I want to make sure you guys know that Chris wasn’t talking about Don’t Speak when he mentioned his favorite number because the Battery Park (The Break-Up) filming was early in August and it was far from freezing that night. Hot and humid, yes. He was most likely talking about their ice skating at Bryant Park where it was really freeeezing, and he asked Darren what it was because the two of them were the only ones filming that night. The cast assumed it was Don’t Speak because of Chris saying “they were either breaking up or getting back together” but nope. Quite certain he meant Bryant Park.

Sympathy Sleepout

Our MD was involved in the sleepout on Nelson Mandela bridge this year so in support we had a sleepout at the office to support him and raise money for charity. As luck would have it a cold spell struck and it was freeeezing! We had access to cardboard boxes and I made a thick base to sleep on. There were also fires and soup proper homeless style (besides the fact I had a sleeping bag that is rarer to minus 10) Drinks were flowing and someone had a guitar so we had a good jamming session around the fire with drums and singing. We also snuck next door to Mac Donald’s so ja it wasn’t exactly like being homeless lol. I was so cosy in my sleeping bag that I eventually got woken up at 6am with someone telling me the sleep over was over and everyone had left! Haha