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“I’d rather be a poor master than a rich servant.” says really rich actor with an estimate net wealth of $75 million.

Collaring (petplay)


So collaring lets talk about that shall we. This post is manly for doms specifically masters in petplay but regular doms, littles, and kittens feel free to stick around. Collaring can be an amazing experience putting a collar on your pet for the first time can make you feel so powerful and in control. You might feel the urge to tug it a little or grab a leash and walk your pet around or if you two are into it maybe have them eat out of bowls. BUT wait! Stop! Before you do all that theres things you should consider. This is a very emotional time for your sub. They are giving you complete control just as if a real animal were to allow you to collar them; they are giving you ownership you didnt once have. Before you go tugging on collars,giving them commands or walking around you should first pet them in they’re favorite spot, Give them prase for putting their collar on so nicely, and maybe have treats ready (if thats your thing). Make them feel loved like they’re the best pet in the world. Then after about 10 or 20 minutes you might want to play with them (non sexual) so you may tug their collar but after they come over you play with them and tickle them. Rub their bellies and so on. Afterwards it maybe time for lunch (make sure you and your partner have discussed doing this before petplay has engaged) so you can (if you have been giving consent!) Put their food on the floor and eat lunch with them while you sit above them holding their leash. After you’re done eating lunch you can watch tv/a movie and have your pet lay on your lap and pet them wherever they like it the most. Most pets like the ears(if they are to big then have them lay only their head on your lap so they still feel close to you). During all this they still have the collar on but maybe you took the leash off to watch the movie thats ok because this is only about the collar not really the leashing. After the movie is over you might notice your pet is getting sleepy so you ask them if they want to go to sleep and they nods yes. You can choose to pick them up or you can choose to lead them on a leash another option is you could let them choose. When you get them to bedroom you might remember they haven'tcompleted their nightly routine so you help them brush their teeth, take a bath and put on pajamas all with the collar on (no leash obviously there is no point for that). Once they’re done you walk them to bed and tuck them. This is where you take the collar off you stroke their ear; tell them you love them and how good they are then cuddle them to sleep.

Things not to do:
Do not pressure your pet into sex and try not to ask its already an emotional time for them and unless they ask the FIRST time collaring is probably not the best time to act on sexual needs. Although some pets do enjoy the thrill of feeling ownership by their masters having sex with them the first time. Talk it out when they’re not in pet play and see if they would rather have you wait or when they’re first collared.

Do not just do something because you think you should. Like spank theyre butt out of the blue. Yes they might have enjoyed it before but not right now. After the first collaring then you can do it again. Remember they’re feeling very voluble.

Do not do anything until you’ve talked about it with your sub out of pet space. ANYTHING TO DO WITH COLLARING CAN NOT BE DONE UNTIL YOU HAVE CONSENT. I DONT CARE IF YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD BE NICE. I DONT CARE IF THEY HAVE BEEN DROPPING HINTS AND I DONT CARE IF YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO SO BAD YOU MIGHT DIE! you have to talk to your sub before doing anything because maybe they’re not ready!

Do not collar if you are not ready for the responsibility it entails. Ive said this before and i will say it again collaring is giving up freedom to your master it is allowing them to be your master which means to protect, love, and cherish you. The responsibility that you will have is to protect your pet, love them unconditionally, and cherish them ever when they are misbehaving.

Shouts out to Master Fard Muhammad for coming to declare our independence. He made Himself known on July 4, 1930. It’s NOI Independence Day!!!!


May 11th marks the birth anniversary of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Today he is 84 years of age, with 62 years of dedicated service, fearlessly standing on the front lines for Truth, Justice, Equality, and Liberation for the oppressed people. May Allah continue to bless this Divine Warner in our midst.

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A dark omega reunion please? You are amazing!!

He almost runs up the steps of the Jedi temple.


He knows better then to do anything too startling even if he’s flashed his Force aura so the Jedi knows he’s coming.

And then he feels an answering soft pulse that does make him run the steps, eyes wide.

Because its Obi-Wan, his sweet mate and he’s there, standing in soft robes with an eager look and wide eyes and yes his hands are notably chained but for this duration Anakin can ignore that even as the alpha inside him bristles.

