anonymous asked:

do you know what characters are needed in the game of thrones fandom?

honorless. hello there friend! this is an excellent question for there are many, many characters in the game of thrones fandom that are not played! i know there was once an ask rotating around with a list of characters that we’d all love to see but i couldn’t find it unfortunately so i’ll write my own list c: remember to pick someone you want to play as well for it’s not fun if you play a muse that someone wants you to play. anyway, onto the list…

  • samwell tarly
  • anyone in the night watch tbh
  • maester luwin
  • brandon stark
  • benjen stark
  • hodor
  • edmure tully
  • hoster tully
  • walder frey 
  • any of the freys, there’s too many to list
  • lysa tully
  • petyr baelish
  • lord varys
  • tyrion lannister
  • lancel lannister
  • theon greyjoy
  • jorah mormont
  • tyene sand
  • greyworm
  • missandei ( even tho she’s ten in the book
  • any of the martells
  • jojen reed
  • ashara greyjoy
  • robert baratheon
  • davos seaworth
  • roose bolton
  • gendry
  • olenna tyrell
  • maester aemon
  • gilly
  • any of the freefolk
  • tommen baratheon
  • khal drogo
  • barristan selmy
  • podrick payne
  • grenn
  • osha
  • rodrik cassel
  • jory cassel

if there’s anyone else that people would like to see, feel free to reblog this! and if anyone knows where that giant list went too ( one of the margaery blog’s received it i think or @bloodiedwolf if i remember correctly ) but anyway! i hope that this helps :D