EXO Runs a Strip Club

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// Xiumin

  • has two jobs: the bouncer; also a late-night stripper once the doors close and no more customers are allowed inside
    • has a death stare that sends away the riffraff and a seductive lip bite that draws in more customers
    • he has one show per night, often the closer, and customers who know about it always stay to see it
    • hangs out behind the bar with The Dragon when he isn’t working
    • likes to listen to customers tell him about their day, and sometimes will let them touch his abs for free to cheer them up
    • he is rarely available for lap dances, and those who buy them pay top dollar
  • official stripper name:
    • “Sexy Hyung”
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “Bodyroll Central”
    • “XiuDaddy”
    • “Bao Chika Wow“
    • “He Was So Cute Before, What Happened?!”

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// Suho

  • job: club owner
    • gives his employees pep talks every evening before opening hours
    • talks to customers to make sure they’re having fun, asks them what improvements they could make to the club
    • also gives private shows on weekends to high-paying customers
    • “Touch $uDaddy’s abs for five minutes in a private room” is available for only $50
    • “Touch $uDaddy’s abs for five minutes in a private room while he sings to you” costs quite a bit more
    • dad jokes are always free
    • he treats his employees and frequent customers like a family
  • official stripper name:
    • “$uDaddy”
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “JunMoney”
    • “The One Who Had Abs Like A Greek God But Still Managed To Turn Me Off With The Dad Jokes”

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// Lay

  • job: main stripper
    • when dancing on stage, he’s been known to make customers fall out of their seats, and then he breaks character to rush over and make sure they’re okay
    • doesn’t seem to understand the impact he has on customers
    • choreographs new dance routines every week
    • once in a while, he will dress up in a multi-piece sheep costume and dance while taking it off
    • was surprised when he was awarded “Employee of the Month” the first month the club was open
    • his private strip show consists of him doing certain parts of the MYM choreography on customers (costs $250)
  • official stripper name:
    • “Z Y XXX”
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “Sex Devil in Sheep’s Clothing”
    • “180 Degree Yixing“
    • “The Really Nice One Who Always Grabs His Crotch”

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// Baekhyun

  • job: bartender
    • takes frequent breaks to visit the DJ’s booth, claiming he has to make sure the DJ is properly hydrated
    • is good at making drinks quickly, but makes the most messes and drops a lot of ice on the floor
    • flirts his way to very, very high tips
    • also lets customers spank him for tips
    • makes customers feel like they haven’t spent anything so they spend more
    • strips on slower days, when the bar doesn’t need as much attention
  • official stripper name:
    • “BaekBomb“
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “Delicious Bacon“
    • “Baekhung”

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// Chen

  • job: bartender
    • always excited to come to work
    • teases the customers about their orders, but they always forgive him when they see his smile
    • talks to sad customers and cheers them up, sometimes gives free drinks
    • makes customers blush with compliments and when he says he wishes he could give them lap dances, but he has to stay behind the bar
    • is good at keeping track of who has and hasn’t paid, and gets Sexy Hyung to kick out the bad customers
    • cheers loudly for Sexy Hyung’s closing show
    • also strips on slower days, and likes to show off his booty
  • official stripper name:
    • “The Dragon“
  • unofficial stripper names: 
    • “Bicep God“
    • “Seriously, Look At His Arms”
    • “Tyrannosaurus Sex”

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// Chanyeol

  • job: DJ
    • winks and smiles at customers from the DJ booth, can only flirt with body language since he’s far from them
    • is a really good hype man for the shows, and has a great voice for announcements
    • sometimes he plays his own compositions instead of the playlist approved the managers
    • once, he got up on stage to dance and everyone stopped what they were doing and stared.  He was almost fired that day
    • so now, he does his own little shows from the booth, unbuttoning his shirt and biting his lip at customers.  $uDaddy allows it
  • official stripper name:
    • N/A
  • unofficial stripper name:
    • N/A

