Operation Invade Wall Street

Greetings, Institutions of the Media.
We are Anonymous.

You have already discovered that the Wall Street occupation can no longer be ignored, and you will soon discover that it cannot be spun to suit the agenda of the wealthiest 1%.

In the years leading up to this moment, law enforcement and domestic intelligence agencies have been enjoying their work a little too much. While the corrupt legistlators instate unjust laws as mindless automatons, their attack dogs blindly follow orders with soulless precision.

The laws of this country no longer serve to protect the weak from the excesses of the strong. They punish the 99% while allowing the 1% to escape retribution for their crimes against the people. These laws have been bought and paid for by the robber barons of Wall Street. Meanwhile, the government willingly ignores their greed, bailing out the perpetrators of the most recent economic crises.

The organs of law enforcement, the judiciary and the government rotate around the axis of the wealthiest 1%.

The people will no longer ignore corruption or tolerate inaction. We will not labor for your leisure.
We can not stay silent as we are being exploited in the name of profit.
We will not stand by and watch the system take over our way of life.
We the people shall stand against the government’s inaction.
We the people will not be witnesses to your corruption and ill gotten profits.

We therefore declare a popular war against the New York Stock Exchange.
The 10th of October is a day that will never be forgotten.

Vox Populi, Vox Anonymous.
We are Legion. We are the 99%.
We do not forgive. We do not forget.
Wall Street: Expect us.

“‘The establishment is invincible.’ 'Protesting is useless.’ 'You’ll never change anything.’ If everyone in the world believed that, then every single country in the world would still be kept in poverty by a ruling monarchy. That’s a fact.” -Anonymous

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Operation Rainbow Dark

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

The execution of Troy Davis is a travesty and a violation of natural human rights. The record for the death penalty is a testimony to what a blunt instrument it is. The real issue here is the fact that the state and the medical establishment chose a thin veil of authority with faux moral justification over true power to serve a moral imperative. They chose to continue down the same path for the sake of pride over admitting their mistakes and the flaws of the system. They chose to put an innocent man to death rather than review the system that has shown to be riddled with flaws.

We are deeply outraged. Some of the most calm among us are shaking tonight. But we are observing the system we live under. We must put pressure on the institutions which have been corrupted. We must find those who through obstruction, abuse of privilege, and general elitism have left inflexible policies, insufficient laws, overregulation, and underregulation to hinder the progress of justice.

We must identify those whose influence has placed vicious thugs and mindless drones in our communities to promote their gain.


We can also remember that some justice was achieved this day. The killers of Kelly Thomas have been sentenced to prison. We can hold onto hope and faith while we shame those responsible for the death of Troy Davis. For those suffering on the bottom we will hit those capable of preventing it at the top.

Tomorrow we also hit the upper echelons as well as Operation Orwell Rewind continues. But tonight we draw attention to the perversion of medical professionals contracting in death.

Tonight we hit and document assets connected to Rainbow Medical Associates. As it turns out Dr. Carlo Musso seems to like to import his execution drugs illegally. We are responding as we speak. The spirit of Troy Davis and the fight to end this unconscionable practice will continue.

Operation Rainbow Dark

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Connexion's "Bank of rank" Hack

The pastebin post can be found here

Dear Internetz,
My name is Connexion. I have hacked your website, because it needed
to have a checkup with the SecDoctor. I have found many errors with your website and agree to tell
them to you via twitter, @Connexion_Lulz. I also want everyone reading this to note that it was me
who hacked them, and not some random person who copied everything and said it was theirs. This is my
100 Twitter Followers blowout. I said I would do something big and well, this is the biggest i have
done yet. I didn’t know when i received 100 followers because i gained 200 in 2 minutes. @AnonymousIRC re-tweeted
one of my tweets and that’s where things blew up.I hope you enjoy!

