

“How much of that did you hear, Ant?” You turned to him as soon as Lin scurried off, eyebrows furrowed in concern.

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beautifulwhensarcastic  asked:

AU time. Steve and Peggy as strangers who meet at some wine tasting event at a restaurant. They both feel slightly out of place. Also they get drunk together and run off on some tipsy adventure around the town.

Ooh, can I combine this with Peggy’s trip to France where she comes across the beefy, tan Steve working for her aunt at her vineyard?  Peggy’s aunt has a restaurant in town where the main showcase are her wines and champagnes.  Her aunt insists Peggy learn the flavors.  Peggy agrees but she thought she’d be spending time with her aunt.  So far all they’ve done is tend to the plants and prepare for the harvest.  She’s bored out of her mind.  The most entertainment she has is watching muscular Steve carry bricks back and forth to complete some landscaping for the property.  Needless to say she’s not complaining.

Her aunt finally insists it’s time Peggy goes to town to the restaurant.  She’s a bit reluctant because she wanted to find a way to invite Steve but he’s nowhere to be found.  She’s excited to see the town so she hitches a ride.  The restaurant is packed to her surprise and she has to squeeze her way to the bar.  She hasn’t the slightest idea how the tasting is supposed to go and is just about to ask the sommelier (or bartender in this case? idk) when she feels a hand at her elbow and a drink being ordered for her in a familiar American voice.

Steve walks her through the whole process, leading her through the right wines in the best order, and getting to know Peggy at the same time.  He takes her to a little side room where they get a little tipsy from all the wine (yeah you’re supposed to spit it out but they’re young and basically on a date so tipsy it is).  Peggy mentions this is all she’s seen of town so far.  Steve’s eyes light up as he grabs her hand and hauls her out the door.  He takes her to all of his favorite places where history and youth combine.  Dancing is involved at a local underground club, where the liquor flows freely and the music reaches the soul.  There might be a few fumbles in the fountain in the center of town but luckily the police aren’t really that strict unless people are being too rowdy.  Peggy wakes up with a massive hangover the next morning in Steve’s apartment, her aunt is ready to kill her when she gets back to the vineyard because she was worried sick, but summer love is worth the price of her worry and the pounding head.
Follower of the Wind - Angelle_wings - Tales of Berseria [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Fandom: Tales of Berseria
Rating: Teen …ish id put it in general
Words:  1185
Tags: Minor Character Death
Characters: Zaveid and theodora
Relationships: Zaveid/ Theodora
Summary: The wind plays it’s music freely- there are those who march alongside it but there are those who are mere followers striving for the freedom it holds.

A little gift for @letmereachforthestars​!

honestly if anything im so happy i wrote this- i love my underrated tales characters, I loved exploring theodora and creating this!! and if i wanna thank kisara for giving me this chance to write this character I love! 

Let me tell you why I love Billy Idol as much as I do, and why he has become the personal symbol of All That Is Good & Will Be Good - and also the personal Ass Kicker when I need good kicking.

When Idol was a child, he knew he wanted to be a singer and play guitar. He wanted to be a rock star - it was clear as a day! However, his parents were against the idea of their son playing a guitar. “If you want to play something, you’re going to play a violin and that’s final,” they said. So, he had to go to the violin lessons.

Around age 8-9 he managed to get 5£’s acoustic guitar, which he hid from his parents, and started to make his own songs. He loved to write and be creative, but at school things didn’t go that well. He was a smart kid and school felt boring - he rather wanted to read, create, write, sing and play than do math (which he was lousy at).  

In his teenager years punk movement was born in London. Idol heard punk bands and thought “This is it! I love this! This is the music I want to do, this has the freedom and attitude that speaks to my soul!” But punk was hated in London. Oh hated so very much. It wasn’t good idea at all to go to punk scene if you wanted to be a successful artist, but Idol didn’t care. He loved punk and knew what he wanted. 

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When he finally managed to form his first own band in his teenager years, dislike for punk had grown more. His father stopped talking to him for years, because he was so disappointed with his son. When his band performed, audience threw all kind of shit on him. But Idol stood there and performed without blinking an eye. He was “I love to perform, I love this, I love my music and I don’t care a shit if you dislike it. I’m not moving anywhere from this stage and I’ll quit only when I’m finished with my performance.”