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// D.O

  • job: manager
    • works with $uDaddy to keep the club running
    • his advertising methods have brought the club more customers than they can sometimes handle
    • keeps the club very, very clean
    • always wears a suit, no one has ever seen him without clothes on
    • never tries to seduce the customers, and is usually out of sight
    • once in a while, a customer will request him for a lap dance and when he declines, they get so sad that he gives them a free drink pass
    • frequent customers have made it their mission to see him strip one day, and he claims it’ll never happen
    • the most he gives is a shy hip thrust or joking body roll, which gets them excited anyway
    • sometimes often always watches Silver Wolf’s shows and gives him praise afterwards
  • official stripper name:
    • N/A
  • unofficial stripper name:
    • N/A

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// Kai

  • job: main stripper
    • his routines last the longest, and he does the same ones over and over, but they always keep the customers’ attention
    • prefers to be on stage rather than to give lap dances, so his lap dances cost the most
    • $uDaddy has had to tell him to tone down the sexy because he’s too damn sexy and he doesn’t want customers to get hurt from fainting
    • he claims it’s impossible to turn down the sexy, and has to apologize to customers every night for making them faint
    • when he’s on the floor with customers, he makes them feel good by laughing for ten minutes at their jokes
    • when he’s not dancing or on the floor with customers, he’s keeping the manager company
  • official stripper name:
    • “Silver Wolf”
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “Rude Boy”
    • “Extremely Rude Boy”
    • “So Flexible, So Sweaty“
    • “The One Who Made Me Fall Over Because He Winked At Me”

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// Sehun

  • job: stripper
    • customers underestimate him until he gets on stage, then they throw all their remaining money, sometimes their entire wallets
    • is the most requested stripper for lap dances
    • sometimes likes to talk and laugh with customers when he’s supposed to be giving them the booty, but they usually don’t mind
    • gives customers sass when they tip him with coins
    • $uDaddy watches him to make sure he isn’t too sassy the customers who aren’t as nice
    • few customers who request “The Maknae Thunder Experience” can talk about it, until weeks after (it’s very intense, and very expensive)
  • official stripper name:
    • “Maknae Thunder”
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “Boba Butt“
    • “Cheeky Devil” (because of his booty butt cheeks and his cheekiness with the customers)

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Who would you request for a lap dance?

Embarrassing Hc’s - Matsukawa Issei

  • was trying out some jeans in the changing room yeah. and like when he was gonna take em off he tripped on the other jeans leg that he had taken off and fell out of the booth 
  • with the jeans on one of his leg and underwear all visible for the whole store to see
  • smacked his head face down on a table after sneezing. in class
  • walked into a glass door and got a bloody nose 
  • one time he tried to jump over a fence but he got them long legs right so he got caught by one of his feet and did a flip 
  • his neighbor saw it all
  • did the dishes at a training camp and when he turned around to put some forks away he tripped on the carpet, and fell right into the coach… and landed by his crotch
  • accidentally knocked down a gumball machine at the local grocery shop and it broke. look at all those gumball’s rolling free
  • he never went back to that grocery shop

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  • Rin has been waiting all month to celebrate your birthday
  • he makes you a big birthday cake (all of it homemade)
  • he got up early to work on it
  • he’s the first one to tell you happy birthday via text
  • he calls you in the morning to tell you “happy birthday, Y/N!” again when you’re fully awake
  • he does whatever you want him to, “it’s your special day after all!”
  • he gives you kisses whenever you guys are alone together

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  • Yukio makes reservations for you two at your favorite restaurant for dinner
  • he calls you in the morning to wish you a happy birthday
  • “I hope today treats you well on your birthday, Y/N”
  • after class, you guys hang out before you get ready for dinner
  • it’s a nice evening and he pays for the two of you as always
  • he lets you get whatever you want
  • “are you sure this isn’t too expensive?” “I’m sure”
  • when the night ends, he gives you a gentle kiss and tells you “happy birthday” again