To prove that I hacked your website, I provided a table below of all the usernames, emails and
hashed passwords. To decrypt the passwords go to and decrypt it. Some passwords
can’t be decrypted at the moment and that’s all good (Get Cain & Abel for that). The passwords are MD5
Hashes and you can also use Jkain to decrypt aswell. I am saying to use other programs to decrypt the
MD5, not saying that i hacked the website with the tools. Please check out my YouTube channel,

Read more -

The release details usernames, passwords and emails as well as a donations table with apparently used to show credit card details and also a bills table.

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    To the Powers that Be:                                                      

Many of us are scared and angry. We see that your money systems are imploding,
and that your governments are growing more corrupt and oppressive every day.
Your political systems offer us nothing but false dichotomies. Every month, we
see new half-cocked legislation targeting our lulz. When our brothers simply
vandalize a website, you try to put them in cages for decades, crying
"cybercrime" and "domestic terrorism."                                          

This is confusing, because we are in the right. You're punishing us for simply
voicing our displeasure, for saying that we aren't satisfied with the status

We see your control slipping. In 2009 Uncle Sam spent a third of 'our tax
dollars' paying down the INTEREST on his credit card bill [1]. Most of those
dollars go to the banks who own the Fed. And for the cost of a couple wars, you
could have converted all our cars to sustainable alcohol fuel and built another
space station to boot.                                                          

But you don't want that. You can't exist without the archaic institutions that
you have built, like the oil and war industries, the prison-industrial complex,
America's state education system, and centrally controlled money systems. If you
allowed free markets to exist, you would be bankrupted by competition. You are
parasites on the backs of the human race.                                       

Tools like Bitcoin, gpg and darknets allow us to escape your control systems.
We're going to trade, work, and live without playing your silly games and you
can't do a thing about it.                                                      

Know that you can't silence us and you can't scare us. We're not going to fight
you, because you have guns with psychopaths behind them. Instead, we are
subverting you. We're building our own systems to replace yours. They're better
systems, with blackjack and hookers. And every time someone chooses our systems
over yours, your power wanes another tick. We won't stop until you've become the
Powers that Were.                                                               


Read more …

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Setting the stage for a "cyber war" with China?

Specialists from the McAfee internet security company have announced they have discovered the biggest-ever series of cyber attacks in history, Reuters reports on Wednesday.

Seventy-two organizations, including the United Nations, International Olympic Committee and government institutions of the US, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam, have been hacked by the attackers.

As a result, the hackers succeeded in gaining access to various confidential documents.

The specialists believe that one “state actor” is standing behind the campaign and security expert Jim Lewis says the evidence points to China.


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The database from that can be found on pastebin contains over 6000 user details.

This info bundle has been sat on for a long time and now it will be released. All passwords are md5 encrypted and need to be decrypted I suggest using to decrypt the passwords. The process of eliminating passwords that weren’t found in hash checkers database was attempted and the attempt to remove all old passwords was established.

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Summary of Assange appeal, day 1

In a departure from previous strategies used by Assange and his legal team during his fight against being extradited to Sweden, the proceedings today were remarkable largely because of the dry, unemotional nature of many of the arguments raised. Whilst the spectre of a possible extradition to the USA leading to an extended period in Guantanamo or an equivalent detention facility was raised, this was only a very minor part of the case against the extradition. Relegating this argument to a minor role is probably a wise decision for two reasons. Firstly, it’s unlikely to serve any purpose and only serves to make the Assange team seem desperate, hysterical and overly paranoid. Indeed, it is, to quote barrister Julian Knowles, “frankly, a hopeless argument”, as he stated while being interviewed for an article here. Secondly, an extradition to the USA is probably more likely to succeed whilst Assange remains in the UK. Under the terms of the European Arrest Warrant (henceforth abbreviated to EAW), the Swedes would be legally barred to set aside their own legal proceedings to allow Assange to be passed to the USA. If, however, the USA were to request an extradition whilst the Swedish extradition was still being debated, the British Home Secretary (Theresa May) would have to decide which extradition to favour. It is likely that the American extradition would be preferred due to both the “Special Relationship” that the UK still believes it has with the USA and the fact that the charges emanating from the USA are likely to be more serious, especially given that Sweden is yet to charge Assange.

