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Who's your fave Haikyuu! character? Fave ship? Who has the best hair? Best style? Best voice? Who is the Biggest Nerd in anime in your opinion?

okay so this is one of those asks i wanted to pour in time and effort and my entire soul into so it took a while for me to get to this,, here we go

who’s your favourite haikyuu!! character?

my favourite character of all time in haikyuu!! is, of course, the narcissistic piece of trash, trashykawa or tackykawa like my brilliant url who i have fallen in love with. like honestly,,

how can you not love this bean?



somebody stop me

favourite ship?

staying within the haikyuu!! boundaries, here are the list of ships i cannot get enough of. like honestly if anyone insults these ships somebody is going to lose their head

first of all we have my sejoh babies,, the gayest gays, , too precious and too beautiful of a couple tbh

next, we have in my opinion, one of the most pretty couples to exist, like two adorable kittens ahhhhhhh

last of all, we have the hootest owls in town! that’s right, bokuaka is here to knock you off with angsty fanfics and overall cuteness

not hk!! but here’s an honourable mention for y’all because i love these gays too much like i would be like keep it pG children are watching and at the same time be like gET A ROOM YOU GAYS FFS JUST GET IN THE BED ALREADY

who has the best hair?

straight up tendou looks like a goddamn pineapple all the time and i love it

best style?

tbh always thought that tsukki would have the best style because he’s the type of person who would dress sharply?

best voice?

i love, love, love tsukishima’s voice. honestly his voice is so cool and calming yet critical and discerning? like honestly it is the voice that is somehow charming despite its spite. so a big thanks to kōki uchiyama for doing his voice ah

fun fact: he also voiced another moody, spiteful bean aka russian yuri or yurio

who is the biggest nerd in anime in your opinion?

as in all anime in general? is there a specific genre? anyway from my experience there has been plentifuls of nerds:

but the best, really has to be

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rei from free!, the ultimate nerd of all nerds, too precious and such a smartass tbh


this fully concludes this wonderful little tour and i really enjoyed doing this! tbh i just am really glad i have an excuse to dump in pictures of my babes and get away with it,, 

thank you for asking!

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Are there any tropes that you used to love that you now hate? If so, what are they and what made you change your mind about them?

nerd!Derek, definitely.

I mean… I never loved the trope, like actively sought it out, but I would enjoy it from time to time because it was a nice twist on the expected, and also because I do believe Derek’s incredibly smart. But I’ve been slow and steadily turned off the idea over time because… I just feel like the people who write it aren’t actually writing Derek. They’re writing Hoechlin (or, since Supergirl, Clark Kent) with Derek’s name. He ends up so sunshiney and shy and adorkable in ways Derek just… wouldn’t ever be, in my opinion.

And I mean… there are a lot of ways to write “nerd” characters without turning them into blushing innocent balls of sunshine (see: the way people write nerd!Stiles… who is usually pretty much just canon Stiles) but if you see nerd!Derek there’s an almost definite chance that he isn’t going to be Derek to me.

And obviously character interpretations are different and I know a lot of people really enjoy this trope, and that’s fine, but I’ve gotten to the point of kind of flinching away from fics that even give him glasses (especially when he’s still a werewolf because… I’m sorry, but what is the logic there…?) because 90% of the time glasses will mean nerd!Derek, and nerd!Derek means that I’m actually reading what feels like Hoechlin/Stiles fic, not Sterek.

“I’m afraid of flying.” Makoto admits. Haruka blinks at him, expression no more animated than usual. His friend trips over his own clumsy wording. “I-I mean, I’m afraid of flying in a plane… Of course people can’t fly on their own.”


The question itself seemed simple enough, but it made his best friend’s eyebrows crease together in serious thought. Haruka asks him again. “Is it because of that?”

The brunet flinches, as if his words had grown thorns. They don’t speak about that. It’s unsettling for the both of them, but more for Makoto than Haruka. Living near an airport makes the stories all the more hard hitting. All the people who had sent their loved ones off with hugs and kisses, only to wait forever at the arrivals gate for people who won’t come back…

“Haru wants to be a pilot, right?” Makoto says after a long silence, his green eyes gazing far off into distance, “I know I promised to do it with you, but I—”

He shrinks away from whatever he wanted to say. He shakes his head. Makoto settles for apologising even as he is blinking rapidly to wish the tears away from his eyes.