“Treasure.” Anakin cupped the others face, leaning into the space of his mate that had been gone for far too long.

“Sweetling.” Obi-Wan answered, reaching up and cupping Anakin’s face in return. “Does he know?” The omega whispered, his agitation clear in the Force.

“No, no I made sure he wasn’t aware of me coming to Coruscant. Are you hurt?” Anakin reflected the question back at his mate, ignoring the Jedi pointedly.

“Minor bruises that the Jedi have seen too.” When Anakin growled, Obi-Wan shushed him. “Easy, its alright. Remember Sweetling, the dream.”

Doing a visible effort at calming down, the alpha nuzzled into the hands on his face. “A hut somewhere green, my own mech business.” He murmured quietly. “And you able to enjoy all your research and publish it. Little feet.”

“That’s it. That’s the dream. Somewhere green.” Obi-Wan smiled softly.

At that moment there was a deep rumble and then someone clearing their throat.

Reluctantly Anakin drew from Obi-Wan’s touch and looked at the Jedi holding Obi-Wan’s freedom. “…Master Jedi’s.” He nodded shortly at them, flickering yellowed eyes over the tense council. “You have something of mine, so I’m willing to make a deal as I said for what you want.”

A vein throbbed in Windu’s forehead but he nodded even as he gritted his teeth. “Yes, we did agree it, something of yours in exchange for the information.”  He gestured for the two Sith to follow, not that Obi-Wan had a choice with his wrist chains.

Sliding his arm around his mate’s waist, Anakin followed.

Obi-Wan pressed his hip against him, making a soft noise. “Its alright Anakin. Remember, the dream. We may actually get it now.”

“I may have to throw up from working with Jedi but hey, at least it gets us away.” Anakin sighed, squeezing Obi-Wan to his side and ignoring said Jedi.

“Oh they aren’t that bad.” His mate rolled his eyes.

“No? They abandoned you when you followed Jinn’s last request, didn’t come back to check on you, scared me half to death at the age of nine and don’t realize their own temple is contaminated.” Anakin snorted sharply. “I mean its almost enough to make me relieved they didn’t take me in, who knows what kind of unstable kid I’d be by now.” He offered dryly.

“…Contaminated temple?” Plo questioned.

“Oh boy, this is going to take some time.” Obi-Wan sighed.


Brushing his fingers over the little swell of Obi-Wan’s body, teasing the start of stretchmarks, Anakin stared into the dark of the Jedi quarters they were holed up in. “…Do you really think we can get that amnesty they are promising?” He whispered.

“Amidala promised to help us.” Obi-Wan murmured, placing his hand over Anakin’s. “I trust her even if I don’t trust the Order anymore.”

“…I liked how Windu’s temple vein started throbbing more and more the more he heard.”

Obi-Wan snorted at his mates gleeful tone before quietly squeezing the hand. ‘Force…don’t let Sidious find us… let us get the dream…’ He thought, exhaling shakily and closing his eyes as Anakin pressed a kiss to the back of his neck.

10 Truths I Learned in AP Literature

1. Nothing lasts forever so treasure everything while it lasts. Ten years, twenty years, forty years from now, your current youth will seem so beautiful even if life seems impossible in the present.
2. Art is food for the soul. Math and physics are necessary pursuits but the languages and the arts are noble ones. Even if you major in a hard science, indulge yourself with pleasures of the soul; you need it.
3. Carpe diem poems have existed for as long as poetry has existed. Live your life; seize the day.
4. Humanity values love and making love. Independence is not the same as isolation; even the strongest of people can not thrive without love and companionship. When you live, be sure to also love.
5. Each soul is itself. As you grow up, you find yourself changing, but do not ever lose that imaginative spark, because when you do, that is when you have become old.
6. Good and evil coexist. Keep your mind open because nothing in the world is completely good, and nothing completely evil.
7. Each individual is in constant search of Freedom. If you are not happy with where you are living, move. If you are not happy with your job, change it. Never stop your search for happiness for anything or anyone.
8. Truth is beauty and beauty is truth. Live honestly and always remember that your life is precious and beautiful.
9. Life is utterly meaningless without the presence of faith, any type of faith. If you cannot trust the sun to rise again and the seasons to change, then what can you believe in?
10. Two to five am is a lovely time to complete that essay. Those 30 pages may seem bleak, but you can do it! After all, you have done it all, and more, before.

