Drunk - Theo Raeken

summary: Reader is drunk at a party and Theo tries to take care of her
pairing: Theo Raeken x reader

warning: drinking, alcohol (drunk reader)

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“Another shot!” Someone called as the small glasses were refilled with alcohol, everyone was putting their drinks high and emptying it up.

You felt how the liquid was burning down your throat for a second, it warmed up your whole body. Your head was already aching and you definitely could  say that you had too many drinks that night. Massaging your temples wasn’t making anything better, the alcohol had indeed it’s effect on you.

“Y/n are you okay?” A familiar voice asked while the figure tried to help you to stand straight. You took a glimpse at the person as you realised who it was.

“Don’t touch me Theo you are not going to kill me.” You hissed while trying to get out of his grip. He started to laugh because of your comment, still holding your drunk body.

  “Well, maybe not today.” He whisperd and leaned down your ear, his lips ghosting above your neck. You heart started to race, you always had a thing for him but you knew for sure that he was the bad guy, always up to no good. The alcohol was mixing up your mind, you couldn’t think straight and he knew that for sure.

 "I’ll bring you home.“ Theo stated and grabbed your arm.

“HELP he’s trying to hurt me Sti-”

“Can you please shut up and let me help you.” A groan left his mouth as he took a step closer to you, shutting the gap between your bodys. Although you were drunk, he still had a effect on you. You breath almost hitched caused by his presence. 

“You are ruining the fun!”

“Y/n don’t be stupid, I think you had enough fun for today, let’s get out of here.” He sighed in frustration, but somehow managed to get you out off the crowded house, bumping here and there against teens that tried to have a good time. Without even questioning anything, you let him lead you to his car. He really did struggle to keep you by his side because you tried to run away everytime.

“It’s freeeezing, Theo oh god I think I’m going to be harder than ice soon.” You cried out, earning a laughter from him.

“Y/n are you hitting on me?”

“Whait whaaat no.” You mumbled taking a deep breath.

“You know that’s always the moment when the guy has to give the girl his jacket.” Theo stated, removing his jacket and gently placed it over your shoulder.

You suddenly stopped and looked at the sky, it was pitch black with little stars on it, but no sight of the moon. You let out a cry; “SOMEONE STOLE THE MOON.” The tears wear already forming in your eyes as he began to laugh, he softly patted your back and tried to calm you down.
“Shhh, it was me, sorry.”

 "Wow how evil of you.“ You slurred out, giving him a angry glare. Theo shook his head, while a cheeky grin was plastered on his face.
“Didn’t hear that for the first time.”

He opend the car door for you and got in the drivers side. After that he carfully tried to put your seat belt on while barely brushing your legs with his fingers  as you began to scream again.
 "Don’t touch me there I have a boyfriend.“

  “Sorry won’t happened again.” He said trying to hold back his laughter, throwing his hands up in defence.
  “And who would that be?“
“Well his name is Theo, but he get’s angry really quick, he will beat your ass for sure.”

“Okay then I should back off before this Theo guy kills me.” He played along with a smirk on his lips.

You nodded in agreement, not fully aware of what just left your mouth. Your eyes slowly felt shut caused by the energy that had left you. After a while you were woken up by arms that were wrapped around your body, his grip was tight and secure around you. Theo somehow figured to open the door while still carring you around.
“Where’s your room?” He asked, seeming a little bit lost in your house.

“Woah not so fast Raeken, at least take me on a date first.”
“Well you never let me.” He remarked and layed you down on the sofa in the living room.

“Yes, it’s because I hate you Theo.”

“That’s the alcohol that’s speaking right now Y/n.” He said smirking, knowing that you weren’t telling the truth. He then slowly leaned down and gave you a tender kiss on the lips. Your skin was suddenly heating up and your heart skipped like crazy. In the moment his lips touched yours you could already feel how your body sobered up, but before you could say anything he was gone, leaving you very confused but happy, wondering why he did all of that.

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injecting this fandom w more fluff?? yes ok!!!!! 

  • so snow storm
  • like andrew and neil have just moved into their first apartment and its really shitty but it’s theirs so that’s all that matters
  • but then the first snow storm of the winter hits and its bad like they’re snowed in for daaays and the heat is broken !!
  • neil the dramatic baby that he is thinks oh god this is it this is how it ends for them after all they’ve been thru and endured they’re going to die by freezing to death!!!!!!!
  • andrew walks away from him mid rant and returns w every blanket and sweater they own. he drops them in a pile on the living room floor and they both put on like 5 sweaters each and theyre like swimming in them bc theyre so smol 
  • its still too cold
  • they would have sex to keep warm except that involves taking off clothes 
  • so instead they end up curled on the sofa under ten blankets
  • and at first andrew is like no we will not cuddle we will not cuddle we’re not that couple but then he looks over and sees neil’s teeth chattering and he’s soo cold and finally andrew’s like ‘fuck it get over here’ and he holds out an arm and neil huddles in close and rests his head on andrew’s chest 
  • and andrew tightens his grip on neil and just. hold him so so tight against him and the weight of him feels good and he can feel neil’s shaking subside and there’s nothing to do so they probs just drift off to sleep for a while 
  • neils also a little shit who puts his cold hands and feet on andrew and even tho andrew’s hissing and the percentages just keep going up he still doesnt pull away and he just warms him up
  • when they wake up the power’s back on but their heat still doesnt work, so neil gets up and makes hot cocoa for andrew and tea for himself and he brings andrew his mug and their fingers brush against each other and neil’s like in Heaven bc he so has a Hand Kink ok. he loves andrew’s hands. then they curl up again and drink their beverages and andrew makes fun of neil’s gross tea and calls him boring and neil’s like “um. im so not boring. im interesting enough for you to keep me around.” 
  • and andrews like. “barely.” 
  • the cable and phone lines are still down tho so they have to fill the time with each other but that’s fine, they can do that
  • they mostly kiss for a long time and then they just talk about anything and everything. exy. the foxes. each other. 
  • neil makes andrew list all the things he “hates” about neil. 
  • it turns into a really fucking gross neil appreciation list 
  • they both know it too but like. andrew still maintains he Hates all these things. yeah ok sure. 
  • neil says he’s never made a snowman before and andrews like “me either” so they bundle up and go outside and make the shittiest snowman ever and they’re freeeezing. Neil then throws a snowball at andrew and andrews like. oh. this is war. 
  • snowball fights that end in them tackling each other to the ground and making out in the fucking snow and freeeeezing even more and then they go back inside and andrews like shivering and telling neil to get the fuck out of his clothes hes going to get fucking pneumonia a DIE. 
  • so then they both peel out of their wet clothes and put on a hundred sweaters again (some of which are totally knitted by andrew *ehem knitting headcanon ehem*)  
  • and they get under the covers and go to bed early bc its sooo cold and they sleep in and andrew makes breakfast in the morning (bc ya’ll know neil can’t cook for shit) and everything is wARM and happy !!!!! aaaaaa!!!

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        “the heart may freeeeze, or it can buuurn. the pain will ease, if i can leaaarn..there is no future, there is no paaast.” a soft thoughtful smile on his face.

           "i live this moment as my laaaaast~“ rock was scooting towards ricky as his throat began to sing a soft melody. ”there’s only us–there only thiiiis, forget–r e g r e t, or life is yours to miss. no oooother road–“ he laughed lightly. 

          ”no other waaaayyyy, no day, but todaaaay~