I bet Keith’s life with his shack in the desert was Fun so here are some headcanons:

  • When he first moved in he spent a solid week just sleeping
  • *after waking up*: Time is an illusion and the world is fake
  • After he moved into his shack and gotten used to it he LOVED it, the Garrison and life in general was really stressing him and he liked being on his own
  • He spent most of his time in Big T-Shirts and Boxer Shorts because he’s hot and it’s comfy
  • As a kid his favorite movie was Cars
  • Now that he’s older it’s Big Hero 6, because Tadashi reminded him of Shiro but he couldn’t watch it after the first time because it hurt too much
  • He really likes plants and likes to see them grow 
  • He never intended on getting a mullet, he just got lazy and let his hair grow out, he liked it so
  • He loves cats and cats love him back and it’s the BEST
  • He gets REALLY excited when he discovers something new about the blue lion’s energy
  • I’m not kidding his eyes light up and he smiles and he gets very dorky about it
  • When he has laundry or dishes (or anything that requires him to Be An Adult) he groans and wishes there was someone else to do it but realizes he has nobody
  • He will literally take any other option for food that doesn’t involve actual cooking and/or work
  • Meaning he lived off of instant noodles and eggs
  • Sometimes he’ll just stop and think “should I really be living on my own and stay a dropout despite having skills?” but he ignores that and continues following the vague blue lion energy and the hope that everything will turn out okay
  • *goes into the cave*: *hums x-files theme*
  • Keith is actually?? a decent artist?? The carvings in the cave inspired the hell out of him
  • When he gets frustrated with his work or gets stumped he drives his bike out into the desert and it clears his head
  • Running too! He liked the feeling of being free
  • He just liked living alone dude

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This is a very important question Why is suga so fucking Hot and beautiful and i wanna Kiss him????

Well, he is Min Yoongi duh. The man can rap

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Produce songs, write lyrics and play the piano

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He is great at basketball

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He can sew and cook

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He can dance

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He is patient with the kids

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A beautiful celestial creature

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He is great at basketball

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He takes care of others

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His big heart

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He can send you to HongKong for free

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He is a fortune teller (billboard)

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He can go from this

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To this

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To even this

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Then go back to this. SWAG~

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Add to aaaaaaaall this and more he is a genius 

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So just fangirl over father Louis Williams Suga Adam the third  jjang jjang man bong bong LOUD AND PROUD my dear

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As for kissing him, try to catch him first. Warning: He is hella fast too

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By @mimibtsghost

EXO Runs a Strip Club

((  Click here for the Yelp reviews of XXX O.   [1]   [2]   [3]   [4]   [5]  ))

[  // Masterlist //  ]

// Xiumin

  • has two jobs: the bouncer; also a late-night stripper once the doors close and no more customers are allowed inside
    • has a death stare that sends away the riffraff and a seductive lip bite that draws in more customers
    • he has one show per night, often the closer, and customers who know about it always stay to see it
    • hangs out behind the bar with The Dragon when he isn’t working
    • likes to listen to customers tell him about their day, and sometimes will let them touch his abs for free to cheer them up
    • he is rarely available for lap dances, and those who buy them pay top dollar
  • official stripper name:
    • “Sexy Hyung”
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “Bodyroll Central”
    • “XiuDaddy”
    • “Bao Chika Wow“
    • “He Was So Cute Before, What Happened?!”