Later he got to university to study music. The uni was full of higher class’s jazzy kids, completely different from Idol. He had no friends as everyone just stared him down; “Ugh, there goes that freak again, did you know he listens to those shitty bands… Look at his style, so gross, what does he even do here?” But Idol kept listening his fave bands, dressing as he liked and continued his studies, despite he told later it hurt his feelings when people left him out and he didn’t fit in at all.

By the time his first band was doing fine, hate for punk had gotten so bad all places forbid punk bands from performing in their facilities. There was literally no place for Idol to perform anymore and to continue his path towards the dream of being a performing artist. He said “Fuck it” and arranged with his punk friend a place for punk bands to perform. 

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Soon after that Idol started to feel that he should go for a solo career, because the band was restricting him from expressing himself as freely as he wanted to. He wanted to make HIS kind of a music, create FREELY what inspired him. People were very against this idea; “You aren’t a solo artist, you can write music, you can’t make it on your own. Just forget it, you can’t do it, you aren’t good enough.”

But he didn’t listen to that. He left the band and made his first solo album in early 20′s, and created the alter ego Billy Idol for himself. 

When the first album was doing pretty fine, Idol thought how London and Europe were too small. “I want to go to USA, I want to become a successful solo artist there with my music, with my punk sound and personality.” AGAIN everyone was against it, all odds were against it. The Europe’s most successful punk bands had gone to USA and came back completely failed - what could this just brand new almost never-heard solo artist Billy Idol do? “You’ll be wasting your time, USA isn’t ready for punk, you will come back home crying, don’t waste your breath, don’t even dream about it because you can achieve it,” the odds told him.

Nevertheless, the took his back bag and left to USA. There everyone said the same thing; “Listen kid, your music is shit. No one likes punk here. No radio station will ever play any of your songs. No record studio will ever take you in. You are a Britt and you sing with wrong accent - you will not make it. And your personal style is hideous, you dress like a bag of shit and your white, messy hair is revolting. No one will ever come to see artist as ugly as you.”

Idol thought only “Okay, if learning to sing with American accent will help my career, I’ll do it - but I won’t change my music or my style. I am who I am, I do what I love and that’s it. I will be successful as my own self.”

And he did it. He did become successful. His white ugly hair became his brand trademark - 40′s later he still has it! He became one of the male sex symbols of the 1980′s. He never double guessed could he make it or not. He refused to sell his soul, his voice, his inner being - his heart’s true calling - under any pressure, under any odds. He knew what he wanted and did it. 

Idol at age of 8  = “I want to play guitar and become a singer”
World = “We are your parents and we say you can’t. Here’s violin for you.”
Idol = Gets the guitar anyway behind his parents’ backs and starts making music.

Idol at early teenager years = “I want to create, sing and write. I have an electric guitar now.”
World = “You are bad at school, forget your stupid dream of singing, you will not make it.”
Idol = Continues making music and playing guitar.

Idol at teenager years = “I love punk! I want to do punk music. It has everything that I hold important to myself.”
World = “Whole London hates punk bands, we will literally throw shit on you when you perform with your band, all punk bands will be banned from performing, punk is a bad choice”.
Idol = Continues to love punk and get inspired by it, aspiring to be a punk artist.

Idol at university = “I’m studying music so I can become a performing artist.”
World = “Pretty much everyone at this uni hates you, you are a freak, you don’t fit in because you like wrong bands, wrong music styles and you dress in a wrong way. Your white hair is horrible.”
Idol = Continues his music studies, keeps listening his fave bands and dressing as he likes. Keeps the white hair. 

Idol with his own band = “This is nice, but I want to make my kind of a music. I need more freedom. I’m going to solo career.”
World = “You aren’t and will never be a solo artist, you can’t write or compose, you can’t make your own songs, forget this stupid nonsense and stay in the band.”
Idol = Goes after a solo career.

Idol, after becoming a solo artist known as Billy Idol = “I want to go to America and become successful there!”
World = “Everyone in USA hates punk, you are no one, the Europe’s most successful punk bands have failed miserably in USA, you are nothing.”
Idol = Goes to USA.