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  • Mephisto would jokingly pretend like he didn’t know it was your birthday
  • “oh? is that today already? I thought that was next month!”
  • he likes to see your pouting face
  • he makes sure to take the day off so he can spend time with you
  • he probably takes you to Mepphyland as a birthday date
  • lets you play whatever games you want for free!
  • even the rides are free
  • he gives you a kiss when he’s forced back to work and apologizes for it
  • Lucifer always remembers your birthday!
  • he tells you “happy birthday” as soon as he sees you
  • if he can’t see you right away, he’ll call you
  • if you’re in class, he’ll leave a voicemail saying how he hopes you have a nice day
  • is happy when you guys finally meet up!
  • kisses your cheek and asks you about you day

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Hmmm...How about an MC who is a really famous singer (bonus points if the genre is metal C: ) and their partner goes to see one of the shows? Have a great day! ^^

Oooh, so many people keep asking me similar ones! Am I that good at these?? Lololol. Anyways, thanks for asking, lovely anon~ If this is to short, I apologize profusely.


  • he knew about your band when you guys first started dating
  • but this was the first time he was given free tickets by you
  • you guys have to go at different times but he was even given a backstage pass for after it so it was all okay
  • when he gets there he’s in the pit and he stands there
  • feels horribly out of place because others are all in black and leather
  • you forgot to mention you were in a metal band
  • he freaks when he sees you go on the stage all dressed in leather with an electric guitar
  • when you start playing he’s sCREAMING MENTALLY
  • he starts getting into it and after the concert he goes backstage and hUGS YOU
  • he’s all like
  • wants to go to every concert you do now


  • he freaks out when he was invited
  • and a backstage pass? babe you’re so cool omg
  • he attends in his leather jacket because he had a feeling
  • stands in the pit and he assumed correctly when he sees
  • everyone dressed up like ready to jam
  • when you arrive on the stage he’s bouncing all excited
  • he cheers with everyone and tells a few people that you’re dating him
  • they don’t believe him until you pull him up, sing a lyric, and kiss him
  • everyone s c r e a m s
  • he goes back down and smirks
  • after the concert he goes backstage and hugs you tight congratulating you
  • he kisses you and the band members whistle or someone backstage
  • asks to go on more concerts or even tour
  • just kidding he demands it


  • oh…thanks…mc
  • honestly she didn’t seem all that excited but
  • she wanted to go cheer you on
  • when she goes she doesn’t go in the pit she hangs out a bit farther
  • but she watches you come on and she gets really happy that you look happy
  • she listens to you sing and just grins
  • she’s so proud of you
  • after the concert she comes to you and hugs you and gives you a small kiss
  • she tells you how proud she is and will always support you
  • baehee is gr8
  • i love her so much


  • “you want me to go where?”
  • “out?”
  • “to a METAL band?”
  • he wants to refuse but he also doesn’t want to hurt your feelings
  • he goes but he refuses to go out to the crowd
  • he stays in the back and just listens to you
  • he’s so proud he’s grinning softly
  • when you get done he meets you at the exit of the stage and hugs you tight
  • he kisses your head and tells you that he’s so glad your dream came true
  • mista trust fund kid just needs love he’s pure smol outside
  • but sin daddy inside
  • he goes to every concert, if he’s free
  • he wants to support you 100%
  • loves you so much he accepts whatever you do


  • this guy did he research
  • so he knew about your band but he didn’t know it to the extent
  • so when he was invited, he kind of laughed at it
  • “aww, my precious mc sings with her friends in a garage”
  • until he realizes it’s authentic and it’s to somewhere like madison square garden
  • he freaks and gets all excited
  • but he can’t attend due to work and MC understood
  • they both were a bit sad
  • but he hacks into it
  • and puts “I LOVE YOU MC!” on the screens
  • gets really embarrassed but when you get home you hold him tight and laugh
  • “you idiot, you’re adorable”
  • “yeah yeah, you know me”
  • he was forever going to watch all your concerts because it’s so cool


