Week Three: Sketch a Day this May!

Week Three was interesting and tended towards more focused work and process than usual. Towards the end of the week I stuck to only one painting a day and tried to make it work. Again, not the usual. I’m learning a lot this month :)

Daily exercise to build immunity to perfectionism; join in! ‪#‎maysketchaday‬

Should you fight this Freelancer?

(I mean the answer is probably no but humour me for like, 5 seconds okay?)

Carolina: Are you insane? This girl was top of the leader board for a reason. She will kick your ass so hard you see stars. And not just because your in space. Don’t fight Carolina. 

Washington: Do not fight Wash. Skills aside, how could you fight him? He’s so precious. Wrap him in a blanket and dump him a ton of kittens on him instead. New you win because he is distracted.

York: You can try. You wont win but you get to fight that glorious piece off ass. He’d probably carry you to the infirmary afterwards.

South Dakota: Absolutely fight South. She wants to fight you. She will curb stomp you, but it will be worth it.

North Dakota: Why the fuck would you try to fight North? He scraped you off the pavement after your fight with South. He even apologised for his sisters behaviour. Do not fight North.

Maine: Do you have a death wish? Don’t fight Maine.

Wyoming: Absolutely fight this piece of trash. You might even win if you can disable his time distortion unit. Also he’s a fucking coward. You would destroy his ass.

Connie: Yes, fight the girl who carries around massive knives. That was sarcasm by the way. Do not fight Connie unless your name is North Dakota and you’re either going to snipe her, or place your hand on her forehead and watch her swing at you pointlessly.

Florida: Fight him. You will lose but fight him anyway. He’ll tell you what your doing wring and oh my god just fight this fucker. Enjoy knowing what you spleen tastes like.

Tex: I forgot.

Art pressure (Please don’t do that to anyone ! )

I really don’t appreciate pressure. I’m talking about art pressure y’know like : 
‘’Why have you stopped that style ?’’, ‘’When are you going to draw more of that ?’’, ‘’Are you going to be active on your side-blog anytime soon ?’’ ‘’Why your style changed so much ?‘’ etc…

I don’t know for you guys, but sure commissions are made for people (Hence a specific style or subject) but most of time in any other drawing I do it for myself, I can experiment and change as I want, no ? If you can’t bare the though of someone changing their style or not be equally as active on each of their blogs or just regular active… or just sometime doing fanart and sometimes posting experientals and OC things… well that’s too bad but, please don’t pressure artists to do your art preference on on their blog or stress their activity - it can be stressful and sometime hurtful to some artists !

@michelinepitt #flashbackfriday from last Fall, shooting for @pinkbowcity. Hair by @hisvintagetouch and wardrobe by @pinupgirlclothing. Shooting @michelinepitt next month. Can’t wait to capture her w/ the new D750!😬📷 #professional #freelance #fashion #editorial #beauty #sexy #pinup #vintage #pinupgirl #pinupgirlclothing #dark #girlswithtattoos #horror #cult #michelinepitt #LA #losangeles #hisvintagetouch #followme #madeineighty #kommienezuspadt (at

The Workaholic Pedestal

We freelancers have a tendency to never truly be away from our work, regardless of the time or day of the week.  Especially if like me, your work station is in your home.  We work long hours and dedicate ourselves fully to whatever project we have at hand.  We loose sleep, skip social gatherings, eat whatever is quick and easy so we can get back to work. I have noticed that there is a sense of pride in general among freelancers that we are so in love with our work that we can dedicate ourselves this way.  Passion for your chosen profession is definitely a plus!

However, I have also observed a downside to this part of freelancing.  That dedication can cross the line into an unhealthy workaholic lifestyle, and other freelancers actually encourage it.  There is an underlying unspoken rule in freelancer culture that if you’re not working, you’re slacking.  I’ve seen other freelancers take subtle stabs at their peers for taking time off to see family, to tend to daily life, or to just have a day (or three) to simply BREATHE and do something other than art. Doing things like comparing your work load with others’ work load, making yourself out to be the harder working one.  Referring to things like showering, cooking, and cleaning as “free time” or “vacation”.  It creates or adds to guilt surrounding work, which is really not a nice thing to do to your friends and peers. 

The disclaimer here is that clearly not every freelancer does this, and I think those that do are not being purposefully malicious, so please don’t misread this as an attack.  I’m guilty of playing into this myself, we are just falling into a part of the starving artist stereotype;  The idea that your chosen craft/art must encompass ALL of your being, every day and every moment for you to truly be passionate about it. 

The truth is, there IS life outside of art and work, and it’s not a contest. We are living beings that must eat and sleep, and we are social animals that must have a connection with others.  So not only do we HAVE to do things other than art, but it’s also ok to spend time doing other things that make you happy.  It doesn’t mean you are less passionate about your work, or that other artists who spend more time on theirs love it more.

And yes, there are deadlines we must work under.  But none of us want to be starving artists. None of us enjoy loosing sleep, eating crappy or skipping meals, working our fingers to the bone, letting friendships fall apart…  These are not good things.  You aren’t a cooler or more a passionate artist for making those sacrifices.  So I think instead of putting that lifestyle on a pedestal, we should be encouraging one another to take time to care for ourselves, and to have a life outside of their work. Just like anyone else doing any other kind of work.  =)

Wrapped up some freelance of a friend’s birthday present for his wife as a sloth! Came out pretty cute! I’m currently available for more commissions! Do you, your family, or pals want to be a cute Animal too? I can also re-imagine you & them as any favorite Pop Culture Comic Book, Movie or TV character, Horror or SciFi- literally ANYTHING! Digital Commissions begin at $35, and traditional Hand Drawn Commissions start at $45 (plus shipping). Feel free to message me if you’re interested. Thanks!

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Not So Elementary: The ‘Sherlock’ Guide to Freelancing and Small Business

Sherlock Holmes lived in a different era, but the Holmes of BBC’s excellent modern adaptation, Sherlock, shows us how the detective would operate in the 21st century. From the series, we can deduce a few pointers for entrepreneurs thinking about starting a small business or becoming a freelancer.

Do something you love …

If you’re going to work for yourself, make sure it’s something you enjoy. You’ll be putting a lot of time and effort into this endeavor, and you won’t succeed unless you have the passion to keep pushing forward.Sherlock works as a consulting detective because he likes to solve crimes. He describes himself as “married to his work,” hates the boredom that comes in between cases, and is positively gleeful when there’s work to be done.

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Pro's And Con's Of Going Freelance (College Related)

Going Freelance Can Be Very Rewarding But Very Demanding At The Same Time

 The pro’s of going freelance.

  • You can have very flexible job hours
  • flexabillty with who you work with
  • get to work on lots of different projects
  • make a lot of useful contacts in the media industry
  • you can also earn alot more money       

The Con’s of going freelance

  • you have greater  responsibility for generating your own imcome 
  • very very cut throat industry
  • most likely have to move to a big city to get employment ’
  • a greater reliance on finding your own imcome
  • you do your own taxation and insurence what can be very stressful      
  • you got to rely on yourself more then a contract worker