freehand ink

Another crest for the army, this one is for the army proper. Worn by the rookies and high ranking officer, can be worn with the crest of the unit you’re in, or by itself if you don’t want to reveal your unit to an outside observer.

The latin stands for “Protect the innocent, and the wicked will pay” more or less. Yeah, despite their badass crests they have a moral code of sort.

The set so far:

All done with india ink and dip pen with maru nib, and free hand

Third army unit crest: the “aerial corps“

Don’t let the fact that they mostly play messenger fool you, if you ever hear them coming it can only mean one thing: death is about to rain down from the sky and it’s too late to escape ….

India ink and maru nib, free hand.

I’ve got two more crest to draw, care to make a guess at what unit they are? For cookie points.

anonymous asked:

The yellow post-it in/on your sketchbook. Is that real or are they filters?

It’s the real life! 

This poor sketchbook is starting to get twice as thick because I keep using the post its to 1.) fix errors cos I’ve been drawing in permanent ink, and 2.) covering outdated notes with em because I jot down literally everything at meetings lmao

(Mostly the former tho, I’ve been trying to get better at freehanding in ink and it’s…been really tricky because I can’t rush into the drawing like I usually do…)