Here are some of my rather shoddy contributions to tonight’s FANNIBAL CAMPAIGN.

We’re TWEETING #Hannibal and #FreedomForWill in support of the show and to thank this week’s spotlighted sponsor, Chase.

PLEASE JOIN US TONIGHT at 10PM EASTERN to WATCH HANNIBAL LIVE on NBC and TWEET (let’s get both our hashtags trending all night!).

Check out augustinah’s original post for more info.


This weeks “Embrace the Culture” Campaign to thank Hannibal sponsors is CHASE.

It’s really important to thank them as getting a good word in with them will mean them giving a good to NBC.

So please follow chase on twitter and during live tweeting tweet them with a small thank you using #Hannibal and #FreedomForWill.

Please signal boost ready for tomorrow! As many as possible would be fantastic, the campaigns every week have done really well!

Check out my “embracetheculture” tag for news week by week