Humans Are Weird

I’ve been pondering this all morning and after much thought, I’ve decided to jump on the “humans are strange and confusing creatures” bandwagon.

I only have one word (or, more accurately, one word composed of two different words… a compound word, if you will) for you all. Gemstones. It is not impossible that in some far reaches of the universe, another species shares our love of pretty rocks, but if we look around at other planets in our very own solar system, like Jupiter and Saturn, where it rains diamonds, gemstones would not be such a rare commodity. They aren’t even such a rare commodity here on Earth. Yet we are enchanted by them, paying great sums to acquire them and wear them. We fawn over people who have the prettiest ones and offer them to loved ones as gifts.

Now, imagine if you will, a space crew landing on an uncharted planet, where rubies are just as common as sand. The other members think nothing of it, but are perplexed as they turn to see Human Steve grabbing them by the fistful and filling his pockets greedily. Is he collecting samples for scientific research? Humans are known for their fondness of “space rocks”, they have brought back multiple ones from their moon to study, but these? These were rubies. The whole crew knew what they were, no need to analyze them any further. A confused rookie, Jix, a Freelian (a reptilian race, slender and logical from the planet Freel) inquired as to why Human Steve would need so much of a common stone once they returned to the ship. Human Steve just gave him a smile and replied “My girlfriend loves them.” So his mate was a rock enthusiast. “It’s endearing how Human Steve supports his mate’s interests.” Jix noted to another crew member. “What do you mean?” asked Commander Gress. “He went out of his way to collect rocks for his mate, simply because she likes them.” Jix stated. “You mean the rubies?” Gress said with a chuckle, “Yeah, gemstones are a rare thing on Earth.” Jix didn’t understand. Gress continued: “It makes them precious. They use ‘em as gifts… It’s a human thing.” she said with a dismissive wave and left. Jix nodded pensively. He enjoyed Human Steve’s company and wanted to convey to him, without the use of words (preferably a gift, something special), how much he appreciated him. Jix suddenly had a brilliant idea.

The next morning, Human Steve woke up to an eager Jix pulling him out of bed. “I got you something!” he chirped, leading Human Steve to the cargo bay, where a large beige boulder took up most of the room. Perplexed, “It’s a rock.” was all Human Steve could say. However, Human Steve didn’t want to upset poor Jix, he seemed so proud. A “thank you” was stammered by Human Steve and the boulder was moved to his quarters. Later that day, Linda from engineering (also a human) asked him about the boulder. Human Steve shrugged, “Must be a Freelian thing.”

The possibilities are endless.


“Freal Luv” by Far East Movement | Choreography by Nika Kljun

at Millennium Dance Complex in LA

Featured Dancers:
1 GROUP: Jan Ravnik, Nika Kljun

2 GROUP: Tate McRae

3 GROUP: Bailey Sok, Jess Cummings, Carly Blaney, Jacque LeWarne, Chloe Ford

4 GROUP: Peyton Albrecht, Tom Fryearson, Kristina Koumaeva

5 GROUP: Ari Libertore, Delaney Glazer, Amanda Dexl

6 GROUP: Paul Karmiryan, Sherrod Tate, Balta Monkiki

7 GROUP: Sheaden Gabriel,  Emma Hellenkamp, Paola Acevedo…

8 GROUP: Jimmy Genovesi, Dre Young, Anthony Velazquez, Brian Davis, Alex Francoeur



[joo-vuh-nes-uh nt] 

1. being or becoming youthful; young.

2. young in appearance.

3. having the power to make young or youthful:
    a juvenescent elixir.

1815-1825; Juvenescent is related to the word juvenile. It is from the Latin present participle of juvenēscere which meant “to become youthful.”

“The thought of spring, when it did come, gave to Miss Freeling the same sort of halcyon, salutatory, juvenescent feeling that Richard had, and this made them seem like old friends.”
- Sylvester Judd, Richard Edney and the Governor’s Family, 1850

I’m happy and free
L - G - B - T
L - O - V - E

P R I D E I got tired of seeing pride playlists w katy effing perry so I made my own with actual lgbt artists and sans miss katherine

1. Know Your Name  - Mary Lambert  2. Arregaçada (Boss in Drama Remix) - Banda Uó  3. Cut To The Feeling - Carly Rae Jepsen  4. E.V.P - Blood Orange  5. Good Guys (Night Time Mix) - Mika  6. In This Together ft. Delfi - Hanna Mia  7. Living In Another World - Neon Trees  8. LGBT - Lowell  9. Teddy I’m Ready - Ezra Furman  10. Slip Away - Perfume Genius  11. Wild Things - Ladyhawke  12. The Love Within - Bloc Party  13. Hungry Ghost - Hurray for the Riff Raff  14. Ready For Your Love (feat. MNEK) - Gorgon City  15. In For The Kill - Shamir  16. YOU’RE THE ONE (feat. SYD) - KAYTRANADA  17. Call YMCA Maybe - YelpImTheToaster  18. LGBT - Cupcakke  19. Chuva - Jaloo  20. To Be Human (feat. Labrinth) - Sia



special thanks to @femmefareeha for reccing me music

tendrresse  asked:

I love to be alone, to feel the wind, to listen to the sounds of the waves on the shore. I love to dance alone, to feel the music run through my every nerve, to feel alive , i love to breathe freele with my clear consciousness. I love to sleep alone, to feel the warmth of my blanket and rest my head a little. I love loving myself, simoly because I deserve to, just like everybody else does and should💕

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As a host, I don’t expect people to bring their own toilet paper when visiting or else suffer the consequences. Why do I offer people the free use of toilet paper when visiting, but I won’t help out with other bodily functions that may need adjusting to within the walls of my home? Neither me nor my partner gets periods, but sometimes we invite people over who do. Simple as that.