Weeks Four and Five: Sketch a Day this May, Finale.

It’s been such an intense and rewarding month. The exercise has definitely honed my process and skills but has always helped reveal a lot of bad habits. It’s been a battle but I feel the healthier for it. I’m sure I’ll feel even better after some rest as well :)

This has been daily exercise to build immunity to perfectionism. ‪#‎maysketchaday‬ http://artofscholes.com

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Today I don’t like being a freelancer. I wish there was some support network or something where people would congratulate others on their successes. It seems like all I do is work but I have no idea if I’m doing good or not ‘cause there’s no one giving feedback.

-Hồi đó anh có làm freelance thiết kế bao bì cho trứng cá tầm, làm trực tiếp với ông chủ ngoài Hà Nội luôn. Anh được đi tham quan trang trại cá, ở nguyên một khu núi lửa cổ đã tắt. Miệng núi lửa giờ là hồ nước xanh biếc, không khí trong lành mát rượi. Đã lắm!
-Chỗ đó ở đâu vậy? Người thường vô chơi được không?
-Không, chỗ đó là khu quân sự. Ông chủ đó cũng phải có giấy phép mới được mở trang trại cá tầm đó. Có mấy con cá dài ba, bốn mét, bốn người mới bắt được một con. Bắt lên rồi siêu âm, thấy trứng đủ độ là mổ ra muối sơ xong cấp đông đem bán.
-Anh có được nếm thử trứng hông?
-Có mà thấy giống trứng cá trong sushi hà, chắc hổng biết thưởng thức, haha. Mà giới thượng lưu có luật, một bữa ăn em chỉ được ăn tối đa 50g caviar thôi. Em mà ăn hơn em sẽ bị cho là đồ phàm phu tục tử, không xứng đáng ngồi cùng bàn. Người ta sẽ đứng dậy chùi miệng bỏ đi, để lại mình em với nguyên bàn đồ ăn.
—  Thúy Hường Thúy Mơ Thúy Liễu con ơi, đi khách cũng có lúc sung sướng, cùng má cố lên các con ơi!
So fucking stoked!

More writing work has come my way. So much, in fact, that I no longer have to juggle kids & work; I can afford to send them to a summer program so they can have fun while I work uninterrupted. This is the first time my self-employment has been lucrative enough to justify child care!

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get shit done - pt. 2

3 years ago to the day, I really beat myself up over not being where I wanted to be in the slightest. I had a really negative body image, didn’t feel motivated about anything, had no creative fuel, and couldn’t stand spending hours on the internet every day without any direction. 3 years later to the day, I’m more or less back in the same place, albeit with a few more tattoos, credentials and much better people in my corner. 

I’ve always talked a lot about living deliberately and making a focused attempt at bettering yourself when the going gets bullshit. Last time I felt this way, I lost 25 pounds (healthily) in a month, gained a ton of self confidence, figured out where I wanted to go next, and felt the most invigorated about life I ever had been. So, inspired by today’s Shia LaBeouf masterpiece and my own resolve, I hatched a plan.

For the next month, I am sticking to a few key goals and falling in love with myself again. By July 1st, 2015, I will have:

  • Lost 10-15 pounds by clean eating and exercise. 
  • Designed and launched my personal website. 
  • Completed a secret project. 
  • Gotten rid of unnecessary objects in my room KonMari style (if you haven’t heard of this method, I strongly suggest checking it out here).
  • Submitted at least ONE piece of freelance writing to an online publication (I’ve been itching to get back into writing for some time now, and want to contribute to a site or two now that I have the time). 

I will also post a recap of my progress to this blog for accountability purposes. I started doing this sort of monthly challenge/living deliberately because of a great guy named Chris. Check out his writing and get inspired

Likewise if any of my followers wish to create/stick-to a 30 day challenge of your own, LET ME KNOW! I’d love to support you and help you achieve a goal if I can! The more accountability we can have across the internet, the more successful we’ll collectively be. 

Speaking of grasping, I’m trying to get into freelance writing. Since I’ve been so jaded about jobs and my degree, it’s been a bit since I’ve written, but I’ve gotten back into the habit. I’m trying to get established on fiverr.com so if anyone wants to support me, I created a profile like a few hours ago. Lol. Basically I’ll write you a personalized poem or letter. So if you like what I write here, give it a shot.