freeform embroidery


hello my darlings, i’m sorry for the sporadic lack of posts lately - i unintentionally went cold turkey off my medication and made myself pretty ill. i don’t talk about it often, mostly because i don’t know how to, but i struggle massively with depression and anxiety. embroidery is one of few things i found that actually helps so i’m putting this out there because i don’t think i’m the only one. something about the simple repetitions and having something to do with my hands is very calming and it gives me something to focus on instead of getting all caught up in my own thoughts. and (bonus) you get something beautiful at the end of it. these three freeform embroideries were representative of my mental state when i stitched them (something else i haven’t shared before) and the whole process was quite cathartic. i keep intending to make more but… so many other projects!

anyway, i’m back on the meds now, feeling a lot less like i’m actually, physically, dying and days spent weeping in the bathtub for no reason are back down to a minimum so normal postings will be resumed shortly. probably.

and a gentle reminder to anyone in a similar boat… look after yourself, take your meds.


Okay, so Tumblr ate the first post I had about these little darlings. Some longtime followers/art buddies might know I make spirit dolls from fabric remnants, old clothes, thrift store finds and scavenged found items. These are just the crew of finished or mostly finished spirits dolls that are currently residing with me, other earlier dolls have already found their way into the homes of witchy friends, or the homes of friends of witchy friends. I can’t say that I plan out how they’ve been formed in any way, because none truly share the same shape, purpose, spirit or content.

In fact while some spirits do come by and insist I make them a body that pleases them. The shapes and ideas for the dolls are never the same way twice, and honestly I can’t say I gender any of them during the making except for two, one of whom is inhabited. I didn’t put him in there.

Middle is “The Observer” who is male, really enjoys just watching the world go by from any sort of vantage point except being made to face the corner or being picked up and moved about frequently. Next to The Observer is the most recent arrival, a lovely orange lady with a soft velvet face.

I can’t keep hoarding these dolls, but I don’t yet have an ethically sound or firsthand way of putting them out into the world. So it goes.

Second of the journal patches, where I use up threads leftover from other projects and scrap fabric to make patches to repair a quilt that my mother made when she was my age.

Taking a break before the next one since my wrists and carpals are acting up. Gonna call the doctor to say we’re going to go on the surgery since I haven’t made much progress with the hand stretches. Gods I miss being able to embroider for more than an hour a day…