  • okay so metal isn’t this guys cup of tea
  • he prefers some good ol’ jazz or something
  • but when you asked him to go, he accepts
  • he really likes your voice
  • almost gets worried you’re going to lose your voice
  • he doesn’t wanna hang with all the crowded people and get lost, so they allow him in the back
  • he listens to you from the break room or smth
  • he’s 100% proud
  • and 100% in love
  • when the song end and he hears you enter he stands and holds you
  • tells you that he loves you and he’s so proud of you
  • almost fucking cries
  • he’s so glad his girlfriend has followed her dreams and is proud
  • m u c h s a d n e s s
  • you kiss him and tell him it isn’t over yet
  • oh yeah you sing like 5 songs


  • holy s h i t
  • my girlfriend is in a band?
  • a METAL band?
  • he loses it on the inside
  • but on the outside he’s like “eh. whatever”
  • but when he’s invited to come watch or hang backstage and watch you
  • he’s in 100%
  • he even dresses back in his old edgy outfit
  • when he gets there he’s trying not to smile and be all “cool”
  • but when he hears you sing and jam out he can’t help it
  • when you get a break and such he grabs you by the side and just kisses your head
  • wishes you good luck and tells you he loves you really quietly
  • blushy baby
  • he’s really happy you’re doing something you like tho
  • loves u a bunch
  • how do emotions function he doesn’t know

Anyways, that was fun!!~ Thank you for asking this, lovely anon. I hope this was what you wanted?? You have a wonderful day too!

Match Made In Manipulation...((Again, I am sorry for these awful titles lol))

((Soooo these are basically the same thing, right Soo I just combined them into one one shot. I have never written a full one shot for Petyr Baelish sooo I hope his character isn’t too…OOC. And I hope the anons who requested aren’t annoyed/angered that i didn’t write them seperate one shots.))

((Word Count: 1,808))

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Kiss Me On The Mouth And Set Me Free

Louis has his head thrown back in a laugh, his wet fringe hanging in front of his eyes, and a beautiful flush to his cheeks. From this angle, the sun hits his face just right to where the beams of light are shining in between the spaces of each individual clump of watered down eyelashes. His chest is showing through the soaked material of his white jersey and it seems that his biceps are attempting to break free from the sleeves that are clinging to his skin.

And Harry can do nothing except take it all in. He doesn’t even think he’s breathing at this point. He is literally stuck in place, admiring the true beauty of Louis Tomlinson, while being surrounded by fit footballers and generally attractive people. He doesn’t think he’s ever been in love before, but if Louis let him, he’s pretty damn sure he could change that in the matter of a few nanoseconds.

A Fallen Star That Shines No More

Louis might have a problem.

Said problem lies entirely in the fact that he can’t seem to avoid Harry Styles, The Ex-Boyfriend That Broke His Heart and World Famous Popstar Sensation. Everything is only made more complicated by the fact that he doesn’t really want to avoid Harry either, even though they’re supposed to mean nothing to each other.

Another tiny problem may also be that Harry has no idea that Louis has a daughter now.

Yeah, he’s screwed.

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badass-ballerina  asked:

I'd love it if you could do a post about them finding out that MC is a professional dancer c: I've always been stumped by the "what do you do" questions when the only options are student and office worker... (and I'm in the middle of doing a bunch of auditions right now, and could use some encouragement ^^;) If you do this, thank you!!

(I’m really sorry but I’m going to be super lazy for this one and just slightly reword this because I think it would mostly be the same!)


