Hi everyone! Today I have some sparkly holiday swirly nails to show you guys. I did these at the beginning of last week and planned to post them today and I was tickled to see that Alice from One Nail to Rule Them All posted some similar swirly nails yesterday! I love the addition of the dots on hers, I wish I had thought of that :)

I love both of these colors so of course I love them even more together. Hope y'all like them too! The blog post has more pictures and stuff as usual… ch-check it out!

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Glaucoma Awareness Manicure

Hi everyone, I did this manicure for a contest on Instagram held by @marijonails for Glaucoma awareness month. Green is the colour for Glaucoma awareness month, and I used some eye motifs from Western culture. On my blog I have more info about this debilitating disease, along with some information about the motifs and inspiration for this design. I hope you’ll check it out!

Happy Friday everybunny! I have my last set of art-inspired nails to show y'all today, this time based off of this painting by LA-based artist and muralist Push. All done freehand! I am pretty proud of these and glad I get to wear them for more than a day haha. Check out the full post for more info on how I did them as well as a pic of my right hand (it matches!!)

Have a great weekend y'all!

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Art deco inspired nails! The nail art group I belong to (The Digit-al Dozen) does a week’s worth of nails on a specific theme each month and this month’s theme is ART. These weren’t inspired by any specific art deco piece but just the general feeling of the movement. I’m gonna do art deco again tomorrow because I like to walk on the wild side that way and also I want to try a more stylized design using striping tape so I don’t weep over each imperfection in my line work. More words and pictures in the full post!

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Advent Calendar Nail Challenge, Day 16: Inspired By a Song

Hi everyone! I took the song Silent Night as my inspiration and so I did the Nativity on my nails…in the style of stained glass! From left to right I painted the manger, Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus, the Star of Bethlehem, and the Chi Rho symbol. I hope you like it, this took forever! More information and photos on my blog!


You guys. I have to be honest with you here, I think I might be legitimately in love with these nails. Usually when I do my nails I like them for a couple hours and then get bored with them pretty rapidly and all I notice are my mistakes but I am so proud of these and I love them SO MUCH. THERE I SAID IT. I CAN’T HELP IT. I did these all freehand with a tiny brush and even did my right hand and WOOO. I hope you guys like these as much as I do! Check out the blog post for more pictures and my inspiration picture and of course more words!