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When the commies say “liberals get the bullet too” or just something like “ew liberals”, here’s what you need to understand. All of you center-right, moderate conservatives, libertarians, or just ANYONE who believes in personal freedoms for individuals over collectives…


When they say “liberal”, they aren’t talking about modern leftist parties and shit. They’re talking about those of us who believe in freedom of speech. Those of us who love debate and hate political violence.

Just be aware of that.

Jacob Banks blew me away when the Nigerian born UK singer songwriter made his San Francisco debut at Popscene earlier this year. We were expecting it, having so eagerly shared incredible songs like Chainsmoking, Unholy War, and Monster 2.0, yet his performance exceeded even our highest expectations. With his rugged soulful voice, full of power and passion, he belted out his nostalgia laden, emotion ridden songs and drove home the fact that he’s obviously poised for great things ahead. A few days ago, Jacob Banks released his The Boy Who Cried Freedom EP, a collection of five incredible songs, some new, some previously shared. Among the fresh gems is this slow swaying ballad named Part Time Love. It’s vintage soul, retro gospel, and mellow rock are an immediate must for the plenteous people out there who love Michael Kiwanuka and Leon Bridges (both of whom I’ve had the pleasure of re-visiting lately due to my recent addiction to HBO’s Big Little Lies). Jacob Banks needs to be on season 2′s soundtrack, don’t you agree? Stream Jacob Banks’ The Boy Who Cried Freedom EP in full on Soundcloud. Purchase from iTunes, here.

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From September 1947 until January 1949, the Declaration of Independence crossed the country in a traveling museum called the Freedom Train.

A group of 27 Marines protected the 133 documents, which came from the US National Archives​, the The Library of Congress​, and private museums and personal collections.

The Freedom Train stopped in cities in each of the 48 states (Alaska and Hawaii were not yet states), and the documents it carried were seen by more than 3.5 million Americans.

True to its name, the Freedom Train mandated that the admission lines for the exhibit were to be desegregated. Memphis, Tennessee, rejected this condition; in response, the Freedom Train did not stop there as scheduled.

After a successful national tour, the Freedom Train arrived in Washington, DC, for President Truman’s Inauguration Week. At the end of the week, the scrolls of 3.5 million names signed under the Freedom Pledge were donated to the Library of Congress.

Learn more about this amazing traveling museum in our Google​ Cultural Institute exhibit.

comradekilgannon  asked:

Hello, any suggestions for authors one can read to learn about anarchism?

yeah I’d go for’s reading guide on anarchism.

Recommended introductions

An Anarchist FAQ - Absolutely massive archive of frequently asked questions, with clear and highly detailed responses drawing on the theory and practice of the anarchist tradition.

What is anarchism? - Alexander Berkman - Absolutely indispensable classic introduction to anarchism.

Introduction to anarchist communism - Anarchist Federation - Clearly written pamphlet from the Anarchist Federation (UK) explaining their tradition of anarchist-communism.

Anarchist communism - an introduction -’s short introduction to anarchist-communism.

Anarcho-syndicalism - an introduction -’s short introduction to anarchist-syndicalism.

Pierre Proudhon 

French mutualist philosopher and first person to call themselves an ‘anarchist’.

What is Property? - Influential work on the concept of property in which Proudhon declared “property is theft!”.

The Philosophy of PovertyThe General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth CenturyThe Principle of Federation

Mikhail Bakunin 

Russian revolutionary, considered the original theorist of collectivist anarchism.

Mikhail Bakunin, 1814-1876 - biography.

Basic Bakunin - Anarchist Federation - Pamphlet outlining the key features of Bakunin’s ideas.

Marxism, freedom and the state - Collection writings touching on his controversy with Marx over the nature of the state and its role in the liberation of the international working class.

God and State - Classic and highly influential atheist text setting out the anarchist critique of religion as bound up in legitimizing the state.

The Paris Commune and the Idea of the State - A critique of the state and analysis of the events surrounding the 1871 Paris Commune.

A Critique of the German Social Democratic Program - An early and powerful critique of the statist, reformist, class-collaborationist and counter-revolutionary tendencies of emerging social democracy.