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// Suho

  • job: club owner
    • gives his employees pep talks every evening before opening hours
    • talks to customers to make sure they’re having fun, asks them what improvements they could make to the club
    • also gives private shows on weekends to high-paying customers
    • “Touch $uDaddy’s abs for five minutes in a private room” is available for only $50
    • “Touch $uDaddy’s abs for five minutes in a private room while he sings to you” costs quite a bit more
    • dad jokes are always free
    • he treats his employees and frequent customers like a family
  • official stripper name:
    • “$uDaddy”
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “JunMoney”
    • “The One Who Had Abs Like A Greek God But Still Managed To Turn Me Off With The Dad Jokes”

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// Lay

  • job: main stripper
    • when dancing on stage, he’s been known to make customers fall out of their seats, and then he breaks character to rush over and make sure they’re okay
    • doesn’t seem to understand the impact he has on customers
    • choreographs new dance routines every week
    • once in a while, he will dress up in a multi-piece sheep costume and dance while taking it off
    • was surprised when he was awarded “Employee of the Month” the first month the club was open
    • his private strip show consists of him doing certain parts of the MYM choreography on customers (costs $250)
  • official stripper name:
    • “Z Y XXX”
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “Sex Devil in Sheep’s Clothing”
    • “180 Degree Yixing“
    • “The Really Nice One Who Always Grabs His Crotch”

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// Baekhyun

  • job: bartender
    • takes frequent breaks to visit the DJ’s booth, claiming he has to make sure the DJ is properly hydrated
    • is good at making drinks quickly, but makes the most messes and drops a lot of ice on the floor
    • flirts his way to very, very high tips
    • also lets customers spank him for tips
    • makes customers feel like they haven’t spent anything so they spend more
    • strips on slower days, when the bar doesn’t need as much attention
  • official stripper name:
    • “BaekBomb“
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “Delicious Bacon“
    • “Baekhung”

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// Chen

  • job: bartender
    • always excited to come to work
    • teases the customers about their orders, but they always forgive him when they see his smile
    • talks to sad customers and cheers them up, sometimes gives free drinks
    • makes customers blush with compliments and when he says he wishes he could give them lap dances, but he has to stay behind the bar
    • is good at keeping track of who has and hasn’t paid, and gets Sexy Hyung to kick out the bad customers
    • cheers loudly for Sexy Hyung’s closing show
    • also strips on slower days, and likes to show off his booty
  • official stripper name:
    • “The Dragon“
  • unofficial stripper names: 
    • “Bicep God“
    • “Seriously, Look At His Arms”
    • “Tyrannosaurus Sex”

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// Chanyeol

  • job: DJ
    • winks and smiles at customers from the DJ booth, can only flirt with body language since he’s far from them
    • is a really good hype man for the shows, and has a great voice for announcements
    • sometimes he plays his own compositions instead of the playlist approved the managers
    • once, he got up on stage to dance and everyone stopped what they were doing and stared.  He was almost fired that day
    • so now, he does his own little shows from the booth, unbuttoning his shirt and biting his lip at customers.  $uDaddy allows it
  • official stripper name:
    • N/A
  • unofficial stripper name:
    • N/A

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// D.O

  • job: manager
    • works with $uDaddy to keep the club running
    • his advertising methods have brought the club more customers than they can sometimes handle
    • keeps the club very, very clean
    • always wears a suit, no one has ever seen him without clothes on
    • never tries to seduce the customers, and is usually out of sight
    • once in a while, a customer will request him for a lap dance and when he declines, they get so sad that he gives them a free drink pass
    • frequent customers have made it their mission to see him strip one day, and he claims it’ll never happen
    • the most he gives is a shy hip thrust or joking body roll, which gets them excited anyway
    • sometimes often always watches Silver Wolf’s shows and gives him praise afterwards
  • official stripper name:
    • N/A
  • unofficial stripper name:
    • N/A

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// Kai

  • job: main stripper
    • his routines last the longest, and he does the same ones over and over, but they always keep the customers’ attention
    • prefers to be on stage rather than to give lap dances, so his lap dances cost the most
    • $uDaddy has had to tell him to tone down the sexy because he’s too damn sexy and he doesn’t want customers to get hurt from fainting
    • he claims it’s impossible to turn down the sexy, and has to apologize to customers every night for making them faint
    • when he’s on the floor with customers, he makes them feel good by laughing for ten minutes at their jokes
    • when he’s not dancing or on the floor with customers, he’s keeping the manager company
  • official stripper name:
    • “Silver Wolf”
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “Rude Boy”
    • “Extremely Rude Boy”
    • “So Flexible, So Sweaty“
    • “The One Who Made Me Fall Over Because He Winked At Me”

