Remember, kids
  1. Freedom of speech is important.
  2. Freedom of speech gives you the right to be an asshole
  3. Freedom of speech gives others the right to point out when you’re being an asshole
  4. Freedom of speech covers all ideologies, not the ones that you think are good.
  5. Silencing others isn’t a victory, it means that you’re afraid of them
  6. If you disagree with someone, don’t try and censor them. Understand their point of view. 
  7. If they are wrong, debate them, and rationally explain what is wrong.
  8. Just because you have the right to do it doesn’t mean you should do it.

I learned more in 6 minutes than 4 years in high school.

staff and freedom of speech

Remember when the lifting blogs were revealed well thegunblog sent a message to staff about them and this was their response 

(X) post link

(X) archived link, just in case the post is deleted

“we highly value freedom of expression and freedom of speech”

I guess they forgot to keep those ideas in mind when they deleted





and logicd2 (yes, fucking again)

before he was deleted logicd had this response to say on the post

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staff​ is not a supporter of “freedom of speech”, they are obviously hypocrites with horrible ethics.

i’m sure some of you have other examples of staff being hypocrites and i would love for this thread to be nothing but that.

-black knight of oppression 

Donald Trump vs. First Amendment

As everyone should have heard by now on December 7th Donald Trump called for a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S. until our government figures out what’s going on. He didn’t hesitate to criticize Muslims and their supporters on his Twitter.


I have a question though. Is Donald Trump familiar with the laws, the Constitution of the country he is planning to run next year (only if he does become president…God forbid though)?______________________________________________________________


Freedom of speech. Freedom of the press. Freedom of religion. Freedom of association. Right to petition in the United States.

Pretty clear, isn’t it? Apparently it’s not for Donald Trump.
(If you’re a Donald Trump supporter reading this, don’t bother saying stuff like “you’re contradicting yourself bla bla, you’re talking about freedom of speech, but why can’t Donald Trump say whatever he wants?”. He is a politician (unfortunately), and if he becomes POTUS he’ll make sure to bring his crazy ideas into life. And yeah, I know he can’t make laws, but he can influence the Congress. Y’know, he’s got plenty of money, right?)



So, if you still think Trump is right about banning Muslims from the USA, please make up your mind. This stupid islamophobia needs to be stopped. If you’re confused, check out my post on Islam.

#StopIslamophobia   #FirstAmendment   #USA

#FreedomOfSpeech  #FreedomOfReligion  #FreedomOfThePress

Freedom of speech means that you have the right to say whatever you want without legal consequence. It does NOT mean you can say whatever you want without social consequence.

If you disagree with someone or tell them they shouldn’t have said the thing they said because it was mean and hurt people’s feelings, that is not taking away their freedom of speech.

Yes, Nicole Arbour, you’re correct that freedom of speech does give you the right to fat shame other people.

But freedom of speech also means that people who think what you said was offensive, hurtful and dangerous have the right to let you know you’re an asshole.

So today in my psychology class this guy mumbled “shut up” everytime a girl spoke until one girl snapped at him saying “excuse me did you say something?” full well knowing he did. But what I’m trying to say is don’t let someone oppress you into silence, don’t let someone take your words from you, don’t let someone stop you asking questions or from understanding things better; don’t let anyone stop you from being you.

Atheists are supposed to be quiet and keep their opinions to themselves, whereas religious people speak their minds freely, even if it’s clearly bullshit, or a direct insult to everyone who doesn’t share those beliefs. 

If an atheist says anything at all in the defence of reality, no matter how politely, some religious people will claim to be persecuted or harassed.

Friendly reminder that freedom of speech means the government can’t tell you to shut up, but there isn’t anything stopping the rest of us. Freedom of speech gives you the right to spew bullshit that can be wrong, hateful, or inaccurate but it doesn’t absolve you of any consequences for spewing such bullshit. Freedom of speech is not a free pass to be a dick, it’s just a free pass from the government.

Also, your opinion CAN be wrong.

In the last decade, Mexico has become one of the most dangerous countries of the world for journalists, largely due to the so-called War on Drugs in the northern region that borders the United States.

Press freedom advocacy organizations, however, noticed a change in the geography of attacks against journalists, which are increasingly becoming more common in Mexico’s southern states. They also noticed that the suspects behind the attacks are not members of drug cartels, but public officials and police officers.

The Biggest Threat to Mexican Journalists Aren’t Drug Cartels Anymore