Too often, it seems, we belittle – and even mock – people and situations that should garner love and support. Too often we fail to acknowledge the humanity and inherent imperfections in others, instead choosing to condemn and forsake them for falling short, being different or disagreeing. Ms. Lauryn Hill is one of those people, and her situation is one of those situations deserving of support and love.

The “Free Lauryn” project is not some fluff piece or propaganda tool; rather, it is aimed simply to present a front of solidarity with Ms. Hill as she confronts her legal difficulties in a more public arena than previous years have allowed. Instead of being in any way stymied, we want the shirt to be a sigil representative of those who stand in support – a symbol from which she can draw strength as she faces the oppression beset her.

L-Boogie may now embody the Lost One, but she is still the joy of many worlds. Help us help her remember that by sharing what makes Lauryn important to you, how she has impacted your life, well-wishes and any other positive energy via social media channels using the hashtags:


To purchase a shirt and show solidarity with Ms. Hill, visit and join the movement!