  • he’s SO EXCITED
  • like holy shit he can’t wait to come and see you
  • when he comes and watches for the first time his heart stops
  • like it just…..stops
  • because you’re so beautiful
  • no one else exists but you
  • he finds it so cool and he begs you to teach him some moves!!
  • but he’s absolutely hopeless and so you end up just pissing about and having the best time ever


  • instant turn on
  • can’t quite believe it until he catches you practicing one day
  • he just stands there in the door watching as you leap around and man he is so in love
  • no wonder you have such a good body
  • you just look so free
  • he makes sure to take photos of you dancing because it’s one of the best things he’s ever seen
  • he’s a pretty good dancer too, so at some point you’ll probably try dancing together and it’ll be amazing
  • but the way you move just ends up stirring the beast something inside him
  • so you both end up on top of each other on the floor


  • she adores it
  • goes to every single one of your competitions and makes sure to watch as many of your practices as possible
  • she records them all on tv too so she can watch you whenever she wants
  • it calms her down when she’s stressed
  • she starts watching them more than she watches zen’s musicals
  • but she’d never admit it
  • and when you try and convince her to dance with you she absolutely refuses
  • so you give her a lapdance instead


  • this is a man who appreciates beauty
  • he already adores your beauty anyway, and to find out you’re a dancer is just incredible
  • when he sees you perform for the first time he forgets how to breathe
  • you come over to him afterwards and his face melts into a smile you’ve never seen before
  • he kisses you so passionately you can’t breathe properly for a few minutes
  • he would fund you as much as you allowed him to so that you could further your career
  • he loves seeing you so happy and beautiful and free


  • he can’t quite believe how he’s managed to get someone so amazing to date him??
  • like?? how??
  • he’s usually busy while you have a competition but he’ll make sure to be streaming it online as he works 
  • he usually ends up sinning instead of working
  • he’ll come and watch you practice as much as possible because holy fuck you are beautiful
  • the way you move your body just drives him c r a z y
  • DAMAGE 9999
  • Every patient he has ends up calling him dad
  • Honestly he treats them like they’re his child
  • No matter what age you are, you are his child
  • His patients always come back because he actually cares about them and their health
  • If someone is feeling down or get bad news he will pull out aegyo
  • Everyone cringes
  • Real bad
  • But the smile he has while doing it without same makes everyone happy
  • While examining patients, he will rap sometimes
  • Everyone is shook
  • They may be pointless goofy raps about what he’s doing but it’s actually really good
  • Several patients tell him he should try out to be an idol
  • One of his patients was the CEO of Pledis
  • He was offered a chance to be a trainee
  • He refused
  • He became a doctor because making people happy and feel better was his passion
  • Jisoo, Jihoon and Jeonghan are his best friends
  • He calls them the triple j’s
  • He takes care of all three
  • He makes sure Jihoon gets enough rest and texts him reminders to eat everyday
  • If Jisoo gets hurt during one of his projects, Seungcheol will ditch work to check on him
  • Seungcheol will act like the world is ending if Jeonghan so much as sneezes
  • He always makes sure he is healthy
  • Even if he is overseas, Seungcheol will call him to make sure he is being healthy
  • He often brings all three meals randomly
  • He brings lollipops he has at work for kids and gives them to the boys
  • When all four can hangout, catch them at Mingyu’s cafe
  • Coups is always taking care of the owner, as he always manages to get sick
  • Mingyu once tried to make him pay more for his items because they’re friends and Coups just threw a lollipop at him
  • It hit him in the eye
  • Needless to say Seungcheol had to take care of him
  • But now he gets his stuff almost for free
  • He almost never takes days off
  • Like never
  • If his patients ever feel insecure over a part of their body he just points at his thighs
  • “Embrace it”
  • “Your body is godly”
  • “My thighs are thick, think thighs are good!”
  • He always makes people feel good about themselves 

Part one of a 13 part AU series!

Ramon Emeterio Betances

Born: Apr 08, 1827 · Cabo Rojo, PR
Died: Sep 16, 1898 · Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

Ramón Emeterio Betances y Alacán was a Puerto Rican nationalist. He was the primary instigator of the Grito de Lares revolution and is considered to be the father of the Puerto Rican independence movement. Since the Grito galvanized a burgeoning nationalist movement among Puerto Ricans, Betances is also considered “El Padre de la Patria” (Father of the [Puerto Rican] Nation). Because of his charitable deeds for people in need, he also became known as “El Padre de los Pobres” (“The Father of the Poor”).