A plane roars past above them. The seagulls ride the incoming sea wind, unperturbed. The ocean’s lapping waves fill in the gaps of their conversation.

Makoto sniffs and lets out a shaky laugh, tears trickling down his cheeks. Even now, the taller boy is smiling. Haruka doesn’t like seeing his best friend cry, and the ease with which he puts on that gentle expression makes Haruka’s heart thud all the more unhappily in his chest.

He wants to tell Makoto that none of it matters, that he’s still his best friend even if he’s afraid of flying. He wants to tell him that there are other ways of experiencing the joys of being amongst the clouds with the sun bright in his eyes. He wants to tell him that he doesn’t have to be a pilot. That he doesn’t have to be in the business at all, period, if he doesn’t want to.

The brunet laughs. "Don’t look as if you should be the one crying, Haru.“

Haruka holds back from voicing all that though, incapable of putting so many thoughts and feelings into strings of coherent words.

"Don’t worry." His friend dries his tears on the back of his hands. Haruka has had his mind read again. He relaxes and exhales, just as Makoto inhales. "I won’t leave you. Just because I can’t go with you, doesn’t mean I won’t be here when you come back.”

The older of the two boys huffs and mutters, “I never worried.”

And it was true. Haruka could always count on Makoto being one step behind him. Even when they lost each other, he knows that Makoto would be right where he last saw him - mildly panicking, but there nonetheless.



This is Hong Kong Democratic Occupy Central Movement day 4


What are we doing? please see this

please spare some time to see this

For interesting stuff on umbrellas here 

I went there myself today and I am immensely proud of HK protesters . (though sadly I do not represent HK and many people are against this movement) 

Can I just point out that, what I saw there surprised me, It is very different from what some of the media is showing 

  • we are peaceful, this is a peaceful protest 
  • We did not hurt anyone or any properties (we literally clean up after ourselves, we have numerous rubbish collectors, and people scrub off any paint used on the roads e.g. in the 4th pic) 
  • we apologize for all the inconvenience caused, and we do our best, e.g. we make way for ambulance
  • if we don’t voice it now, we might never have a chance to
  • we are standing up for what we believe is right

no one knows how this will turn out, a big number of people are scared, as they can relate this movement to Beijing’s demonstration in the past. Which I am sure all of you know how it turned out. 

All I can do is hope for the best, stay safe, stay free, stay peaceful HK

ps sorry for the random tags


It was at first a bit of shocker to see that my own country descended into such chaos. Most of the time, these things are a far away news even with 2011’s London Riot. However, this is the very first time I’ve actually seen this happen right in my backyward – so to speak.

These pictures are taken by me two hours ago. The police have agreed to leave for now and the protesters have sat in for the long haul.

Just look at the numbers. And then look at how organized they are.

I have very, very little comments about the actual protests itself, but I am superbly proud about how organized and peaceful the protest have been. There are supplies tent including water, pocari sweat, food, and cooling pads (wow), and first aid stations in order to aid the protesters in need.

The protesters have also barricaded pathways for people to leave and also to enter the protest without much of a fuss and kept most major walkpaths cleared despite of the number of people.

On top of that, there are also groups of volunteers that are very slowly working through the crowd to make sure everyone there are hydrated and cooled with cooling pads in this terribly humid and hot weather.

All in all, I have never been prouder to be a Hong Kong-er. Go guys! Fight for Democracy!!

PS: If you are confused about the situation in HK, feel free to send me an ask or two for some clarification. I totally don’t mind shedding some light to the background of this riot

Real-life room escape game

Did you ever play room escape games? How about the reality room escape games? Real-life room escape game with 5D experience is quite funny. That was the experience I never had. There are 16 themes you can pick from. Every theme has a different difficulty. The difficulty ranges from 2 to 6. We picked level 3 eventually. The game was set in jails.

Before we went to play that game we had to hand in all our belongings so that the company makes sure that we don’t have any mobile phones or any equipment you can use to take pictures or a video. We only had 45 mins to escape the jail (obviously that was only a room decorated as a jail). The jail was dark and there were no lights in there. We only can use 2 flashlights to find some clues which can help us to escape the jail.

Haha But we failed in the game. That was the most expensive 45 mins in my life I guess. It is HK$128 ($16.4 usd) per 1 person. Anyway it was quite funny.I will try another theme next time.