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I was pretty excited for Harry solo music but I'm seeing so many post on my dash who are saying that things are only going to get worse for Louis and Harry because Harry has zero power of decision and that nothing is looking good for them. That things are going to be as shitty as ever regarding Louis and that Harry will have to show himself as distant as possible from the band because Sony just wants solo Harry and to destroy the others and now I want to cry! When will good things happen?

Don’t cry. Those gloom and despair posts are just that, gloom and despair, and I’m kind of sick of them. Especially since what we have right now looks really promising.

@lawyerlarrie just posted explanations of some of the reasons that Harry possibly was required to stay with Columbia and at the top of that list was that they had to match any other offer Harry got. Now, do you think, with his BFF manager Jeff Azoff hanging out with Republic president Charlie Walk that Republic didn’t offer Harry something pretty damn amazing that Columbia had to match?  I mean we already know Apple was offering $25 million for one album and they sure weren’t going to nit pick over his artistic choices!

So not just money, but control, artistic freedom, masters, and so on.

This was NOT a 1D situation where he had to take the crumbs that were offered, he had people backing truckloads of money and options to his door and then Columbia had to say “Yeah, we can do that too!”

So step back, look at what’s happening right now and realize that good things ARE happening and there’s a hopeful feeling in the air that April will be even better!

Harry most certainly got a good deal, and Columbia is not any more evil than anyone else. They are a bunch of humans wanting to make money and win and having a happy Harry Styles contributes to both.


Tony Robbins - Frank Kern and John Reese interview - part 1 w/ notes

2 top level multi millionaire marketers have a conversation with Tony Robbins to discuss a problem in the industry, the problem is, really smart people put hours of time into recording educational/training products to show people how to build a business but there is a large segment of the market that really don’t get results because people often do not take action and do not follow through

it’s the same mystery tony explains that someone gets overweight and they hate themselves but then they go and eat unhealthy

or why does the person who’s doctor just told them they have lung cancer continue smoking 

so its an issue thats part of life but there is an answer, because there are people who do follow through that have never before, and they finally break through thats what i try to focus on its what those people do.

Frank explains that he looks to people in business like Tony and successful people in his market and he sees what they do, then he just does that to the best of his ability though he may not be as good a copywriter as someone like dan kennedy or have as much energy as Tony he says so what?

frank says he started out trying to make $300 a week, and he failed pretty miserably. the first time his internet marketing dream was realized was when he was on vacation and sold a downloadable product over 5 days and made $2500 he explains how that was like a trillion dollars, and he gets more excited thinking back to that time then the time he made $18,000,000 in 24 hours. the $2500 was even more because there was a moment that he recognized what was possible, but he didn’t recognize it until he actually experienced it, but he only experienced it because he had to, he had to keep going until he found it.

tTony explains “so why aren’t people starting? we all know the answer is fear” but the difference between people who don’t follow through and people who do is, people who do, are more afraid of what life would be like if they don’t follow through than the person who is willing to settle for what they got and hope it will change, people who follow through have a strong enough reason to do so.  

john reese says “a lot of people that have breakthroughs… typically hit rock bottom before that must becomes a reality… a big part of the market aren’t people who have their backs completely against the wall yet but their in a desire situation where they’re okay in their lives they have big dreams but its not pushing them to do what it takes to (master something)”

so how do people go from this okay situation to something greater.

