Voice Acting AU - Eren is a voice actor who plays the part of a bumbling guy falling over his crush, but he can`t pull off the lines. Only when someone suggests bringing in his costar, whom he has never met, Levi Ackerman, is he able to make his lines believable. Because now he actually is a bumbling guy, falling over this stupidly pretty costar.

After the recording he gets nosy and searches Levi up, only to find he`s actually a BL drama CD voice actor, and proceeds to listen to all of his work while being simultaneously embarrassed beyond all reason because he`s still working with him for the next few months.


Don’t look just only the bad things some things were good…

- Sherlock almost kill himself… I didn’t see that coming
- At the end he’s holding Rosamund and reconstructing Backerstreet with John that was very nice to watch
- It was a beautiful scene when euros and sherlock play the violin together lots of times and at the end mycroft and their parents are watching them play
- It was very good too when Sherlock realized who’s redbeard and then where’s john
- When Sherlock hugged euros
- I saw sue in the airplane at begging of the episode that was pretty funny xD
- That moment when Sherlock broke the I love you sarcophagus (I saw it in russian but it almost made me cry)
- When Euros and Sherlock held their hands WOW
- JOHN IS FAMILY THATS WHY HE STAYS - When John helps Sherlock to get up - Seeing benedict’s parents acting again :3

I invite you all to write here the things that you liked from the episode despite all the terribly bad scenes that Indisputably it had, I know that theres just something, something you liked about it :)

Common fandom hug. Everything will be okay.

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“They’re more than just a gang to me. They’re my family.

All my fandoms in one picture yiz


Yiiiiz I m finally freeeee cuz first sem is OVER!! Wooh! Thank you guys for keeping the asks going despite me being gone for a while! All the penniro asks, futuristic four asks, Uncle! Hiro and Dashi Hamada asks, appreciation asks and BH6 AU ideas! I really loved them all! Honestly didn’t expect to received A LOT from you guys! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR WONDERFUL HEADCANNONS AND IDEAS! IT S TRULY AN HONOR! BLESS YOU PRECIOUS CREATURES!  I really luv em all! Expect them answered today’s holidays!!!

Heyyy semua heyyy murid

Sape nak new vid ? Ada rakam tadi ngan practical medic hehe . Angkat tangan cikid . Haa lagi satu , i tengah reply ni dari tumblr ke insta ke wechat . So tabah kan lah hati ye menunggu . Just nak inform semua , i bukan freelance mcm lain kalau nak booking mesti bgtahu awal dlm seminggu . I tak free sbb schedule class and anythings lagi . So jangan chat i kata “you free harini ? , i nak book esok ” memang tak freee aahhh . Goodnight babe