Since he did tons of stuff, I’ll just do a bullet point list

  • He would redeem child slaves during their Catholic baptism so they could grow up being free
  • He was a medical doctor and surgeon
  • He was one of the first social hygienist of the island
  • During one of the cholera outbreaks in Puerto Rico, he was one of the five doctors attending the town of Mayaguez, which was struck significantly harder than the rest, with a population of 24,000. It is said that he had so many house calls that he would exhaust four horses daily.
  • He was one of the mayor figures between Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico in their independence movements, even serving as a Dominican diplomat, and being asked to also represent Cuba by José Martí in France, though he was born in Puerto Rico.
  • As noted above, he would become the primary instigators of the revolutionary movements, he wrote a short Declaration of Independence, which contains one of his most famous text: “The Ten Commandments of Free Men,” which in full reads:
    • “Puerto Ricans
      The government of Mme. Isabella throws upon us a terrible accusation.
      It states that we are bad Spaniards. The government defames us.
      We don’t want separation, we want peace, the union to Spain; however, it is fair that we also add conditions to the contract. They are rather easy, here they are:
      The abolition of slavery.
      The right to vote on all impositions.
      Freedom of religion.
      Freedom of speech.
      Freedom of the press.
      Freedom of trade.
      The right to assembly.
      The right to bear arms.
      Inviolability of the citizen.
      The right to choose our own authorities.
      These are the Ten Commandments of Free Men.
      If Spain feels capable of granting us those rights and liberties, they may then send us a Captain General, a governor…made of straw that we will burn in effigy come Carnival time, as to remember all the Judases that have sold us until now.
      That way we will be Spanish and not otherwise.
      If not, Puerto Ricans-HAVE PATIENCE!, for I swear that you will be free.”
  • The Grito de Lares event was in part led by him, which made Puerto Rico an unofficial independent and sovereign country… for about a day, since the rebellion was quickly stopped.
  • He died a few months after the US occupation of Puerto Rico in the Spanish-American War due to a kidney infection (he would’ve lived longer had there been hemodialysis at the time).
  • Frustrated by what he perceived as the unwillingness of Puerto Ricans to demand their independence from the United States while the island territory was annexed (the event occurred just days before his death), he uttered his final political stance: “No quiero colonia, ni con España, ni con los Estados Unidos” (“I don’t want a colony status, neither with Spain nor with the United States”). When reminded by de Hostos through a letter of what was happening in the island, he responded, highly frustrated, with a phrase that has become famous since: “¿Y qué les pasa a los puertorriqueños que no se rebelan?” (“And what’s wrong with Puerto Ricans that they haven’t yet rebelled?”)

I’ll admit that I copy-pasted some of the stuff here from Wikipedia, but it’s kinda late at night right now, and the information is legit. His wiki page is surprisingly long too, so there’s tons of stuff here to read and share.

anonymous asked:

Wolfstar actually finding a cure for Remus and it's quite huge when one full moon, Remus doesn't shift and they cannot believe it and it's just ?????

