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INGLOT is in Singapore! A Quick Overview for Beginners and the Fall In Love Collection

I remember how we used to have to travel to other countries to get hold of INGLOT cosmetics. Now the brand has finally arrived in Singapore (Wisma Atria B1), and everyone here can get hold of their refillable, customizable Freedom System palettes and tons of rich pigmented colors starting at SGD12 per pan of shadow. 

If you haven’t visited any INGLOT store before, you might experience one of three things when you walk in; complete bewilderment, complete ecstasy, or a combination of both. 

If you’re starting to build up your collection or want to experiment with more colors, this is a VERY good place to start because you can create your own custom eye-cheek-lip palettes for an affordable price - pretty much drugstore pricing or better, coupled with professional quality.

In fact - I’d go so far as to say - if you’re in Singapore and want to explore color cosmetics at a budget - ditch the drugstore and visit INGLOT first. You get far more bang for your buck considering the appalling prices of drugstore makeup here.

If you’re unsure where to begin, I’d personally suggest:

  1. Start with the eye shadows. They have SO many colors grouped in different tones and finishes that it could take you an hour just to swatch and go through everything. And the quality has always been good. Don’t be surprised if some testers don’t seem pigmented. After random greasy fingers touching them all day everyday, they aren’t always reflective of a new pan. I like a lot of the mattes too and consistently smooth pigmented mattes are hard to find. Just sayin’. 
  2. Another thing I love playing with is the Duraline fluid with iridescent loose pigments. I used to have to ship in Ben Nye mixing fluid but now you just need to pop into Inglot. One tiny drop of this on your finger mixed with loose pigment, and you have an instant stay-all-day liquid metal shadow. (Like Stila’s but umpteen times more affordable.) You can even mix your own liquid liners with this.
  3. Look for anything with the AMC label. AMC stands for Advanced Makeup Components, and the ranges with that label in the name are a lot more intense and pigmented than usual, including shadows, foundations, powders, etc.
  4. Lip Paints. Lipsticks are fine and good, but I LOVE the creamy, opaque lip paints in pots. These are not glosses. Oh no. They are full-color lip paints that go on like butter.

2 other groups of products to look out for are the new Fall In Love collection. This is a metallic group of 5 shadows, liners, and polishes with the same luminous, intense, almost-glowy finish. The pigmentation is out of this world for the 3 warmer shades, and only the blue and teal shadows need a bit more work. (By a bit more, I’m saying they have average pigmentation levels.)

They’ve also launched their new HD Perfect Coverup Foundation. This paraben-free medium-buildable coverage foundation promises to give good coverage and a flawless matte finish suited to our humid heat, and also contains white truffle extract to condition the skin. I’ll try to do a review of this, and their AMC Under Eye Corrective Illuminator soon.

Do you have a favorite INGLOT product to recommend?