tony says for someone who’s life is already great it’s about saying “what if i could take on another skill that can create more freedom for my life, I’m not going to go out and try to do it all perfect, but for the next 8 weeks ill do one thing a day to condition my mind so i get strong so i follow through, read something listen to something work out but do it consciously to get into a state where you will follow through because people follow through while their in state, second I’m going to get clear about why this is a must for me, not because my back is against the wall but because i want to master a new life that can create some freedom, i won’t master it overnight but i got the system and the plan so I’m going to do one thing a day and work on one subject a week.. and each week I’m going to make a little progress and I’m going to get to a goal whatever that is.. that first $2500 is the most exciting and the most life changing”

once you breakthrough then it becomes a game.. the breakthrough happens by conditioning your mind everyday by feeding it a role model or a story its putting yourself in speak state where you follow through by getting physically strong its creating a little ritual doing  little each day and then you get momentum the most important thing is what you start out with, why? why is it a must for you? doesn’t have to be because your against the wall but it has to be something your hungry for the only difference in people is hunger if your not hungry get around people who are and something will hit you, people can change their standard by getting around where its better, getting associated with whats true like you need to pay your rent or you can do it because your excited because its something you wanna take on, everyones different but you gotta find a why and gotta come up with some daily rituals to get em going and just do it a step at a time and thats how you create momentum

think about it the holy grail between somebody taking action and not is one word. certainty. when someone is certain absolutely you’ll do it when you think its absolutely not going to work you’ll never do it, the middle no mans land of maybe it will maybe it won’t is what kills people if its a must you gotta make it work if its not your not sure and you don’t know what to do.

Thomas Jefferson and Slavery Part 2

Read Part 1 here. 

1776, during an intermission in congress while debates of the Articles of Confederation were taking place, Jefferson returned to Virginia where he believed the real action of the state was configuring. In this time he was one of the minds behind the Virginian constitution with an objective to incorporate the idea of Enlightenment upon crime and punishment as expounded by Cesare Bonesana di Beccaria. For the benefit of white citizens of Virginia, Jefferson liberally applied Beccaria’s principles to his revisions of the laws. Jefferson and his colleagues actually tightened the slave code in their edits of these laws.

Recognizing that a continuation of the labor of slaves was necessary to the winning of freedom by white Americans, Jefferson attempted to ensure that this indispensable labor force remained intact and that the danger of servile revolts stirred up by the enemy be countered by increased vigilance on part of white revolutionaries. Jefferson and his colleagues were well aware that a simple intensification of the rigors of the slave code however justified by the exigencies of war Was not a satisfactory answer to the dilemma created by the continued existence of slavery in a country fighting for independence under the words of freedom and liberty.

They therefore planned to submit in their final report to the legislature a plan intended for implementation after the war, providing for the gradual abolition of slavery and the evacuation of the blacks from the state. In all this, emphasis was placed upon the word “gradual”. Had the committee’s ideas been enacted into law, slavery would have existed in Virginia for a least three generations. Upon one point they were adamant: the freed blacks must leave the state forthwith. They had the right to be free, but not the right to remain in Virginia.

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15 Qualities of a Master Mason
1. Master Masons do not have selfish interests. All they do, say, and think is for the welfare of others.

2. Vanity is dead for them. They see themselves as they are and do not pretend to be something other than what they are.

3. Anger is no longer their master. They have found that anger is a defense mechanism of the ego.

4. They are not the slaves of possessions. Money, homes, cars, clothes, books, TV’s are not evil in themselves; it is being a slave to them that is a problem.

5. Master Masons are not afraid to act with courage in their convictions. If they have a fear, they act to overcome it.

6. A Master Mason is always a real person. He does not care what others think of him, but he constantly cares for the welfare of others.

7. A Master Mason sees the viewpoints of others. He listens and thinks about what others are saying so as to understand them.

8. A Master Mason’s emotions are always positive. If hate or anger try to control him, he finds love and understanding and lets them bloom instead.

9. A Master Mason uses his imagination for creative, not destructive purposes. He imagines how he is going to respond instead of react to events.

10. A Master Mason does not belittle or slander others. His job is to see that anything that comes from his mind, emotions, or mouth is the highest it can be for him.

11. Each day A Master Mason aligns himself with his inner teacher. He does this by spending a few quiet minutes to allow himself to be healed of his vices and shortcomings.

12. All his actions have as their basic animating energy the power of Love. Even when he acts as a warrior to destroy darkness and evil, it is with the support of love and freedom.

13. A Master Mason always has a vision. His vision comes from his heart, and because this is so, it always includes humanity.

14. A Master Mason actions, feelings and thoughts are in harmony with the teachings of ageless Wisdom. He is always acting in the best interests of all concerned, and his daily life is an example of sanity and balance.

