freedom trash can

For my history research paper I’m writing about the radical feminists of the late 1960s. Learning about the 1968 protest of the Miss America Pageant by the New York Radical Feminists has definitely made me rethink why I love fashion. Is it because I like it because I decided I liked it, or am I conditioned to care about glitter, nail polish, my straight hair and so forth. I don’t know the answer and I’m still pondering my own question, but I just wanted to post this blog post as a thanks to the radical feminists for making my life more liberating and fulfilling, and allowing me to ask such a question. 

APUSH exam in a nutshell

1. No Hamilton
2. Forgot what happened in WWI tbh
3. Feminism??
4. No Hamilton
5. Read documents in John Green’s voice
6. Freedom Trash Can
7. No Hamilton
8. You could’ve done better, Jackson
9. okay what even were the 14th and 15th amendments..?
10. No. Hamilton.
11. a single 10 minute break does not suffice these 4 hours and pain I feel, thank you