freedom from god

I used to write about other things, besides love –
Colors. Colors I see every day in the form of barely-alive leaves beneath willowy trees, sunsets and sunrises, an explosion of different hues in ordinary situations.
My parents. I used to write detailed, thoughtful cards for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, write about how much I loved them and the world.
My friends. Before I moved away to the cold, unforgiving North, I had a tight-knit group of friends in the deep South – we were all children of summer, cheeks always rosy and freckles visible all over our bodies.
Books I read. I used to have a stack of classic fairytales next to my bed, read them until sunrise. Repeat. Every single day until I finally, finally grew up.
I dearly miss my innocence, my childhood, my freedom and endless optimism. I miss being able to think about everything and anything, not being distracted by someone who won’t even glance at me. I miss colors and my friends and good books. I miss being able to write about things in life that really matter, instead of being confined to trivial topics like ‘finding my soulmate.’
Is that why I always apologize first, desperate to see you again, to touch you again?
Stop pretending to be someone you’re not. Stop pretending that you’re kinder, and smarter, and a better person, because you’re the same as everyone else.
—  i am the worst of hypocrites // suzy

                                                                                 N  O
                                                                        K   I    N   G   S
                                                                                 N  O
                                                                        G    O      D    S
                                                                                 N  O
                                                                        M A S T E R S

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. - 2 Corinthians 3:17

Let nothing at all stand between you and the Lord. Let Christ get rid of the veil that keeps you from experiencing freedom in Him. If you truly desire to reflect the glory of God, you have to let go of the things that keep from Him. Whether’s it’s something you’re feeling, a person you’ve become intimate with, a type of entertainment that leaves you depressed or longing for the wrong things, whatever it is, if it keeps you from God, freedom cannot be found there. Freedom is only found in Christ! And in Him, you do not have to continue to only focus on the negative. In Him, you can freely begin to think more positively, because you know that no matter what happens in this life, we get to spend Eternity with Him. This alone is worth celebrating about!

Have you spent time with the Lord today? Have you shut off everything that’s going on in your life, just for a moment to sit and bask in His presence? Have you prayed that His Spirit guided you in every thought and action? Have you embraced your identity in Christ, even when you’ve been tempted to let certain people or emotions define you?

This is where you will be reminded and comforted in the freedom only He gives!

Embrace it today. When you accept Christ, the Holy Spirit will guide you in the freedom God gives in everything you do!

Written by @MorganHNichols for #TheDevoCo

They say that when I fell,
you leapt.

(oh, but they don’t mention my hands wrapped delicately around your neck)

—  The truth is this; I jumped and pulled | p.d
If you listen closely, you can hear it; your heart trying to break free. It pounds away at the cage containing it, every single second of the day, following while simultaneously denying natural order. So don’t you dare tell me that humans were meant to submit to a higher being while staying still and meek, don’t you dare tell me to be silent. I was not made to bow my head and smile when ordered to. I was made to create hurricanes and arouse curiosity. I was made to love as I see fit and live how I want. We aren’t flowers to fall apart at the winds whim and bend whichever way it blows. We rage against the winds and rise when we fall. We are strong, it’s time we start believing that.
—  oscarsins
One Pointed Devotion
Those whose hearts are habitually focused devoutly on the feet of God, like a magnetic needle that always aligns itself to point to the north, will not get mentally perplexed and lose their bearings in the world, that sea of desires and attachments.

Guru Vachaka Kovai, by Muruganar, Translated by Dr T. V. Venakatasubramanian, Robert Butler and David Godman -  Verse 734

The iceberg of religion… 

For a long time, I couldn’t see more than the tip, because I wasn’t really looking… one day, I guess I woke up (thanks to some evangelical pastor who had a problem with non religious people like me) and realized that there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

In order to be a good Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, etc. you have to reconcile - and be ok with - the shitload of bad stuff that comes with your religion. I would never be able to do that and look at myself in the mirror again. 

If God really existed, there would only be ONE religion, not thousands, think about it (if you are still able to think for yourself that is). 

Saying that your own religion is the only true one and all the others don’t make sense is like saying that of all the fairy tales, only “Rumpelstiltskin” is true and the others don’t make sense… Or of all the superheroes, only Spider man is real… 

As the late Christopher Hitchens put it: “The gods that we’ve made are exactly the gods you’d expect to be made by a species that’s about half a chromosome away from being chimpanzee.”.


An agnostic is a person who investigates all available knowledge concerning God and religion. Then a true agnostic comes to the conclusion that, one by one, the religions that have been studied do not have reliable evidence of their truth. The true agnostic does not make any conclusions with respect to God’s existence where there is no available evidence.

An atheist also examines available evidence and comes to the conclusion that religions have no reliable evidence for the existence of God. But then the atheist goes beyond the evidence to say that there is no God anywhere, anytime.

Picture a driver of a large overweight truck. As he approaches an older bridge, he asks himself whether the bridge can support the weight of the truck. If he thinks like religious people, he will know that the bridge is strong just because his family has always driven across in the past. No evidence is required.

If he thinks like an atheist, he will examine the bridge carefully and use his knowledge of structural engineering to decide if the evidence shows the bridge to be safe. Because others have used the bridge will not make it safe. But then the truck driver will be thinking like an atheist if he see the bridge is unsafe and declares all bridges, everywhere to be unsafe.

But an agnostic will study and examine the evidence and declare the bridge unsafe without making any further comment about other bridges. If he were asked whether all bridges are unsafe, he would have to say “I don’t know!” A true agnostic will not go beyond the available evidence.

This does not prevent an agnostic from choosing a religion because it makes him feel better or helps with the stress of life. The true agnostic admits that there is no evidence of religion but could say “I will continue to believe because it helps me”.

So a person can be a believer based on no evidence, an atheist who has partial evidence but thinks he has all the evidence, or an agnostic who acknowledges that the available evidence allows only partial conclusions. Some of the greatest minds of all times have recognized their limitations and chosen agnosticism.