Piano Pig

Its Nine O’ Moon On A Sandy Day

Regular Crowd Shuffles In

There’s An Old Ape Sittin Next To Me

Making Louvre To His Potions And Gin

He Says Boar Can You Play Me A Melody

Im Nort Really Shore How It Goes

But Its Sad And Its Sweet And I Gnew It Gomplete

When I Bought A Younger Boar’s Snows

Sing Us A Song Yore The Piano Pig

Sing Us A Song To’Night

Well Wore All In A Mood For A Melody

And You’ve Got A Strong Iron Hide

Gerold At The Hole Is A Friend Of Mine

He Gets Me My Sand For Free

And He’s Quick With A Joke

Or A Bomb Full Of Smoke

But Thore’s Some Place That He’d Rother Be

He Sais Boar I Believe This Is Killing Me

As The Smile Ran Away From His Snout

Well Im Shore That I Could Be A Rapper Star

If To Venice I Could Get Out

Now Frog Is A Salty Sand Novelist

Who Always Has Hidden A Knives

And He’s Talking With Seymour

Who Dorn’t Want To Hear More

And Never Will In All His Lives

And The Tapirs Are Practicing Politics

As The Monkey Boys Slowly Get Stoned

Yes Theyre Selling A Good They Call Lonliness

Well It’s Better Than Vending Alone

Sing Us A Song Yore The Piano Pig

Sing Us A Song To’Night

Well Wore All In A Mood For A Melody

And You’ve Got A Strong Iron Hide

It’s A Bretty Good Crowd For A Sandy Day

And The Fleshrat Hive Gives Me A Smile

Gauze They Gnow It’s Me Theyve Been Goming To See

To Forget About Sand For A While

And The Piano Sounds Like A Carnival

And The Microphone’s Shaped Like A Sphere

And They Sit At The Bar And Put Sand In My Jar And Say Boy Whart Are You Doing Here

Sing Us A Song Yore The Piano Pig

Sing Us A Song To’Night

Well Wore All In A Mood For A Melody

And You’ve Got A Strong Iron Hide

Ramon Emeterio Betances

Born: Apr 08, 1827 · Cabo Rojo, PR
Died: Sep 16, 1898 · Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

Ramón Emeterio Betances y Alacán was a Puerto Rican nationalist. He was the primary instigator of the Grito de Lares revolution and is considered to be the father of the Puerto Rican independence movement. Since the Grito galvanized a burgeoning nationalist movement among Puerto Ricans, Betances is also considered “El Padre de la Patria” (Father of the [Puerto Rican] Nation). Because of his charitable deeds for people in need, he also became known as “El Padre de los Pobres” (“The Father of the Poor”).

Since he did tons of stuff, I’ll just do a bullet point list

  • He would redeem child slaves during their Catholic baptism so they could grow up being free
  • He was a medical doctor and surgeon
  • He was one of the first social hygienist of the island
  • During one of the cholera outbreaks in Puerto Rico, he was one of the five doctors attending the town of Mayaguez, which was struck significantly harder than the rest, with a population of 24,000. It is said that he had so many house calls that he would exhaust four horses daily.
  • He was one of the mayor figures between Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico in their independence movements, even serving as a Dominican diplomat, and being asked to also represent Cuba by José Martí in France, though he was born in Puerto Rico.
  • As noted above, he would become the primary instigators of the revolutionary movements, he wrote a short Declaration of Independence, which contains one of his most famous text: “The Ten Commandments of Free Men,” which in full reads:
    • “Puerto Ricans
      The government of Mme. Isabella throws upon us a terrible accusation.
      It states that we are bad Spaniards. The government defames us.
      We don’t want separation, we want peace, the union to Spain; however, it is fair that we also add conditions to the contract. They are rather easy, here they are:
      The abolition of slavery.
      The right to vote on all impositions.
      Freedom of religion.
      Freedom of speech.
      Freedom of the press.
      Freedom of trade.
      The right to assembly.
      The right to bear arms.
      Inviolability of the citizen.
      The right to choose our own authorities.
      These are the Ten Commandments of Free Men.
      If Spain feels capable of granting us those rights and liberties, they may then send us a Captain General, a governor…made of straw that we will burn in effigy come Carnival time, as to remember all the Judases that have sold us until now.
      That way we will be Spanish and not otherwise.
      If not, Puerto Ricans-HAVE PATIENCE!, for I swear that you will be free.”
  • The Grito de Lares event was in part led by him, which made Puerto Rico an unofficial independent and sovereign country… for about a day, since the rebellion was quickly stopped.
  • He died a few months after the US occupation of Puerto Rico in the Spanish-American War due to a kidney infection (he would’ve lived longer had there been hemodialysis at the time).
  • Frustrated by what he perceived as the unwillingness of Puerto Ricans to demand their independence from the United States while the island territory was annexed (the event occurred just days before his death), he uttered his final political stance: “No quiero colonia, ni con España, ni con los Estados Unidos” (“I don’t want a colony status, neither with Spain nor with the United States”). When reminded by de Hostos through a letter of what was happening in the island, he responded, highly frustrated, with a phrase that has become famous since: “¿Y qué les pasa a los puertorriqueños que no se rebelan?” (“And what’s wrong with Puerto Ricans that they haven’t yet rebelled?”)

I’ll admit that I copy-pasted some of the stuff here from Wikipedia, but it’s kinda late at night right now, and the information is legit. His wiki page is surprisingly long too, so there’s tons of stuff here to read and share.

Fake AH Crew -> Gavin Free

He’s the golden boy of Los Santos, the prince of crime, and the dangerous foreigner that’s become infamous for his charismatic personality and brilliant use of persuasion. 

The Boss wasn’t expecting his future protégé and soon-to-be successor to appear to him one cool summer night as a skinny, clumsy teenager carrying only the clothes on his back and the amazingly stuffed pick-pocketed wallet stolen from some unlucky businessman on the subway.

But this boy with the infectious grin and annoyingly high levels of determination to never leave The Boss alone soon turned into a close partnership that the rival crews of Los Santos would someday rue. Gavin’s love for gold and his seemingly lack of morals give him a unique signature on his work- classy and cruel.

Los Santos isn’t prepared for the day that he inherits the helm.

GeoffJack / RyanMichael / Jeremy

a weekly mickey milkovich update from mexico

  • he’s so tan now!
  • he’s growing his hair out again 
  • gots a little beard going ….. more like scruff
  • he got a dog!
  • he spends every single day on the beach 
  • so many cute boys, so little time
  • getting lots of kisses
  • mostly from surfer boys who  teach him to surf for free
  • he’ll be a pro soon
  • he might get another dog!