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// Sehun

  • job: stripper
    • customers underestimate him until he gets on stage, then they throw all their remaining money, sometimes their entire wallets
    • is the most requested stripper for lap dances
    • sometimes likes to talk and laugh with customers when he’s supposed to be giving them the booty, but they usually don’t mind
    • gives customers sass when they tip him with coins
    • $uDaddy watches him to make sure he isn’t too sassy the customers who aren’t as nice
    • few customers who request “The Maknae Thunder Experience” can talk about it, until weeks after (it’s very intense, and very expensive)
  • official stripper name:
    • “Maknae Thunder”
  • unofficial stripper names:
    • “Boba Butt“
    • “Cheeky Devil” (because of his booty butt cheeks and his cheekiness with the customers)

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Who would you request for a lap dance?

dating hoshi ↴
  • dating soonyoung would be a lot of work
  • he’d be so energetic 
  • and happy all the time
  • but he taught you a few things
  • patience 
  • so you were very thankful
  • when svt were preparing for a comeback
  • and jihoon let soonyoung have a listen of their new song
  • soonyoung would rush to you
  • and show you his ideas for their choreography
  • “look! I think we should go like this, and like this..”
  • you’d laugh at how cute he was
  • he’d even insist on showing you all the choreography
  • BUT
  • when he wasn’t busy with svt
  • he’d give all his attention to you
  • he would waste no time
  • soonyoung would def show his affection through skin ship
  • hugs
  • kisses
  • all of it
  • “let me hug you”
  • “I miss you so much”
  • he’d be super touchy
  • but you loved it
  • you loved the lazy days
  • because both of you needed rest
  • he needed a break from his busy schedule
  • and you had a pretty busy one too with school/work
  • so those lazy days consisted of:
  • you and soonyoung sprawled out on the sofa
  • eating snacks
  • binge watching dramas
  • laughing and tickling
  • but sometimes
  • soonyoung did take you out
  • no matter how tired he was
  • he’d take you to the movies
  • he’d take you out to eat
  • he’d like to take walks with you
  • and he loved the touchy lessons he gave you when teaching you choreography
  • but when soonyoung needed attention
  • he would be a complete 5 year old
  • “why don’t you hug me back???”
  • you’d roll your eyes and hug soonyoung back
  • tightly
  • “I love you so much”
  • he’d snuggle into your grasp in satisfaction
  • “you’re so needy”
  • you’d tease him and he’d stick his tongue out
  • you loved soonyoung because he didn’t take life too seriously
  • he made life to seem so fun and stress free
  • he knew how to live the right way
  • to embrace life’s smallest moments
  • there was never a dull moment with him 

↠ masterlist ↞

I know it’s been a while! I was mentally preparing for the seventeen concert in dallas and I’m fully recovered from psd! 

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Hello! May i request reaper, 76, junkrat, and Mcree reacting to their s/o who's usually shy around others bumpin to music in their bathroom, and mouthing the words passionately to the guys when they see them at the doorway smiling and happy?