Might have gotten a little long…

  • They aren’t even sure if it’s going to work.
  • They’d spent three months brewing the potion, they’d stolen supplies, skipped out on classes, homework, just to make sure nothing went wrong
  • God, when Remus thinks about the amount of effort they’d put into this and they weren’t even sure it would work - he wanted to cry because he’s so thankful and so guilty at the same time…
  • Because three months is a long time.
  • It’s a long time to work and- and it’s a long time to get your hopes up
  • And he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to bare it if something went wrong tonight.
  • He’s never dreaded a full moon more.
  • Because tonight was the test.
  • The potion was done.
  • Tonight was it.
  • Remus had been fidgety all day - they all had, but especially Remus.
  • He’d tapped his foot all through Charms, sighed all through Transfiguration, messed up his sleeping draught in potions, and stared out the window, down at the tree he knew too well, all through Divination.
  • And Sirius had watched him the entire time, biting his lip and asking whatever God he could think of, please let it work. For Remus, please let it work.
  • It felt like it had been a year since breakfast that morning by the time they stood in the shack.
  • Remus slid off his sweater, his shirt, his tie, like he usually did.
  • And he faced Sirius, biting his lip. He felt faint with nerves, his heart beating out of his chest,
  • “Pads… Would if-”
  • “Don’t.” Sirius gripped the flask tightly in his hands - their months of hard work. 
  • Sirius shook his head, stepping forward and rising onto his tiptoes a little, at the same time cupping the back of Remus’ head and pulling him down to kiss him.
  • Remus could feel how nervous he was too, but Sirius put on a brave face, rubbing his thumb over Remus’ cheek when they pulled away, “No what ifs. Not now. It’s going to work, Okay? It’s going to work.”
  • And Sirius just looked so honest and sure, his grey eyes determined, that Remus just nodded and let Sirius push the flask into his hands.
  • “Okay.” Remus’ hands shook as he unscrewed the lid. He looked up at Sirius, hoping he had some of the determination in his eyes as well.
  • Then he looked at the moon.
  • The moon - glaring down at him, cursing him every chance it got - he was so fucking done with the moon.
  • And so, with trembling fingers, he downed the flask, eyes still fixed on the sky,
  • As if daring it to stop him
  • The affect was not horrible, but it was unpleasant - an icy sort of sting spreading through his veins
  • “Re?”
  • Sirius’ hand felt burning hot when it touched Remus’ arm.
  • He looked back at Sirius, giving him a nod to show he was okay - but he didn’t think he could speak
  • He gave Sirius’ hand a squeeze before turning and walking to the middle of the room
  • He kneeled, like usual, on the splintering ground, right in front of the window, and waited, just like every other month, for the moonlight to hit him
  • It was dead silent in the shack as the two watched the moon appear through the window, a sliver hitting the floor
  • Sirius was holding his breath, staring at Remus’ silhouetted profile - he didn’t know what he’d do if something went wrong
  • Because it would be his fault
  • He needed Remus to be okay - he wanted him to be okay so bad it hurt.
  • He didn’t realize he was digging his nails into the floor until he felt a painful poke under his fingernails
  • They watched, waited as the sliver on the floor grew, widening, until he was casting shadows of the window panes.
  • And Sirius could barely sit still when it started to fall onto Remus’ skin, illuminating him, making him seem to glow.
  • But Remus didn’t move, didn’t flinch, he was too scared to move, afraid it might trigger the wolf, afraid he was going to mess this up somehow
  • All he could think was that he’d spent three months thinking only two more and only one more.. One more and maybe you’ll be free
  • He needed to be free….
  • And so when the moon was fully upon him, he didn’t dare even breath

  • He waited for the burn, for the familiar restless feeling and the first crack of bone grinding against bone
  • He waited for the painful jolts, the first growl he would hear come out of himself
  • He waited for the tightening of skin
  • He waited for the fading of his coherent thoughts.
  • But they weren’t coming.
  • They weren’t coming
  • There was no pulling, or grinding, or shifting, or growling
  • No burning or cracking.
  • Remus could only feel the iciness of the potion - and it seemed to be growing
  • It was colder, stinging him from the inside out - icing its way through his veins colder and colder and colder until suddenly-
  • All feeling faded.
  • He just felt… human.
  • He was human.
  • He was human.
  • He let out a breath, feeling his heart hammer
  • And he slowly, turned his head to look at Sirius
  • Sirius who had his hands over his mouth, eyes pleading,
  • “Pads..” It came out a barely audible whisper, “Pads-”
  • But Sirius was already running - running and falling, crying, into Remus’ waiting arms 
  • “Re. Re- Oh god, Moons-” Sirius clutched Remus’ tear stained face in his hands and kissed him because he could kiss him - because the moon was full and here Remus was, right in front of him -  kissing him back
  • “You’re okay.” Sirius’ thumbs brushed the tears off Remus’ cheeks, He kissed his lips, his cheeks, his nose, “Fuck, you’re okay, Moons-”
  • He cut himself off with a watery laugh, “Guess we’re gonna have to stop calling you Moony now.” He was crying but he was grinning, his eyes shining with triumph
  • And Remus just grinned back, crying and laughing at the same time
  • Because the moon was full and he was here, kissing the love of his life under the stars
  • And there was no ache in his muscles and no deep hurt in his bones, no tugging at his heart.
  • Just him and Sirius and the powerless moon.