Peter Kropotkin

Russian revolutionary (as well as scientist, zoologist, geographer and evolutionary theorist!) who was the first to advocate a communist society free from central government and based on voluntary associations between workers - anachist-communism.

The Conquest of Bread - Classic work explaining the defects of feudal and capitalist economic systems and how they can be replaced by a decentralised economic system based on mutual aid and voluntary cooperation.

Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution - Kropotkin’s response to Social Darwinism in which he explains the phenomenon of co-operation in evolution.Fields, Factories and Workshops - Hugely influential work outlining how a society based on mutual aid and voluntary association could work.Anarchism; & Anarchist communism - Two excellent essays explaining the history of anarchism and the inseparable relationship between anarchism and communism.Memoirs of a Revolutionist - Autobiography recounting his aristocratic beginnings to his transformation into the revolutionary he would be for the rest of his life.

The State–Its Historic Role - Classic work on the state and its function in society.Act for Yourselves: Articles from Freedom 1886-1907 - Collection of articles written for Freedom newspaper.

Errico Malatesta 

Highly influential Italian anarchist-communist who wrote and spoke widely across Italy and spent many years either in jail or in exile.Errico Malatesta, 1853-1932 - biography.

Anarchy - Malatesta’s best known work, a pamphlet on what anarchism means.

Anarchism and organisation - Essay on the importance of organisation to anarchism.

Syndicalism and anarchism - Essay on the relationship of anarchists to the labour movement.

At the cafe - A primer on the fundamentals of anarcho-communism, described through conversations.

Emma Goldman 

Lithuanian-born anarchist who emigrated to the USA, where she became highly involved in radical unions, anti-war and feminist activism. Became known as “the most dangerous woman in America”.

Emma Goldman, 1869-1940 - biography.

Anarchism and Other Essays - collection of Goldman’s classic essays on anarchism and other subjects.

Living My Life, 2 Vols. - Two volume autobiography taking her from her birthplace in Tsarist Russia to the socialist enclaves of Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

My Disillusionment in Russia - excellent book on the degeneration of the Russian revolution.Red Emma - play written by Carol Bolt.

Alexander Berkman 

Lithuanian-born anarchist-communist Alexander “Sasha” Berkman, who became a leading figure in the American anarchist movement and was sent to prison for attempting to assassinate Henry Clay Frick, the steel boss responsible for the deaths of workers in the 1892 Homestead strike.

Alexander Berkman, 1870-1936 - Biography.

What is anarchism? - Absolutely indispensable classic introduction to anarchism.

Prison memoirs of an anarchist - Autobiographical account of his experience in prison after being sentenced to 22 years for the attempted assassination of an industrialist.

The Russian Tragedy - Berkman’s anaylsis the failure of the Russian Revolution, written 1922.The Bolshevik Myth - Book describing his experiences in post-revolution Russia from 1920 to 1922The Kronstadt Rebellion - Berkman’s analysis of the crushing of the Kronstadt uprising by the Bolshevik government.

Rudolf Rocker 

Prominent anarcho-syndicalist who organised extensively amongst the Jewish community in the East End of London.Rudolf Rocker, 1873-1958 - biography.Anarcho-syndicalism - Definitive extended work on anarcho-syndicalism.

Anarchism and Anarcho-syndicalism - Two essays introducing first the concept of anarchist politics and then its manifestation in anarcho-syndicalism.

Nationalism and Culture - Classic text on nationalism and culture.The Tragedy of Spain - Rocker’s history of the Spanish Civil War.The Truth About Spain - Analysis of the situation in Spain, with much on the Spanish anarchist organizations the CNT (Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo) and FAI (Federacion Anarquista Iberica).

Nestor Makhno

Ukrainian anarchist-communist who led a revolutionary army during the1917 Russian revolution which fought against both the old Tsarist regime and the new Bolshevik one.

Nesto Makhno, 1889-1934 - biography.

The struggle against the state and other essays - Collection of essays dealing with both Makhno’s experiences during the Russian Revolution and wider questions of organisation.

Organisational Platform of the General Union of Anarchists (Draft) - Written by the Dielo Truda group, a group of exiled anarchists who had taken part in the Russian revolution (and of which Makhno was a member), ‘The Platform’ would become a highly debated and influential text on anarchist organisation.

