Free hugs meet-up

Claps people, an awesome day just came into my fucking boring life.

So yea i met totally awesome tumblr people earlier coz of the meet-up, and man were they so amazing, especially kiezel and mico! Holy shit you guys rocked my day!

To start, i was so very awkward talking with them but well they got me going on. And it was such a happy experience for me meeting new friends, and well seeing probably one of the most “prettiest” girl i’ve ever seen. And man is she fucking gorgeous i can’t even put it in words you’ll find in a dictionary, don’t believe me? Look for asdfhjkl she’s so perfect in your lame dictionary and tell me i’m wrong.

Well yea i’ll call this one a day, no wait a mothafreakin’ awesome day! :)

Lots of things to do tomorrow but what a shit in me, I am still wide awake and fighthing the sleepy spirit of my body while watching Pitch Perfect with some friends, a new set of memories after the recent awesome meet up where hugs and kisses dominate the seaside, kudos to the great Patrick and the ultimate Clarence. It was really a great day for me even I did skipped my class yesterday and will skip my drill exam today. I really need to hit the sack to recharge myself for tomorrow’s Chinese New Year celebration but I really don’t know why I am still sharing this random stuff about me but just let me, I’ve been in lots of drama, from myself plus from some people around me. I just need to say something in the early morning of Sunday where most the people are snoring.

Good Morning and Happy Chinese New Year.