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I’m SO excited to announce my first video game character!!!

I’m playing Merga!! The main villain of “Freedom Planet 2”!!!!
Along with some other wonderful actors!!!:

- Christopher Sabat (Dragon Ball Z, One Piece)
- Lindsay Jones (RWBY, Red vs. Blue)
- Josh Grelle (Attack on Titan)
- Sarah Anne Williams (League of Legends, Kill La Kill)
and so many more!!! So stay tuned!!
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Penny’s Boy

 Words: 1,503

Relationship: Derek Morgan x Reader


Derek x reader Reader is injured and can’t fly with the team so she stays back with PG. The team is on their way home (on the jet) So reader and Garcia are revealing their crushes and the webcam is on but they didn’t know that. then reader reveals that her crush is Derek and when she finds out the webcam is on she’s embarrassed and offs the cam. (Maybe she says some reasons why she likes him and describes his sexy chocolate self?!) But fluff and smut when Derek gets to the BAU? 

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Stolen Freedom - I Am Morgan

A short film (4:32) by Dr Ingrid Visser. Watch with sound to understand the drastic difference between life in the ocean and life in a tank.

My clear orca necklace was released on etsy yesterday!

All orca jewellery purchases come with the option of donating to Orca Research Trust, with money going directly to Dr. Ingrid Visser and the work that she does for wild and captive killer whales.

American Horror Story: Asylum: Kit Walker [ENFP]

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Kit lives in a world of possibilities; he believes that he’s actually seen the aliens, and is thinking about why they wanted him in particular. When solving a problem (like the fact that he has two wives, after finding out Alma is not dead) he finds a creative and unconventional solution (marries both Grace and Alma). He’s able to see the options clearly and never limits himself to only one way.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Kit wants to tell the world about his interracial relationship even though it’s not accepted by society norms. He gets Sister Jude out of the asylum because he promised to get her out, and breaking a promise is not acceptable. He’s frustrated with Lana for “selling out” for fame and losing her values. He feels deeply and protects fiercely for whoever he’s involved with.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Not always, but he’s able to think on his feet and to analyze things from a logical point of view, without involving his feelings. With the help of his Ne he’s able to see things from a few logical directions. He organizes his unusual household in a successful way, and he handles raising two kids by himself very well after the death of his wives.

Introverted Sensing (Si): He clings to the aliens he saw and believes it to be true, because he have seen it with his own eyes. He’s loyal to his loved ones, and especially to his wife whom he stays (even if he also brings Grace into the family).

NOTE: The devil that possessed Sister Mary Eunice is a negative form of ENTJ (schemer, knows what people will do before they do, exceptional organizer), and Mary Eunice is the opposite, an ISFJ (loyal and sensitive). Doctor Arden is an INTP (little empathy for anyone besides Mary Eunice, but is an amazing analyzer and fascinated by ideas). The monsignor is an ESFJ (traditional, organized). Grace is an ISFP (has set values, is quite impulsive with her actions). Shelly is an ENFP (idealistic, wants her freedom). Johnny Morgan seems to be an ESFP from the little we’ve seen (Se impulsivity, feels deeply).


We’ve got a bumper crop of Friday Reads this week!

White House Correspondent Scott Horsley: The nation’s opioid epidemic mushroomed in plain sight before most journalists and political leaders took notice. But with overall drug overdose deaths now killing more Americans than auto accidents, it’s grown impossible to ignore. In Dreamland, Sam Quinones traces the origins of this deadly addiction. He unpacks the irresistible chemistry and economics of the opioid trade in brisk, readable episodes packed with colorful characters, including enterprising pharmaceutical companies, time-strapped doctors and hustling heroin dealers from the Mexican state of Nayarit.

Founding Mother Susan Stamberg: When Broadway Went To Hollywood by Ethan Mordden, a terrific history of how Broadway transformed movies, and movies influenced Broadway.

TV Critic Eric Deggans: The Daily Show (The Book) is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how Jon Stewart turned The Daily Show from a snarky, superficial parody of TV news to an incisive incubator of comedy satirizing  the worst hypocrisies of politics and media (also a really great, unintended explanation for why the show hosted by his successor, Trevor Noah, has so much less impact).

Code Switch Correspondent Karen Grigsby Bates: Am beginning Laurie Halse Anderson’s Ashes, the last book in her much-praised YA Seeds of America trilogy.  The birth of the new country is seen through the eyes of Isabel, a teen runaway slave who is cautiously picking her way through the end of the Revolutionary War and its various factions en route to freedom. But first she has to track down her young sister, Ruth, who was stolen from her.  Isabel is smart as a whip, and determined to meet her goal.  Gotta love a girl whose first words are “Bother, vexation and blast.”

Editor Alison MacAdam: Getting my history on: American Slavery, American Freedom by Edmund Morgan. I found it on a list of books recommended by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Boss Lady Ellen Silva:The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State by Graeme Wood. Coming out in January 2017.

Reporter Colin Dwyer:CivilWarLand in Bad Decline by George Saunders.

Reporter Kat Chow: I’m toggling back and forth between White Rage by Carol Anderson and They Can’t Kill Us All by Wesley Lowery. I’m looking for some escapist fiction, though, because all that is pretty heavy.

Critic Annalisa Quinn: I just finished Negroland by Margo Jefferson, which completely blew me away. Next up are Ovid’s Heroides for my classics book club.

How about you??