Free Hugs Meet up. Ito so far ang pinaka-masayang meet up na napuntahan ko. Bukod kasi sa nagkasama-sama kayo ng mga kaibigan mo, mas nakakatuwang iparamdam yung pagmamahal sa ibang tao sa pamamagitan ng simpleng pagyakap. Nakakatuwa ang reaksyon ng bawat isa pagkatapos. Ang sarap tingnan ng kanilang mga ngiti na naidudulot ng simpleng yakap lang. :)

FTC Free Hugs Meetup 2012

This is my assessment to people’s responses to the said event.

Correspondents: People in Mall of Asia

Date: 021212

I must say that the event was indeed successful. It is mainly because coordination with the administration of the said establishment was done quite well and most of all, the participants are eager to show some love through sharing their Free Hugs.

As one of the participants of this meetup, I can categorize the correspondents into the following: Foreigners, Couples, Families, Singles and Kids.

Foreigners are simply defined as non-Filipino (or of foreign descent). These are the group of people who mainly welcomed the main thought of this event, which is to share some love through hugs. I mean, love is in the air and we all can feel it. And these group of people are the ones, who shared them the most with us. Only a few of them, mostly those who looked like business men, are the ones who doesn’t allowed us to touch them with our hugs-syndrome. All in all, I rate this very game people, 9/10 hugs.

Couples are those pairs who are or might be in love. Most of them shy away from the participants of the event (the hugging crowd). Which made me think that these people are not that open in welcoming this kind of remark as a form of celebrating the so-called Valentine’s season. And if the hugging crowd are a bit lucky, they are allowed to shower the couple with some hugs, though most of the time, only the females are accommodating. In some rare occasion that the males are accommodating the hugging crowd, a noticeable subsequent little dispute brews between the couple. What we call the stare from the female is given the her partner, implying that she doesn’t approve of it. Rating, 5/10 hugs.

Families, self explanatory. If not all of the members are accommodating, mostly the female members of the families are willing to be hugged by the participants. However, gender bias is frequent from the family members. Apparently, from my observation, most of the time, female members of the hugging crowd are more preferred to give hugs as compared to the male members of it. A good example is my personal experience earlier. A mother, refuses to be hugged by me (and other male members of the hugging crowd for that matter) after being hugged by a few of the female members of the hugging crowd. This clearly shows, that there is still a gender bias evident for people of such age. This may be brought about their upbringing during their time, or other factors that I may not have discussed in this post to keep it relatively shorter. Rating, 6/10 hugs.

Singles are individuals who doesn’t have a significant other, or those who are alone during their visit to the mall. There is a significant variation in this category, based on gender and age range. Let me compare them for you. Single female adults are less likely to accept a hug from whichever member of the hugging crowd as compared to single male adults (there is sometimes a notion of, hidden meaning behind the hugs for these guys). Single male young adults are more accepting of the thought, with the special discretion to the female hugging crowd, as compared to the single female young adults. Single female teenagers tend to shy away at first but eventually be willing to accept the thought of accepting hugs from strangers like us. Single male teenagers are divided in their acceptance, some of them tend to ignore the hugging crowd and make it so that they avoid making contact and some are just plain happy-go-lucky who just accepts hugging as a form and means of partial happiness. With all those said, rating is 7/10 hugs.  

Last but not the least are the Kids. These bunch of cute, little princes and princesses of their parents are highly acceptable to the idea of hugging. From what I encountered, there is almost no one who declined our offer of free hugs. Plus some of these kids, shared their hidden talents to the hugging crowd. There’s this one boy who even danced, to our amusement and amazement, the Dougie Dance in utmost childish perfection in every single angle of it. Aaaah. What a refreshing sight, plus pitching the fact that these kids always, as in always leave us with smiles on their cute little faces. My rating for these little angels are, 10/10 hugs

Indeed hugging is a form of self expression of utmost care and love of one person to another. But it is simply amazing how a simple hug could transform a complete stranger’s day into one of those happy moments. :)

When I see you, FREE HUGS! 



SYKD. Kung wala ang mga mokong na ito, hindi ako gaganahan pumunta sa mga meet up. Sila ang unang tropa ko sa Tumblr at mga kapatid na ang turing ko sa kanila. Nakakatuwang sa unang pagkakataon ay nakita na rin namin si Santi. :)


Grabe !!! Yung feeling na umuwi ka nat lahat nakangiti ka pa din sa sobrang saya ng meet up na to. EPIC PRE. Samat kay Kuya Clarence for organizing this meet up. Nung una di talaga ako punta kasi nga galing na din ako sa Trinoma meet up pero buti na lang at pumunta ako. Kasi di ko mararanasang mag bigay ng FREE HUGS sa mga taong strangers at nakakasalubong lang. Nawala yung stress ko. Tas ang gaan sa loob pag nginingitian ka after nyu mag hug. Ang babaet pa nung mga foreigners na lumalabas pa sa mga kinakainan nilang fastfood chain o resto just to feel our hugs. Yung napapangiti mo sila in a simple way. Sana talaga maulit yun. Kung pede lang araw arawin. Mga 100 people or more ata ang nahug ko this day. Di ko mapaliwanag ang saya. Matutulog akong nakangiti. SALAMAT po :D