shots i animated for OK KO shorts Enid’s Bad Day and Barrels and Crates. @forosha and @shnikkles cleaned up my Enid shots in Krita. Harry helped w my Barrels n crates shots, and i helped in a shot we split up (he worked on KO and the fire)

The shot w Ko’s fire foot was animated by @gigaboss, i just inked and colored.

You can watch the shorts on cartoon network app or the website –>

Always a pleasure working for @studioyotta <3 :D

skirt! magazine Posts 2017 Theme List and Seeks Freelance Writers - Pays $200/essay

skirt! magazine (est. 1994) has posted new editorial themes for 2017 to help freelance writers pitch relevant articles for forthcoming issues. The monthly magazine proclaims itself as “part feminista, part fashionista” because each issue addresses all facets of a woman’s personality–their work, their play, their families and their creative thinking. Parent media company Morris Communications distributes skirt! magazine for free throughout the metropolitan Charleston, SC area.

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December 7th - Candy Cane

For the third time, York stopped in the hall as someone behind him started to laugh.  And for the third time, he was met with carefully blank faces that disappeared around the first available corner.  

“Oh, York.”

He turned again, and found Carolina smiling into her hand.  “What?”

“Just..hold still.”  She stepped forward, turned him slightly by the shoulders so he was facing away and leaned down.

“Whoa…shouldn’t you be buying me a drink or something first?”

There was a heavy sigh before she grabbed his hand, twisting his arm around until his palm was flat on the back of his pants….

…where it stuck.

“Ugh–”  York found an end, and slowly peeled the offending object away.   He brought it forward to find a lint-covered candy cane. He looked over to see Carolina biting the edge of her knuckle, trying to keep from laughing.  “This amuses you.”  She couldn’t speak, but nodded her head fervently.  “Well, tell North that he’s grounded.  No more candy for the rest of this week, or he’s going to be on the naughty list.”  He shook the candy cane at her for emphasis, then stopped and opened his hand experimentally.  The candy clung to his fingers and laughter bubbled around Carolina’s hand.  He turned and smiled as he walked away, still peeling the candy off of first one hand, then the other, back and forth, listening to Carolina slowly fall to pieces behind him.



I’m Akshay (I’ll give my full irl name upon request) and I’m looking for freelance or even permanent work in illustration, character design, etc. I live in Laguna Beach, which is close to the LA area. 

You can contact me at, where I can provide you with more information–but in the meantime, I have an ~art tag~ you can look through! 

(The content in the photoset is arranged so that my newest work is at the top and my oldest at the bottom.) 

Reblogs are appreciated! (Help a broke artist out.)  


Being a writer is hard.  Being a writer who wants to get published is really hard.  It takes a lot of work, a lot of dedication, and more research than anyone ever wants to believe.  Not only are you doing research to write your stories, but once you’re done, you’re suddenly faced with the need to do research on how to get published.

That’s a rabbit hole that’s easy to fall into.

The first step?  Find an editor.  And I don’t mean an editor who works in a publishing house—we’re still a long way from that bit.  No, the first kind of editor you need to find is a freelancer.

A freelance editor is going to take your manuscript and help you get it to the point where you can send it where it needs to be—whether that’s a self-publishing platform, a literary agent, or the unsolicited manuscript pile at a publishing house.

You can’t send an unpolished manuscript to any of these places.  That’s where the freelancer comes in.

But how do things work when you’re working with a freelance editor?  Let’s face it: there’s only so much time you can invest in researching how this all works.  And you don’t want to put money into something when you’re not entirely sure how the process goes.

So here’s a little crash course on how editing tends to work with freelancers—and with publishing houses.

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Hi there! My commissions are open again!
For more information head over to my commission info page.

Price list:

Simple colouring:

  • headshot - €30
  • waist/bust up - €35
  • full body - €40

Paintings / illustrations / semi-lineless:

  • headshot - €40
  • waist/bust up - €45
  • full body - €50

Monochrome/one colour pics are cheaper by 20%:
example: here

Background/setting (additional cost: minimum €7),

Ps. I accept every currency! <3


I’m a freelance writer, and I conduct regular calls with my clients to brainstorm articles that I will write on their behalf. 

Client: I read this really good article on this other site – why don’t we just use that?

Me: Well, we can’t just USE it. That would be plagiarism.

Client: Oh.

Do you ever think about Tex in the beginning of the Blood Gulch Chronicles?

About how she showed up, maybe expecting to see Church, but he’s nowhere in sight, but goes along with things because 1) she’s getting paid (we assume) and 2) scaring the shit out of these idiots is endlessly amusing.

How, when she finally meets Church again, he’s spouting nonsense about being a ghost and she just agrees with what he’s saying, because she still remembers Alpha beyond exhausted, a shell of what he once was, too tired to leave with her.

How relieved she might felt seeing Church being alive, with energy and a team that sticks with him.

How she probably grew to enjoy and like these bunch of idiots and jerks because yeah, they’re fucking dumb, but their antics and the adventures they get up to are kind of fun and even though they are all (rightfully) terrified of her, not one of them ever treats her like an outsider, like she could just snap and kill them at any moment (they don’t treat her like the other freelancers did).

And most importantly, she’s not some memory of a woman to them, a shadow of Allison. She’s just Tex to them, a badass mercenary who could kick their ass. Nothing more, nothing less, and they perfectly accept that. Even Church doesn’t seem to expect or want anything from her, beyond the few casual mentions of being his girlfriend. He’s perfectly fine with her going off on her own and doing her thing.

And maybe her time in Blood Gulch might have been one of the few times she felt at ease and happy.


Me: Do we have photo to leases for all the photos you want featured?

Client: Don’t spend any time on that. Our public affairs office took care of the releases from individuals and organizations; the customer photos are covered in the service contract.


Client: Read this from legal it’s urgent.

Me: What’s wrong?

Client: Legal got a call, and we investigated - we don’t have any releases for photos for our next set of annual reports. The contract to customers didn’t include any of the necessary language, so any photos with people in them need to GO. We also need you to go back to the published report from 2015 and remove all the photos from that. It doesn’t matter how it looks, we’re trying to stop a lawsuit.



Me: The event is this weekend and you still haven’t sent me high res graphics for the poster.

Client: But you took a picture of last year’s poster. Can’t you just use that?

Me: No. That was just for my reference for layout.

Client: (2 days later) I’m going to have to bail, I can’t get you what you want in time. I’ve found another solution.

Me: (same day, later) That image you posted on Facebook? You’re going to have to take it down. It has copyright statements all over it, which means you cannot use it without paying for it.