freedom to love now

I want to get away. I want to explore the world, new places and then, I want to come back where I belong to.
I want to get lost into the woods. I want to run barefeet on the rich and wet soil. I want to feel the wind through my hair. I want to be sunkissed all the day and to be guided by the moon during the night. I want to meet new people. I want to listen to new stories. I want to be free. I want to feel alive.
Let’s talk about Enzo for a second

He was

  • abandoned by his parents right after he was born
  • abused as a little kid
  • living on the streets
  • infected with TB
  • dead by 27
  • turned into a vampire
  • fighting in WWII
  • captured
  • imprisoned
  • tortured for 70 years
  • left for dead by his only friend

And now he’s got

  • freedom
  • someone who loves him more than anything in the world
  • friends
  • a chance of becoming human
  • a chance of growing old
  • a chance to have kids
  • a chance to live a life he’s always wanted


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We all need a lot of this right now.. 💛💚💙💜💖 I will do my best to spread it not only as an artist but as a human being. We have to keep creating, keep loving and keep moving forward. #love #peace #equality #unity #freedom #istandwithyou

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Ally’s finally posting full group photos again. That’s very telling…

“I’m concerned about the way the fandom sees Jumin Han’s bad ending. Imagine that you’ve been dating someone for only a week and a half and they decide to lock you up in their home, claiming that it’s for your “safety” and that he “loves” you. Youve been robbed of your freedom and are now at the mental, emotional, and sexual mercy of a mentally unstable and powerful(financially and socially) man. It isn’t supposed to be “sexy”, it’s supposed to be scary and disturbing. People get wet over this??”


Avengers X Star Wars

Sateev Ro Juhrz- Captain Alderaan

Yo, what if the Avengers existed in the Star Wars universe?

Cap. Hmmm… I guess Cap’d be a legendary soldier from the Clone Wars I guess. An enhanced super soldier who fought for Alderaan and the Republic. He gets lost and freezes on an ice planet (Hoth?) after a big battle but is found many years later by the Rebel Alliance. He now fights for freedom against the Empire. 

I love the Clone Wars and Rebels so I imagine him in that style. Maybe a little bit of Disney Animation too? Coming soon, the rest of the Avengers x Star Wars! :D



Aerron was barely awake, lying on the couch, feet (which were only wearing socks) on the arm, some of his hair hanging off the side. A book was on his chest, shut with his page marked with a bookmark.