Sweden is attempting to extradite Assange under an EAW. This legislation, which emanated from an EU decision taken after only a singular week had passed since 9/11, has been controversial ever since it was introduced into law in 2003. Every day it creates injustices, with on average three people per day extradited from the UK alone. The warrants were originally intended to be a way of ensuring international co-operation in prosecuting those involved in terrorism or serious crime, but the evidence that the vast majority of those extradited under EAWs fall into either of these categories is scarce, at best, to the point that many of those who are involved with the process itself agree that many of the cases are, and I quote, “trivial”. For example, Jacek Jaskolski, a disabled, 58-year-old science teacher who also is the primary carer for his disabled wife, moved to the UK from Poland in 2004. In December 2010 he had to fight an EAW issued by the Polish authorities. His crime was that he had gone over his overdraft limit 10 years previously while he still lived in Poland. In the UK this would have been a matter for the civil courts, and not criminal courts, which makes the validity of the warrant. The relevance of this is that one of the arguments raised by the Assange legal team is that of the four allegations that Assange is wanted for questioning in respect to, three of them would not be crimes under the UK legal system. Further and in addition to this, the use of an EAW for pre-prosecution questioning is not allowed under UK law, according to the Assange legal team. Whilst this would prevent an extradition in most cases, under an EAW there is precedent for extraditions to continue anyway. An interesting guardian article regarding EAWs and the Polish case described can be found here. For a wider view of the history and implementation of EAWs, as well as a serious of notable cases, the wikipedia article is a good place to start, and can be found here (warning, the neutrality of that page is disputed).

A further argument the Assange team raised during the appeal proceedings was that there is a misleading difference between the wording and phraseology of the arrest warrant and the actual complaints made by the two women against Assange. Ben Emmerson, Assange’s barrister, stressed that the arrest warrant was misleading as there was “no violence or threats”, and that the sexual encounters, whilst perhaps discomforting for the women involved, were completely consensual. A further contention by Emmerson along similar lines was that the arrest warrant under which Assange is being held is flawed as it failed to provide a “fair, accurate and proper” description of the sexual misconduct that is alleged to have taken place. If the arrest warrant was found to have misleading, this may well affect whether the High Court sees fit to accept extradite Assange.

Importantly, the case made by the Assange legal team does not hinge on whether or not Assange himself accepts the description of events present in the complaints, but whether the arrest warrant with respect to these complaints is legally valid in itself. Also important to note is that, should this appeal by Assange fail, permission to appeal to the supreme court would only be granted if it were based on a point of law considered to be in the public interest.

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Leaked AT&T documents came from an insider

The AT&T documents published this weekend were part of a torrent file released by LulzSec. It was their final release under the name, and the second major release for the AntiSec movement, which LulzSec established. AntiSec has only one goal, find and release information.

The main lesson that executives would do well to learn is that insiders can leverage the spirit of AntiSec just as quick as someone on the outside can. This is how AT&T’s data made it to the Web. According to the recently arrested Ryan Cleary, who told us about the AT&T leak back in May, “…an employee of AT&T gave us loads of shit. Including a bootable USB…,” Cleary said.

The leaked documents include more than 60,000 phone numbers, each one linked to an iPhone 3G, 3GS, or iPhone 4. Based on the spreadsheet’s title, each one of them was assigned at one point to IBM employee. There are spreadsheets with server names and IP addresses, each with a corresponding username and password, for both development and production usage on AT&T’s internal network.


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Apple under fire for pulling protest app

Apple has come under fire for pulling the Arabic-language app ThirdIntifada, an application which helped the organisation of protests against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Israel claimed the app was “Anti-Israel and anti-Zionist”, according to Public Diplomacy Minister Yuli Edelstein. Full story here.