Idol, after landing to USA = “I will go to show my album to different music moguls, because here I am!”
World = “No radio station will ever play your songs, no record label will ever take you in. Your music is utter punk shit, we hate punk. You have a wrong accent, you should sing in American accent. You look hideous, your style is ugly, your white messy hair is so horrible you better get rid of it. No one will come to such ugly shit’s gigs, ever.”
Idol = Learns to sing with American accent, but keeps his music style and looks as they are. 

Idol later = Still being his own self, hasn’t changed his music style or physical appearance at all, still has the white hair which is his trademark now, has become super star and a sex symbol, released multiple albums, is cast to multiple movies like Terminator 2 (he had to drop out only due his motorcycle accident, otherwise he would have been the famous T-1000), is known all around the world, and continues doing what he loves and being who he is. 

Golden Heart

parring: Tony Stark X Reader

word: 1494

warnings: besides my spelling?

A/N: i’m really bad at naming these things, sorry:/

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The last month hadn’t exactly been normal, not that anything really was normal in the Stark tower. You were Brue Banner’s assistant, which meant you often helped him in the lab and made sure he got enough sleep, sometimes you had even helped the one and only Tony Stark. It was one of those nights, it had happened.


“Mr. Banner” you said, and walked into the laboratory, looking around for the man.

“oh, hey Y/N” Mr. Stark said, not looking up from his work.

“Mr. Stark” you answered. “I presume Doctor Banner has already called it a day? “

“yeah, just a few minutes ago” he answered. “can you give me your opinion on this? “

You nodded, and walked over to him, where he held out a necklace.

“it’s… pretty… “you said. It was a simple necklace with a heart in a golden colour, two red stones in it.

“it’s more than that! “he said with a laugh, and gestured for you to turn around. You did so, and he moved your hair, putting the necklace on you, a small blush creeping onto your face. When you turned around he smiled, and pressed on the necklace. You watched in amusement as it opened, folding out to some kind of red and gold vest.

“it’s bulletproof! “he said proudly, and you smiled at him.

“may I ask who it is for, Mr. Stark? “you asked, knowing exactly what he would answer.

“well, it’s for you, Ms. Y/L/N” he said with a smirk, and you smiled. You had played this game with him for some time now, and you actually liked the attention he was giving you.

“well, thank you, Mr. Stark! “you said with a smile, and leaned up to kiss his cheek.


You opened the door to the lab, and saw the two men standing over their work.

“good afternoon, Ms. Y/L/N” Mr. Banner said, giving you a short look.

“it’s quite late, Mr. Banner” you answered. “I suggest you get some sleep before the sun rise”

“I didn’t even relasie it was so late” Mr. Banner said, and smiled as he passed you. “thank you, I suggest you get some too”

“I will, thank you” you said, and he smiled before going. You looked briefly at the other man in the laboratory, wondering if you should say something to him. He didn’t even look up for his work, and you took a deep breath before opening your mouth.

“goodnight, Mr. Stark” you said, and he nodded, mumbling something. You sighed, and hurried out of the room.


You giggled as Tony dragged you away from the party.

“don’t you think they’ll notice? “you asked with a smile.

“what If they do? “he asked with a smirk, stopping. He stood in front of you, your hands in his. “I quite like the idea of them knowing”

“Mr. Banner wouldn’t approve… “you said with a smile, it excited you a little, sneaking around.

“he won’t Hulk out or something” Tony said, his face getting closer. “and if he Hulk out now, I’m not even sure I will realise”

You returned his smile, as he leaned in.


The necklace laid on the table, and you wondered if you should wear it. Not because you thought you would need to wear a bulletproof vest, but because it was pretty.

You decided not to. It would simply be too awkward, it was awkward enough that you were going to his party, but Mr. Stark couldn’t allow to feel that way about people he had had a relationship with, then he wouldn’t be able to go freely anywhere.


The music was loud, and your head had started to hurt. You pushed through the crowd, drunk people all around you. Some drunk guy had spilt his drink all over your dress, and you just wanted to go find Tony, before going to bed and forget the failed party.

