i’ve dated men who thought that titling me as their girlfriend meant they owned me

that i had a place in their life, even if they didn’t work to play a role in my life

i appreciate that he loves me in a way that allows me to be free

he encourages me to grow and prosper and shine

he’s not threatened by my success 

and when he sees me sell myself short, he’s the first one to celebrate me

i feel freee and uplifted and supported and loved

he makes me feel tall

despite the fact that he’s 6'5 and i’m 5'1

he comes back

it’s been three l o n g years but he comes back

in his tarnished armor and sleek fur draped over his shoulder he comes back

he sees her in the crowd of agents and soldiers and civilians, all celebrating and grinning from ear to ear - it was over

in a moment he throws off the gauntlets and reaches her, cupping her face in his bare hands

and she’s laughing with tears running down her cheeks as she grasps his face too, free to touch and to hold once again

through tears he apologizes more times than either can count

between breathless kisses he thanks her again and again

and he falls to his knees before her

because he is free

and they work tirelessly to rectify what had been done wrong

they rebuild and lead thedas into something better

there is resistance, there will always be resistance

but they are working together

they have friends and allies, each more dear than the last

and together they conquer

to be free

he holds their child in his arms, smiling through happy tears

and she smiles at him, content and in wonder

they always make time for their little one

they grow wise and strong, with passion and conviction

the family runs through the forests hunting and gathering, or in play

they are free

they grow old together

it becomes harder to move, and she has grey in her hair

but the smile never wavers

the clasped hands never lose strength

they settle deep into the night, talking and singing and whispering 

and together they slip into the fade

a halla and her wolf walk forever, together, in the great expanse

together they are f r e e

i really should have named my cat Anders

  • he’s a tabby
  • he’s an a+ spirit healer he just restored more than half of my hp with a single fluff spell
  • he offers his services for free
  • he’s totes adorable
  • he takes shit from no one specially my templar-ass dogs
  • he’s 100% pro-mages because he wasn’t raised in the fucking chantry