freedom to breathe


“I will suffer no more.”


“Happiness” ❤

Singing for Change

I’m opening my hands
I’m letting something go
Shh, it’s a secret
Nobody can know

I’m taking a deep breath
I’m blooming like a flower
I’m riding a fair wind
I’m reclaiming my power

I’m looking to the sky
Can you see the Free in me?
I guess it’s now too late
This secret shows in my eyes

Azuki Lynn

Classpect Glass Half Empty/Half Full
  • Life: the glass is half full (optimism)
  • Doom: the glass is half empty (pessimism)
  • Light: let me get out my ruler (knowledge)
  • Void: technically the glass is more full of nothing than actual matter because atoms are mostly empty space (irrelevance)
  • Rage: the glass has water in it (single-mindedness)
  • Hope: the glass is entirely full, half air and half water (open-mindedness)
  • Space: go top off the glass and it'll be totally full (creation)
  • Time: the glass is gonna be totally empty if you just let it sit there and evaporate (destruction)
  • Mind: are you actually ever going to finish drinking your water? (choice)
  • Heart: already drank the water because HELLO I was thirsty that's why I got a glass in the first place (desire)
  • Breath: the glass will be totally full if I pour the water into a smaller glass (change)
  • Blood: the glass doesn't matter at all, the amount of water is the same regardless (unchangingness)

When people meet love with hatred, when they spew fear, vitriol and ugliness in the face of joy, I try to take a deep breath and remember that it comes from fear. Fear causes hatred of anything that anyone can deem “the other.” I have found, through a life of curiously, travel, and constant question-asking, that the “others” I have encountered have only ever brought me joy, enriched my life, and filled my soul. The next time you start to squash someone else’s happiness, freedoms, or lives, take a breath. Ask a question. Learn about them. Remember that under the colors of our skin, our sexual orientations, our first languages, or our countries of origin, we are all human beings with DNA, beating hearts, wishes and dreams. Stop. Ask. Learn. Love. It’s the only real answer. It’s all that matters. Only love. Equality matters. Love is love.”

Hide and Seek - LB

I remember it being dark. I remember it being cold. It was odd, because although it made me terribly ill, I didn’t want to leave. Perhaps I was scared of what lay outside that terrifyingly large door. Or maybe I had simply gotten used to it, and I became content with its sickness.
It was the smallest room imaginable, but had a plethora of space for chaos and confusion. I had so many thoughts at once, it was as if I had none at all.
My mind became a deep library, filled with books that were sealed shut with fear. Dust gathered into animals much larger than bunnies. Monsters roamed the isles, shrieking my name as a game of hide and seek was initiated. I hid so deeply inside of myself, I scarcely remembered the way out.
But when I found it..
Walking outside was more freeing than ever. It was just like walking outside into the blinding sun after spending days inside due to rain. It was new, it was uncomfortable, and it hurt.
But it was necessary so that I could not only survive, but live.
It was like peeling off a bandaid and letting my skin breathe. And, oh, was I desperately gasping for breath.
Even now the door behind me whispers, begging me to come back inside.
But I’d much rather run free, than cower in a corner.
I’d much rather open all of the books inside my library of a mind than hide them.
And I’d much rather let the light in than let monsters form in the shadows.



Mike would make a good knight I would think.  He could be…what, like a Hope player?  Breath player?  I’ve seen some people theorize that freedom is tied to Breath as an attribute.   Knight of Hope?  Hmm.

Julie might very well be a Rogue, stealing for other peoples’ benefit.  Rogue of what tho??  Julie Kane, Rogue of Doom, cracking open her dad’s plans for genocide.  Rogue of Blood?  Exploiting her family (blood) connections for the sake of her team?  

It doesn’t fit his color scheme, but Dutch would make a good space player.  :T  His role on the team is to create things!  Cars or art or whatever he’s doing, he makes things.  But rage fits his color scheme better and he does have this really fiery temper, like, buried??  But in that case I don’t know what class he would be.  Agh, Dutch work with me.  If the theory that pages are “I create/I give others”, he could be a page.  That would be rad.

Chuck’s color scheme and MO both say “Mind” to me but also he is kind of their Doom guy.  Plus I low-key want him to be a Prince because of the Lord Vanquisher thing, but his actual role in the show lends itself to a passive class. >:I  He could be a Mage of Mind.  “Mage” is super muddy as a class tho, so depending on interpretations it sometimes doesn’t fit.  

I was going to say that Texas could be a Rage player too but honestly Time…  A) fits pretty close to his color scheme, B) would make their session more viable (always a plus) and C) would be hilarious because Texas with time-travel.