Daniel Guerin

French anarchist and revolutionary supporter of gay liberation.

Daniel Guerin, 1904-1988 - biography.

No Gods, No Masters: an anthology of anarchism - Classic anthology of anarchism bringing together unpublished documents, letters, debates and more, showing the history, organisation and practice of the movement.

Anarchism: from theory to practice - Book about the theoretical basis of anarchism, and its practical application to the real world in selected historical examples.

Albert Meltzer 

British anarcho-syndicalist print worker who fiercely opposed individualist strains within anarchism and was a major figure in the British anarchist movement.

Albert Meltzer, 1920-1996 - Biography.

I couldn’t paint golden angels: Sixty years of commonplace life and anarchist agitation - A lively and witty account of a working class boy who went on to put in 60 years of activism, Meltzer’s autobiography doubles as a first-person history of the British and European anarchist movements.

Anarchism: arguments for and against - Short book answering some common criticisms of anarchism while offering a critical view of the anarchist movement itself.

The floodgates of anarchy - Book co-written with Stuart Christie, it presents an argument against class-based society and hierarchy and advocates for a free and equal society based on individual dignity and merit.

Murray Bookchin 

American libertarian socialist and founder of social ecology who severely criticised individualist and spiritual elements within radical politics.

Bookchin remembered - Obituary written by Iain Mackay.

Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism - Essay against the increasingly individualist, misanthropic, mystical and anti-organisational trends in US anarchism.

Listen, Marxist! - An anarchist criticism of Marxism, aimed predominantly at the Maoist Progressive Labor Party in America.

Post-Scarcity Anarchism - Collection of essays envisioning an anarchist society without scarce resources, if we rely on technology.Anarchism, Marxism and The Future of The Left - Collection of texts including accounts of his years as a teenage Communist during the Great Depression, his experiences and reflections on the 1960s and his vision of a libertarian communist society, libertarian politics and the future of anarchism.

The Spanish Anarchists: The Heroic Years 1868-1936 - History of the day-to-day activism of Spanish anarchists in the decades leading up to the famous civil war and revolution of 1936.

Other media

Noam Chomsky on anarchism - interview by Barry Pateman - Video of an interview by Barry Pateman with Noam Chomsky about anarchism.

Living utopia - Unique feature-length documentary which chronicles the origins and evolution of the Spanish anarchist movement and its important role during the 1936-1939 Spanish Revolution. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Slow Mo Guys FAHC Origins

It began with one question.

Hey Dan?

Yeah Gav?

Ever wanted to know just how slow human reflexes are?

The two have always been inseparable. Following each other’s ideas through thick and thin. So when Gavin had the idea of filming slow motion cinematography Dan was right there with him. They filmed the silliest ideas-how would your face look like in slow mo if I hit it Dan, come on, let me test it out, for the video b! They did old science experiments and human movements. Then, they dealt with destruction-it was the most fun to record, seeing the glass shatter and explosions flare out, the colors of red, orange, grey, black circle through the sky above. They got more adventurous.

How would a shotgun look like in slow mo Dan?

Well let’s find out yeah?

Soon enough they were using various guns, makeshift or otherwise, in their shots. And they were entranced. The way a gun really functions had Dan fixated and searching for more to test out. The smoke and deep sounds of a bullet firing kept Gavin on his toes, begging for more. Bangers, fires, sledgehammers became a part of their lives. They loved every bit of it.

Eventually, Dan got into the military. He left Gavin on his own from time to time, but whenever they had time together, they filmed. They filmed and got more enthusiastic. Dan got access to more ammunition for them to test, got skills to perform more stunts. And Gavin loved it, he loved seeing Dan excited for his sake. They enjoyed this newfound hobby.

When Dan’s away, Gavin decides to gain a new hobby. He’s always been pretty smart, though he sure doesn’t act like he is from time to time. He worked on computer codes, and he was good. Eventually it turned to reprogramming. Finally, it became hacking, it was immersive to him. He loved this too, wanted to do something with this in his life.

He did small things, not too noticeable, messing with cameras in his area, seeing just what he could do. He felt amazing, like a spy film, he’s always thought they were amazing, he’d be a spy if he could.