15. A Master Mason is never fanatical. He is sane, normal, and healthy. The most interesting idea about the Master Mason is that he is one who is an example of integration. Integration means that his mind, emotions, and body all work together and not against each other. A true Master Mason has glimpsed the eternal and unchanging reality of life. He sees all things as necessary in the Great Plan for unfolding the hidden potential of all creation. As such, mortality and its illusion are overcome by him. As he lives in the eternal, his life reflects that eternal consciousness.
We have been told this is from “Freemasonry in the 21st Century” by Don Bradley


What I enjoyed about Dragon Ball Super Episode 107

Seeing that montage of the Universes still in, at first I was like are we gonna do this now. But then I warmed towards it as it looked very appealing.

Wow seeing Maji Kayo leap at Jiren. I was thinking dude what are you thinking? This Jiren guy is most likely the most powerful guy in the tournament. We have barely seen him do anything. I reckon he`s very dangerous. He has taken no damage, he`s got his HP and energy bar maxed out.

I have noticed this awhile ago this just repeats itself. Is that every time someone tries to attack Jiren his teammates intervene. Jiren doesn’t need protecting, he’s the strongest. So what is it then? Maybe they’re just really used to helping each other out? As they’re the Pride Troopers I guess.

Wow seeing the trio of Universe 11 work together, Dyspo, Toppo and Jiren. They’re a powerful team. Well there were no combo attacks between them, but it was more like, we can handle this.

When Maji Kayo was playing possum, by acting all weak like he was finished, I knew he was faking. As it`s obvious his ability to change shape. I was thinking Dyspo don’t fall for it, as I have taken a liking to Dyspo after the Hit battle.

Toppo is very wise every time he has said something, during the last episodes he was right. So whatever Toppo says it’s best to take that into account, the leader of the Pride Troopers has good instincts.

When Jiren wants to fight. You know something epic is going to go down. I actually felt fearful for Maji Kayo, no seriously I did, after What Jiren did to Kale.

Wow seeing Jiren just blow away Maji Kayo with the force of his fist! He didn’t even touch him just the sheer force alone is enough to blast him off stage. My mouth was open in shock for awhile. Even the gods in the stands were amazed.

I like Maji Kayo he seems very interesting and witty; His awesome shape shifting abilities and his personality to match. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of him, great well rounded character.

Frost vs Master Roshi. Frost attacks the weak first, very sneaky and smart. Roshi using the Mafuba awesome but unfortunately it didn’t work, I wish they explained why. I’m assuming because Frost is very tough.

Frost attacking Vegeta while he wasn’t aware; But that didn’t work, now you’re in trouble Frost.

Vegeta helping Roshi, I think it was cool and it’s about time we saw it. Of course Vegeta won’t admit it lol. Actions speak louder than words.

Frost quickly coming up with a plan to trap Vegeta in the bottle; also quickly figuring out a way to use the Mafuba against Roshi was genius. It’s obvious that Frost is very intelligent and a fast thinker, the dude learns things really fast. He`s so crafty and dangerous, you can never let your guard down with him. My respect for Frost increases. It seems like he is more important to the story than I thought.

Great move by Roshi to throw that tiny stray Ki blast. He unleashed it just the right moment to release Vegeta from the bottle. Frost started celebrating early and paid for it. I like how Vegeta turned Blue straight away, like you’re going down, then Frost being afraid and disappears lol.

It was cool seeing Magetta appear from outta nowhere breaking the rock. Great teamwork by Frost and Magetta, it’s nice to see an unusual combo. But it wasn’t enough at the end to beat Vegeta.

I feel bad for Magetta, the rock earmuffs didn’t work for too long. Vegeta destroys one and throws insults; Magetta crawls up into a ball and is dropped out. He`s so tough but also so easy to defeat at the same time. Poor guy.

I’m glad that master Roshi listened to Vegeta`s advice. Sometimes you need to know when to stop fighting. Roshi needed to live, so that was smart to drop out. The Senzu bean saved him. Live to fight another day.

Lol Beerus calling Krillin, Roshi and Tien “Bunch of baldies.” That was so accurate and hilarious. Best one liner of the episode.

This episode easily gets a 5/5.