Yes you may! Going for some headcanons with this one… :)


He never really expected to see you like this

  • Not from you since you had always been so quiet and shy
  • And he always just thought you’d never be comfortable enough around him
  • But it warms his heart to know you trust him enough to show him this side of you

It’s also a side of you he very much wants to get to know better

  • Watching you swaying and bouncing rhythmically to the music is something he could certainly get used to
  • When you see him, he expects you to stop but when you instead continue you with more vigour, his face breaks into a smile
  • It’s barely there, but its a smile nonetheless 
  • When you begin miming the words and coming towards him, he’ll roll his eyes and leave
  • But you know its only because he doesn’t want to give away how much he loves it


He does not know where the hell to look

  • Bless this lovely old man
  • Though he of course enjoys watching, he’s worried this is something very personal that you wouldn’t want to share with him
  • Still looks for a minute though

As he turns to leave, you see him and begin mouthing to him

  • He’s slightly in shock if he’s honest
  • Its just not something he ever thought he’d see from you
  • And to see a carefree side of you melts his heart just a little
  • Depending on his mood, he’ll either just keep watching from the doorframe with a grin plastered on his face
  • Or he’ll come into the room and sing back to you, leading you round the room in a bad impression of a waltz, whatever music you’re listening to


He can’t contain his brewing excitement

  • I mean he loves you, but he always thought you were a shy thing
  • Not even considering asking you to come out of your shell a little
  • Now that you seem to have done that, even just in front of him, filled him with joy

He bounds straight into the room

  • Eliciting a scream from you before you realise its only him and begin mouthing the words to the song
  • Singing and mouthing along to the words with you instantly
  • Dancing you around the room
  • You sing until your sides hurt and your laughter takes over
  • End up on the floor, laughing and laughing with stray tears coating the bathroom tiles


This guy is standing there enjoying the view

  • Watching you dancing around the room and enjoying the music to your heart’s content 
  • He just loves seeing you so happy and free
  • He also just loves seeing you dancing

You’re brought out of your trance by a low wolf-whistle coming from the direction of the doorway

  • You stop, but only for a moment before Jesse’s grin spurs you on
  • He starts laughing then, as do you, as your moves become more funny and for show instead of serious
  • Becoming a competition of who can do the silliest dance moves
  • Ending up in you laughing your way all the way to bed when you both collapse and fall asleep instantly