Dan trained hard in the military. Ever since he was a child did he want to do something good for the country. Now he was finally there. Eventually, though, he started to feel something else. He wanted more, but of what? Freedom. Attack. Destruction. He collected arsenal, for Gavin to film but also for himself. He wanted them, needed them. He left the military more and more then, rather doing his own thing with them than with the army he’s in.

Gavin saw this, spark, in Dan’s eyes when handling his collection. And Gavin, oh god did he love it. He too wanted to do more than these slow motion videos with his life. He wanted to be adventurous once more.


Yeah, b?

Let’s do something absolutely mental.

Like what?

…I dunno. But it will be the best thing we will ever do.

..I’ve got an idea.


Oh yeah.

Their first crime was definitely something. Gas masks on and lab coats swaying in the breeze they took down an entire convenience store with just their adrenaline and a pair of assault rifles. And they continued. Each time more spectacular than the last. They gained popularity in the streets of the UK, they were the Slow Mo Guys. Whether it was simple pistols to flamethrowers and grenade launchers, they created havoc and the two were unstoppable.


Yeah b?

Why are we still here?

The two had always dreamed of making it big in America. And though they got big in a much different way than they expected, that was still their goal.

Y'know why Gav. I’m still in the military. Have to be, plus it’s our source of ammunition. But I promise we will go. Soon.

In the meantime, the Slow Mo Guys held the UK in their hands, bending them at their will. And when Dan was gone, Gavin did his own thing, unlocking Intel on some of the most powerful people in the world. Soon enough, he got recognized for this talent, in America. A man named Burns contacted him for help, offered him jobs. And he took them, he only needed to get info and check cameras so he could stay home.

Then, he got a call for an offer unlike the others. A man was starting his own crew, and had heard of him. But, he also mentioned Dan, though not by his name.

The Slow Mo Guys - that’s your name right? - have gotten pretty well known. Hell, I’ve seen shit on your crew on TV, and I live in Los Santos! Y'know where that is? West coast baby. And I want all y'all in my crew, the Fakes. Think about it, and you can contact me with your answer. This is the offer of a lifetime. Just ask Burns for Ramsey and he’ll connect you with me.

Gavin couldn’t even talk with the man’s speech and the sudden end of the call. He processed the information and couldn’t handle his enthusiasm. He was finally going to America, with a job, a plan, and Dan will be right there with him. He’d tell him when he came back.

Dan, I’ve got the best news!

You finally got some?


Sorry sorry, what is it b?

We got a job offer in America. A crew wants to hire us full time! We can live our dream.

Gavin described the conversation with Ramsey in full detail, how they were famous in America just as much as in England. How they’d be set for life with money, a place to stay, and safety and protection. The both were set on this offer, until one small problem crept back to them.


Yeah Dan?

I-I can’t go.

What? Why not Dan?

I can’t leave yet b. I still got half a year in the military, I’m sorry.

I can fix this, get Ramsey to wait till we can both go together!


I’ll figure it out, maybe he’ll be alright with it!


We can both go, if he wants us he’ll be willing to wait!


Gavin, go.


Go to America without me, it’ll be fine.

But Dan! You’re my b, I can’t leave you.

Who said anything about leaving me? Like he said its an offer of a lifetime. I’ll figure out a way to get there after I get out. But you deserve this. Don’t let me hold you back. You were always the brains of this operation.


Just do this for me, make sure I got a spot reserved with them.

OK Dan.

Gavin called Burns and contacted Ramsey.

See you made the right choice! When you wanna get here?

Gavin flew to Los Santos within a week. Dan had already gone back to his squad so he couldn’t see him go, but he made sure to beforehand. When the plane landed, he was met by Burns-just call me Burnie, really it’s fine-and he took him to his office. There, two people waited for him. A man in a suit, his hair disheveled but kept nice, and a lazy smile set on his face. The woman next to him was completely opposite to him, sporting a tacky Hawaiian shirt and blue striped shorts, her face soft and kind. The man came up and held out his hand.

The names Geoff. Geoff Ramsey. This is Jack. Welcome to the crew.

I’m Gavin. Gavin Free. Wonderful to be here.

It began with one question.

Hey Gav?

Yeah Dan?

See you soon, b.

Can’t wait. They’ll love you.