Hi guys! My name is Kat Tsai, and I’m a university student trying to make it in the entertainment and illustration industries, with interest in visual development, character design, game/animation assets, and illustration! I’m currently looking for internship opportunities and freelance work, and I hope that maybe someone on the internet can hook me up with something! You can email me at chuwenjie96@gmail.com. Signal boosts would really be appreciated! I’m having a hard time finding work for the summer so any kind of help would be amazing!

I’ve worked in a project based on the beautiful world of succulent plants, with seven posters and one pattern as result. I hope you like it! (Link in bio)

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Prep-work for my Lecture at Industry Workshops August 18-21 in London: http://www.industryworkshops.co.uk/ Process GIFs for #MaySketchaDay:

May 13: Dead-End Sketch Salvage and Weld.
May 14: Exiting efficiently, concept to be continued…
May 15: Lighting a final Design.

Higher res GIFs here: http://www.artofscholes.com/may-sketch-a-day-2016/


It was an honor to work with Studio La Cachette on this incredible short they produced for the upcoming League of Legends tournament, ”Worlds 2016”. Here’s the keys I turned in along with the finished animation completed by their incredible assistance crew. They really fleshed these shots out. Here’s a link to the full VIDEO!