  • okay so johnny was created in a lab obv
  • and he’s got this mint green skin, stitches around each joint, and these two bolts sticking out of his neck for overnight charging (like he gets these jumper cables over the bolts and he gets really electric and zappy while he sleeps everyone stays 2596543 feet away from him
  • he also had this really cool USB port in his belly button right,,, like he can but a cord in it and hook himself up to an outlet for quick charge,,,
  • the scientist who created him put a lot of effort into him
  • he programmed him to have the brain of a 23 year old, which would grow as he did
  • it was a new technology the scientist had created that would help johnny create his own feelings and emotions and wants and needs
  • basically, because of this, johnny wants to be free
  • he wants to get out of the lab and see the world. he wants to see everything the world has to offer
  • he wants to taste things and see things and touch things
  • he’s so excited and curious
  • like he has this innocence in his eyes that’s so bright and friendly
  • and this spirit no one can tarnish
  • in the monct universe, humans and monsters coexist together
  • but there is still a lot of prejudice
  • like humans can be rlly mean to the monsters and so johnny’s scientist (dad..?) is afraid that johnny’s light might be diminished
  • so he agrees that johnny can leave the lab on one condition:
  • that he would live with a group of monster boys who are already used to living in the human world; a group of friends he can come back to if the world gets too harsh
  • so johnny moves in w monct,,, and his closest friends are probably invisible man!ten and ghost!jaehyun
  • except ten sometimes get on his nerves bc every time johnny comes out of his bedroom he’ll screams “it’s alive!!”
  • and johnny would smack him but ten is invisible so he can never find him yknow
  • anyway it’s around halloween right and johnny sees these flyers all over the neighborhood announcing this huge halloween party for the college down the road,,, and it’s called the monster mash
  • and johnny is like !!!! this so the perfect way to meet a bunch of new monsters and humans !!!!
  • it’s even called monster mash so he must be allowed!!!
  • and he doesn’t even have to dress up like he already looks like the classic frankenstein w his green skin and stitches and bolts like it’s perfect!
  • so even tho vampire!taeil told him it probably wasn’t a good idea, johnny ignored him and gets his clumsy green butt out to the party
  • it’s at this giant frat house,, it’s smaller than monct’s house tho johnny is used to living in a gothic mansion and this is just a … two story house
  • but he’s never seen a second story house before!!! so he bounds up the steps ready to go to his first party
  • and he’s really confused when everyone is telling him how nice his costume is and there are all these random are coming up and pulling at his stitches
  • ,,, and it hurts,,,
  • so johnny kind of pushes everyone who comes near him away until he gets to the kitchen and he’s suddenly looking for an outlet for a quick recharge bc nervousness takes up battery right
  • but someone beats him to it and shoves their phone charger in
  • and it’s you, who came dressed as the bride of frankstein
  • but you’re bored and your phone died after playing dumb ways to die for two hours so you decide to charge your phone and download a racing game lol
  • and that kitchen outlet is the only one open so you’re like “sorry dude but i gotta charge my phone”
  • and johnny just stares at you and ,,,, are you a disembodied body too??
  • you like legit don’t know what that means so you look down at your white dress and the green paint job that took far too long to do and stained your underwear…. “yes. that’s me! i haven’t found another frakenstein! how’d you get your bolts to look so realistic??”
  • he taps his bolts w his industrial fingernail like they are real!!!
  • and you don’t quite get what he’s saying bc tbh you’ve never rlly met a monster before
  • johnny doesn’t know this but monsters and humans tend to not hang out around each other too much
  • for instance, they don’t go to human parties unless specifically invited ,,,, the comradery isn’t great in this town
  • so you’re like wow!!! real bolts!!! how did you get them on your neck?? did you glue them??
  • and johnny furrows his eyebrows like lol why is this other disembody acting like she doesn’t know how her own body works??
  • “what do you mean? they’re real … like they’re actually in my neck. they’re where I plug in my battery.”
  • and you just stop like oh
  • oh
  • it takes him awhile to figure out that you aren’t rlly a monster: he checks your costume w his perfect vision and can see that your green makeup is smeared with sweat, mixing in w your actual skin tone, and that your bolts are just tin foil taped to your neck
  • “i … i’ve got to go”
  • and just like that he leaves.
  • you feel bad like just because he’s a monster doesn’t mean the two of you can’t get along?? he seemed super sweet and didn’t even yell at you for stealing his outlet???
  • lowkey you want to learn more abt this dude lol
  • but he’s gone without a goodbye, and you have no idea where to find him
  • so you head to the auto part store bc your car needs new brake pads,,,,, so you’re there to get brake pads obv
  • and as you’re walking down the store, scanning each aisle looking for the one you need to go down
  • you see this v v tall dude in a hat, sunglasses, and scarf combination
  • it’s the boy from the party, you can tell, so you walk over to him. “do you need any help?”
  • “yeah, actually, which —” he stops talking when he sees you and suddenly customer!johnny is now flustered!johnny like if his cheeks had been programmed to blush,,,,, he would be blushing
  • mostly bc he didn’t think you could look any cuter than you did at the party,,,,, but you do!!
  • he takes off his sunglasses and gets super flustered like “h-hi, again.”
  • and your hand is already out for a shake. “my name is y/n.”
  • johnny stares at your hand “okay? what are you doing?”
  • he sort of lacks the understanding for a lot of basic gestures and stuff
  • but that’s okay bc you just take his hand and give the limp appendage a shake
  • and suddenly your entire body feels extremely tingly and your hair stands up on end
  • “sorry!” johnny is retracting his hand and backing up, nearly running into a tire display in the process “taeil told me a wool scarf was a bad idea for my bolts.”
  • you giggle “you’re really cute. what’s your name?”
  • “i’m johnny”
  • “well, johnny, there’s this really cool ice cream place down the road. do you wanna go with me?”
  • johnny furrows his eyebrows for a moment, “is this a date?”
  • “sure”
  • “oh, well i’ve never had ice cream.”
  • “really?”
  • it turns out johnny hasn’t experienced a lot of basic things in life, since he technically just a few months old
  • … good thing he’ll have you to help him!!!
  • once y'all are dating he doesn’t even hold back weird questions he just let’s em go
  • he wonders a lot abt the human body and how it functions
  • like the first time you cried in front of him it was bc of a sad movie + period combo
  • and johnny is like i’ve never seen real live tears before what do i do what do i do
  • you basically have to calm him down like it’s okay johnny,,, it’s just my period,,,, now come cuddle me
  • he oblidges obv but he won’t stop asking abt your period like he’s curious okay
  • and his bolts make little buzzing noises from time to time
  • witch!mark made a charmed cover for them so you wouldn’t get shocked every time the two of you hugged or cuddled
  • “y/n?”
  • “what?”
  • “i think i love you.”
  • you understand his words,,, why he only said think,,, bc it’s an emotion he’s only known in theory so far. and the fact that he confessed something so sweet and honest to you made you sure of your next words
  • “i think i love you too, johnny.”