  • And when they walk back up to the castle, hours before dawn, and Remus is the one to open the door, James promptly sobs
  • He cries because his friend is okay and he’s always going to be okay from now on
  • And it’s just Remus and his best friends and the powerless fucking moon

i’ve dated men who thought that titling me as their girlfriend meant they owned me

that i had a place in their life, even if they didn’t work to play a role in my life

i appreciate that he loves me in a way that allows me to be free

he encourages me to grow and prosper and shine

he’s not threatened by my success 

and when he sees me sell myself short, he’s the first one to celebrate me

i feel freee and uplifted and supported and loved

he makes me feel tall

despite the fact that he’s 6'5 and i’m 5'1

Objects In The Mirror
Mac Miller Ft The Internet
Objects In The Mirror
Mac Miller - Objects In The Mirror Some people (oh whoa-oh-oh)
Whoa-oh-oh (uhn-nuh-unh-nuh)
Yea, people say, people-oh-oh (people-oh-oh)

[Verse 1]
People love you when they on your mind
A thought is love’s currency
And I been thinking about her all the time
I never seen somebody put together perfectly
What would I have to do to call you mine?
Someone like you is so hard to find
You can open up your eyes or you can walk in blind
All I ask is that you hurry, I won’t hurt you don’t you worry
Listen to me, I'ma set you free
He ain’t gonna break your heart again
Go through the worst to reach the ecstasy
When your imagination’s on pretend
I never thought that it would feel this way
You never taught me how to heal the pain
I wish you caught me on a different day
When it was easier to be happy

So just a little taste and you know she got you
Can you hide away, can you hide away?
The sound of silence as they all just watch you
I kinda find it strange
How the times have changed
But I wish, we could go and be free, once
Baby, you and me
We could change the world forever
And never come back again
Let’s leave it all in the rear-view
Let’s leave it all in the rear-view, girl
You don’t have to cry
You don’t have to cry

You don’t have to cry no more
You don’t have to cry no more
You don’t have to cry no more, little girl
You don’t have to cry

[Verse 2]
Mend a broken heart girl if you can
I don’t expect you to be capable
You got the world right in your hands
And that responsibility is inescapable
I promise that I’ll be a different man
Please give me the chance to go and live again
I’m having some trouble, can you give a hand?
It seems perfection really is so unobtainable
Don’t even say you about to end it all
Your life precious ain’t a need to go and kill yourself
I’m not so sure that there’s an end at all
I wish the truth would just reveal itself
Who do you call to make it to the top?
And who do you call to make the shootin’ stop?
And who do you call to give the coupe a wash?
After everything I did I think I’m still myself

So just a little taste and you know she got you
Can you hide away, can you hide away?
The sound of silence as they all just watch you
I kinda find it strange
How the times have changed
But I wish, we could go and be free, once
Baby, you and me
We could change the world forever
And never come back again
Let’s leave it all in the rear-view
Let’s leave it all in the rear-view, girl
Let’s leave it all in the rear-view
Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh
Let’s leave it all in the rear-view, girl
You don’t have to cry
You don’t have to cry
Whoa-oh-oh (yeah)
Let’s leave it all in the rear-view