New girl on the block.


I just thought I’d do a little intro to myself and my new Tumblr! 

I’m Naomi, 23 years young and I’m living in the freeeezing (at the moment) UK. I used to have a tumblr a few years back and eventually decided to love and leave it behind. My new Tumblr is all about new beginnings! I have been running a LGBT+ Youtube channel for just over half a year now. AND I LOVE IT. 

I’m looking forward to starting my new Tumblr journey. So come say hi and lets all be homo friends. 

TW, IG & YouTube Channel: NaitotheGay 

I want to make sure you guys know that Chris wasn’t talking about Don’t Speak when he mentioned his favorite number because the Battery Park (The Break-Up) filming was early in August and it was far from freezing that night. Hot and humid, yes. He was most likely talking about their ice skating at Bryant Park where it was really freeeezing, and he asked Darren what it was because the two of them were the only ones filming that night. The cast assumed it was Don’t Speak because of Chris saying “they were either breaking up or getting back together” but nope. Quite certain he meant Bryant Park.