this is part of a collab w @trickortaeil for monster!nct this october. the next installment will be on her blog, with taeyong! also i highkey based johnny off of frankie from the monster high books. please enjoy!

Do not be scared

When the shadow man comes

Hush child hush

He only speaks in tongues

Do not be afraid

When the lights go out

For that means he’s here

So do not shout

The shadow man is nice

He swears on his soul

So take his hand

And trust those eyes of coal

He’s cold to the touch

But his smile’s so warm

This is just the calm

Right before the storm

Run child run

The shadow man lied

You let him in

There’s no where to hide

You scream and cry

To be set free

He thinks this is a game

As you try to flee

There’s no way out

You’ve let him in

His words are like daggers

Piercing your skin

“I am the shadow man

More evil than sin

Just give up now

And Let. Me. In.”

Embarrassing Hc’s - Matsukawa Issei

  • was trying out some jeans in the changing room yeah. and like when he was gonna take em off he tripped on the other jeans leg that he had taken off and fell out of the booth 
  • with the jeans on one of his leg and underwear all visible for the whole store to see
  • smacked his head face down on a table after sneezing. in class
  • walked into a glass door and got a bloody nose 
  • one time he tried to jump over a fence but he got them long legs right so he got caught by one of his feet and did a flip 
  • his neighbor saw it all
  • did the dishes at a training camp and when he turned around to put some forks away he tripped on the carpet, and fell right into the coach… and landed by his crotch
  • accidentally knocked down a gumball machine at the local grocery shop and it broke. look at all those gumball’s rolling free
  • he never went back to that grocery shop

@hotemotionalmess asked: What sort of funny/romantic daydreams do they [the paladins] have about their crush?

Oh this is my JAM thank you so much for suggesting this!!!


Honestly anything straight out of a romantic chick-flick movie will make him happy

When he was Zarkon’s prisoner, he thought about a lot of the things he would miss dying in those terrible fights, and he knew that he might not ever do cheesy things with a significant other

It was a dream come true meeting you and he really wants to start a relationship with you and doing all of those gushy things, but it comes along with funny hiccups

Like, for some reason he wants to go ice skating with you…? He can’t stop thinking about returning to Earth once the war is over and he can just spend the day ice skating with you and slipping and stumbling over each other like newborn giraffes.

He just loves the idea of doing something somewhat normal with you when the world just seems stress free and there’s non-stop laughter


He’s not a super big romantic, but just seeing you happy and having that Look™ in your eyes when you look up at him can make him start dreaming

He would want to take you someplace quiet, warm, and peaceful. And not like the quiet when he was in the cabin for a year all alone, but quiet as in there’s no distractions and it’s completely stress free

He especially thinks its funny how you get spooked easily, so he wants to go out of his way to appear suddenly behind you and scare you by wrapping his arms around your waist and hearing you shriek and giggle

I dunno he just can’t stop thinking about how cute you are and how lucky he would be to have you in his life


Let me tell you this boy is the King of romance and not in a stereotypical way (you would think that since his pick up lines are so terrible he wouldn’t be very suave, but that is not the case)

Like he always likes to think about managing to find the perfect time to compliment you or give you a kiss that’s a little bit more passionate and/or slow when you need it maybe a bit of hand action….