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Pentagon Admits to biggest ever data breach
According to Report, Department of Defense and Pentagon is disclosing news of the one of the largest data loss events to date . From investigation, officials to believe the intrusion was orchestrated by a foreign government. The theft of around 24,000 sensitive Pentagon documents occurred in March 2011. From the Associated Press:

The Pentagon is revealing that it suffered one of its largest-ever losses of sensitive defense data this spring to a cyber attack that it blames on an unspecified foreign government.
The loss is an example of why the Pentagon has developed new cyber security rules that emphasize deeper defenses, more collaboration with private industry and new steps to stop thefts by malicious insiders. 
William Lynn, the deputy secretary of defense, said in a speech outlining the new strategy that 24,000 files were stolen from a defense industry computer network in a single intrusion in March. He offered no details. 
In an interview, Lynn said the Pentagon has a good idea who made the attack but he would not offer details. He said it was by a nation rather an individual.

The attack was part of a larger campaign by hackers against the DOD systems, and hackers are also trying to exploit its communications and satellite systems, according to William Lynn, the deputy secretary of defense. The most skilled hacking attempts are coming from nation states, rather than hacking groups, he warned.

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LulzSec Uncovered?

To understand who/what lulzsec/gn0sis are/is you need to understand where they came from. Everything
originates from the *chan (4chan/711chan/etc.) culture. This internet subculture is pretty much the
dregs of the internet. It’s a culture built around the anonymity of the internet. If your anonymous
no one can find you. No one can hurt you, so your invincable. The problem with this idealogy, is it’s
on the internet. The internet by definition is not anonymous. Computers have to have attribution.

If you trace something back far enough you can find its origins. So let’s give a brief event timeline
on how these groups got together:

1. Anonymous rises up from 4chan against CoS.
2. Anonymous starts DDoSing stuff.
3. Various lower level hacking groups get involved.
4. Anonymous stagnates for a while.
5. Uprisings in the world Attract Anonymous.
6. ProjectPM Looser Barrett Brown becomes mouth piece of Anon.
7. Anonymous shifts focus toward “Worldy” Affairs.
8. Aaron Barr desides he’s tired of his job and targets Anon.
9. gn0sis (Uncommon) comes out of no where and releases the Gawker data.
10. gn0sis teams up with anon hackers with all the OP crap.
11. gn0sis (nigg, eekdacat, uncommon, kayla, lauralie) and sabu (from OP Anon shit) hack HBGary.
12. This is where Topiary comes in. They all form lulzsec to be “hacktivists”.
13. Lulzsec (now a mix of gn0sis and opanon people) hack SONY and other stuff.

The problem with Lulzsec/gn0sis’s “Hacktivist” mantra is that they lack the skills to keep it going.
As such after SONY they couldn’t get into anything. So they switched their focus to just releasing
random crap that didn’t mean anything. Then they started running out of things they could hack. So
they put out requests for people to join them. That got them a few hits, and now they’ve switched
their gears again to be “ANTI-SEC”. Whether or not this was an attempt at bring other groups out of
the shadows (el8, h0no, zf0, etc), you can only speculate. But as of this writing: 6/24/2011 Sabu
and Topiary are the only two people updating the twitter and releasing shit. Kayla is MIA. The
gn0sis kids are gone in hiding somewhere.

From what we’ve seen these lulzsec/gn0sis kids aren’t really that good at hacking. They troll the internet
and search for sqlinjection vulnerabilities as well as Remote File Include/Local File Include bugs. Once
found they try to download databases or pull down usernames and passwords. Their releases have nothing
to do with their goals or their lulz. It’s purely based on whatever they find with their “google hacking”
queries and then release it.

What’s funny to us is that these kids are all “Anti-Sec” yet by releasing their hacks they are forcing these
companies to have to hire security professionals which keeps the Security Industry that they are trying to
expose and shut down, in business. I guess they will realise that later in life when they get out of skid

So we’ve been tracking and infiltrating these kids since the gawker hack. We have the D0x (as they call it)
except Sabu and Kayla. First we’ll go with the kid who did the gawker hack: Uncommon.

See the full paste bin post here

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