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he’s not going to be MysMe anymore bye  (rebootingtheAUintoanoriginalhhhhakhjsdsa)


Finally after 3 months of working on this, here they are!

My personal take on Taako’s outfits from the first 6 chapters! I might add a few bonus outfits later like his outfits for the live shows or the Stolen Century one under a cut for spoilers, but this was really fun! I really love Taako’s character and his style of fashionable elf who doesn’t give a shit about gender-restricted clothing. I feel like out of all the tres horny boys, Taako is the one you can have the most creative freedom and fun with designing his wardrobe.

If you haven’t checked out The Adventure Zone yet, I 100% recommend you go give it a listen. Even if you don’t listen to podcasts or aren’t into dnd it’s a great story that has lots of funny and emotional moments. I can’t even begin to describe my love for this show, it’s changed me so much and brought me joy when I was in my worst states.

Thanks Griffin for the adventure and I hope the new ones are just as good!


Facades That Push Conventional Limits

New technological developments in construction have given architects great freedom when designing. Innovations in construction materials and their properties allow for the creation of increasingly original and surprising facades. The buildings constructed as a result can even inspire people to travel thousands of kilometers just to see these masterpieces.


Drew this because Dre drew a comic about a buncha people being assholes to her for her crimes of making comics. And the only people who get to pick on Dre are @willhernandezdraws and me.

If you’ll excuse me I gotta go back and save Will. He’s gonna run out of ammunition soon.

OMG number 1 is finished x.x
may I introduce with this drawing my first doujinshi /fancomic project to you?

It will be about Wonder Tweek and Super Craig. The Story will take place in the time after the Freedom Pals united with Coon and friends. An unknown force tries to destroy the united super heores one by one.  every night one freedom pal will be attacked and they all have to face this enemy together.

(sorry I am awfull in summering stuff together, I will ask friends to look over my texts in the actual comic)

Now. Here are the designs for Wonder Tweek, Stripe#4 and Super Craig.3
I am pretty happy with them.3 craig and tweek have the same clothing collour sceem to simbolys that they are partners.3 Stripe#4 is the sidekick of both of them. But most of the time he will be with Craigin in case Wonder Tweek has to go on a different mission. (or has to help out in the coffee shop and can’t play):

more will come tomorrow .3
I hope you like the designs. ,3