Lance really likes to think about treating you like royalty because he knows you of all people deserve it so he wants to go above and beyond when it comes to pampering

He also just loves hearing you laugh it’s really music to his ears and he is always trying to find a way to hear the most beautiful sound in the universe


This kid is just a ball of fluff filled with so much love if you don’t think that he doesn’t think about romantic stuff then you are wRONG

He loves the idea of cooking you your favorite foods and loves seeing your reaction of how good you think his food is gosh dang it’s the little things that get him

He like the thought of just spending time with someone he cares about and doing dumb things like being too competitive during Mario Kart or when your back on Earth and you two are grocery shopping and he pushes you around in the cart

But his favorite thing is knowing that you’re ticklish and finding the right moment to strike and tiniest you shriek and giggle is just so pure


Pidge is not so much of a romantic person, but she definitely likes to think of certain moments

Sometimes she like to think about making you something she knows you’ll love but she knows she’ll push it aside by saying, “It’s something I whipped up real fast and I just thought to give it to you because why not I totally didn’t put too much thought into this nice gift.” even though she really put a lot of thought into this and she’s dying on the inside hoping you like it

Here’s a secret though: she knows you can totally see through her bs and she hopes you would treat the gift like your most treasured possession

She loves thinking about funny moments you two have when she stays up late working on something and you want to stay up with her, but you’re so tired you’ll say anything and she loves to ask you questions and hear your response or when she says something slightly funny and you laugh like you’ve never laughed before

glass lungs

if there’s
anything eddie
kaspbrak ever
it was
to break
to shatter
so fucking
that his
could never
think to put
him back
and he
would be free
he relished
in this dream
that he whispered
his aspirator
his mother’s fear
his internal stardust
and he doubts
could compare
to how free
he felt in the barrens

Match Made In Manipulation...((Again, I am sorry for these awful titles lol))

((Soooo these are basically the same thing, right Soo I just combined them into one one shot. I have never written a full one shot for Petyr Baelish sooo I hope his character isn’t too…OOC. And I hope the anons who requested aren’t annoyed/angered that i didn’t write them seperate one shots.))

((Word Count: 1,808))

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Day Off Headcanon

Request from: @grumpycheshirecat
Request: “What the batfamily would do if they had a day off, either individually or they actually have free time all at once.”
Warnings: None.


Finally he’s free

  • He will literally book it miles away from the Manor.
  • He’s gotten this day, and he’s gonna use it.
  • The whole day is probably spent somewhere relaxing, like the beach.


  • Honestly, Bruce would probably feel really out of place- maybe even a bit paranoid.
  • Something must be needed to be done somewhere.
  • He’d probably attempt to spend time with his family, if it were possible. Otherwise, he’d probably just sleep.


  • This man will do everything in order to track down friends and family.
  • He has a fricken notebook full to the brim of activity ideas.
  • If no one’s available, he usually just kicks back on his couch and binge watches shows.


  • Individually speaking, he’ll do two things:
  • Go out shooting.
  • Reading spree.


  • Spend time with friends and family, if possible.
  • Training.
  • She’ll take walks around ponds and park.


  • Something usually interrupts his nap about twelve hours in, though.
  • “Something” tending to be Steph or Kon spamming him with notifications on everything, or someone needing his help.


  • She’ll be happy to spend time with friends, if possible.
  • Otherwise she’ll probably make a bucket-load of waffles to eat throughout the whole day while watching movies and stuff.
  • You better believe she’s going to be making glitter bombs of doom if she gets bored, though.