“hello Ms. Y/N” a voice said, and you smiled at the Captain in front of you. “are you enjoying the party? “

“I feel it’s a bit late, but I need to thank Mr. Stark for the invitation before going to bed, do you happen to know where he is? “you asked. You didn’t like lying to the people here, but you were nervous about what people would say if they knew about you and Tony.

“unfortunaly I can’t say I have” he sighed, and then smiled. “but if I had to guess, I would say the bar”

“of course” I said with a smile, and thanked him, before continuing through the crowd.


“you’re not wearing the necklace” a voice said, and you turned around to look at a familiar face. He was close, far closer that he had been in a long time. His eyes were warm, and you felt yourself longing after being in his arms again.

“I thought you would wear the necklace” he said. His voice wasn’t filled with emotion, just a brief sadness. In one moment, you actually believed he had missed you.

“I didn’t think it would look good with the dress” you said. A lie, a big, fat lie, and his look showed he knew. He looked down at the black dress, and the lifted an eyebrow at you, but didn’t question it. Instead he nodded, before going towards the bar.


You sighed, and started going back. Tony wasn’t there, and your headache had only gotten worse. Maybe you should just go to bed, but Tony would be looking for you later. But then again, he wasn’t here now.

You pushed yourself towards the door, people all around you. They bumped into you, and the wet material of your dress stuck to your skin. It smelled like alcohol, and you reminded yourself to wash it as the first thing in the morning.

Then you saw him. You smiled, and started to walk faster, but then froze as you saw her.


It was hot, and you felt as if you could throw up anytime. Even though most people were drunk, you were not. A lot of people got drunk after a breakup, but that didn’t seem like it would help, so instead you focused on reading the book you never had finished. Right now, you wished you sat with a cup of tea and a book

“everybody! “someone yelled, and people looked to a table with a, clearly drunk, Mr. Stark on it. People cheered, and became silence when he gestured them to. They laughed when he stumbled a bit, but you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

“I have a message! “he said, and people became quit. “It’s for someone I really like, but I was a big jerk”

“no news in that! “someone yelled, and people started laughing. Mr. Stark, however, didn’t seem to think it was funny.

“and I just want to say sorry, Y/N! “he yelled, and his eyes caught yours.


“let go of me! “you said, removing Tony’s hand on your arm.

“just listen… “he said, but you continued to walk towards your room, away from the man. “Y/N!”

“just don’t” you said, turning around. He was right behind you, and almost bumped into you. Your eyes were big, the tears threatening to burst. “don’t try to explain, just let me be”

“Y/N, don’t do this… “he said as you turned away, and walked. “I love you! “



You had never liked being the centre of attention, and now everyone’s eyes were on you. A blush crept on your face, and you tried to hide your face behind your hair. It didn’t seem to work, and you turned around, walking out of the room.

“Y/N… “he said behind you, and you stopped. The tears were rolling now. Why couldn’t he just forget you?

“go on” you said, finally looking him in the eyes. “say something, make me love you once again, hurt me again, that’s what you do after all, isn’t it? “

“Y/N, please… “he said. “forgive me, give me a second chance… “

“tell me… “you whispered, looking away from his eyes. “if you want me to give you a second chance, tell me… what have you done to deserve it? “

His eyes were warm and welcoming, but you couldn’t let yourself fall for his tricks again, you couldn’t let him hurt you again. He knew that he didn’t deserve a second chance, that was why you had asked him that. You wanted to give in, you really did, but he didn’t deserve it, that you both knew.

“because everyone deserves a second chance… “he whispered. “everyone, you’ve always believed that… that’s one of the things I love about you, Y/N”

You didn’t answer. What were you supposed to say?! You started shaking, and your sob became louder. Tony reached out, and took you in his arms. You started sobbing into his chest, and he stroke you over your hair.

“shh… “he said. “it’s okay, I’m here…”

love with a dash of violin

Title: love with a dash of violin

Genre: fluffy drabble

TW: none

Word Count: 377

AN: I’m really bad at titles i know. This is for day 9 of the @carryon-countdown (prompt - music).

Soft music drifted in through the cracked door. Deft fingers jumped around the fingerboard, vibrato ringing with each long note. The song itself alternated between slow, tranquil romance and fast, upbeat tension. The bow slid across the strings, changing speed and direction every note. The violin was held parallel to the floor, music flowing freely from it.

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