  • He trains hardcore.
  • His animals are getting all the affection and attention possible.
  • Otherwise, if they’re available, he’ll track down Jon or Colin and spend time with them.

We no longer hold Time

So, I dream of your kind eyes

I don’t remember your name

But, I know who I was:

A vision of love

The days may move quickly,

Fleeing from me

Bleeding through the light

I can remember now

Time is free

He spreads his great wings

Along the sea current

Twisting, turning,

Winds oblige his flight.

We follow slowly behind.

His feathers dull and grey

Flickering in the sunlight,

His eyes

Sullen in search of dreams.

But he cannot reminisce

Time wanders as children do

Pitying the old and weary

Who dream that the skies are free

I remember

Up here

My keen eyes have seen

You, Love, in a dream

When will time fly back to me?

-G.D.B. aka @sometimesiwriteinthedark 06/12/2017 10:16 PM

This is something that’s been bugging me for a couple weeks. I decided to give it a try as a multichaptered fic. I will do my best to try and update weekly or as soon as I possibly can!

Hope you guys enjoy.
PS: Unbeta’d, any mistakes are mine. 

Summary:  “He thinks this is the reason there are books and poems about music, this is the reason music has been around for ages, because of people like her.”
AO3 link

Would it be a sin?

Chapter one

Jughead puts out the cigarette before tossing it onto the trash can because he might be a smoker but he was not a litterer, thank you very much.

Taking his phone from his pocket he checks the time again, not surprised Archie was late. Jughead sighs, longing for his couch and some snacks instead of waiting for his best friend to come check the hundredth musician (If some they’ve seen could even be called that) to be their supporting act on the upcoming tour.

They had seen everything on the list their label had sent them, this was their last stop before they had to make a choice.  Jughead couldn’t wait for this to be over but a part of him was worried about the supporting act being complete trash. They had narrowed it down to three possible options, and they weren’t even that great.

Archie had gotten mad at him for being such a picky little shit as he had so eloquently put it but he simply couldn’t bring himself to pick just one and let it be over. He wanted everything to be perfect, they had worked hard to be where they are now and he would never possibly jeopardize it because of some crappy supporting act.

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Originally posted by amirn

  • Rin has been waiting all month to celebrate your birthday
  • he makes you a big birthday cake (all of it homemade)
  • he got up early to work on it
  • he’s the first one to tell you happy birthday via text
  • he calls you in the morning to tell you “happy birthday, Y/N!” again when you’re fully awake
  • he does whatever you want him to, “it’s your special day after all!”
  • he gives you kisses whenever you guys are alone together

Originally posted by sairenji

  • Yukio makes reservations for you two at your favorite restaurant for dinner
  • he calls you in the morning to wish you a happy birthday
  • “I hope today treats you well on your birthday, Y/N”
  • after class, you guys hang out before you get ready for dinner
  • it’s a nice evening and he pays for the two of you as always
  • he lets you get whatever you want
  • “are you sure this isn’t too expensive?” “I’m sure”
  • when the night ends, he gives you a gentle kiss and tells you “happy birthday” again

Originally posted by xtylopse

  • Mephisto would jokingly pretend like he didn’t know it was your birthday
  • “oh? is that today already? I thought that was next month!”
  • he likes to see your pouting face
  • he makes sure to take the day off so he can spend time with you
  • he probably takes you to Mepphyland as a birthday date
  • lets you play whatever games you want for free!
  • even the rides are free
  • he gives you a kiss when he’s forced back to work and apologizes for it
  • Lucifer always remembers your birthday!
  • he tells you “happy birthday” as soon as he sees you
  • if he can’t see you right away, he’ll call you
  • if you’re in class, he’ll leave a voicemail saying how he hopes you have a nice day
  • is happy when you guys finally meet up!
  • kisses your cheek and asks you about you day