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Cost of Freedom (13/??)

Summary: In which the plan for escape is addressed, Kaito tells a story, and the countdown is set for May 3rd. Prison!AU.

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March bleeds into April.

Even though he knows days aren’t getting shorter, and that time isn’t set to fast forward, Kaito feels like each day passes at a much quicker rate than the last. Most of the time he tries to forget about it, focusing on his magic tricks - Shinichi’s discovered a majority of them, but is still pondering over the more complex tricks - to avoid actively thinking, but some days it’s difficult.

A week passes from his days in solitary, and there are 29 days left until 3rd of May. It makes him feel antsy, especially when he thinks about all the things they haven’t planned.

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Chelsea Manning

Freedom is the absolute, inalienable right to

a.  define yourself on your own terms, in your own language

b.  to express your identity and your perspectives openly, regardless of the consequences, and

c.  to live and die as a Human being, whether or not you are recognized or treated as one

Sent to The Freedom Cards from Chelsea Manning while in prison.  

My brother is trying to convince me that in YGO GX there is a scene where the new protagonists visit the game shop and grandpa tells them “Yugi just went to the market to buy olives, but that was three years ago, so…”

I really don’t know if he’s being serious or not, this franchise is so fucking bizarre. If he told me they had to fight for Yugis freedom by playing card games against a giant haunted lettuce who lives in space I would probably believe him.


But..I’m still not you, Clow-san

anonymous asked:

So I have to ask, I've only just now heard of this lovely Wonderland AU for YouTube. Do you mind explaining to me what it's about and the roles (and who you have so far, if you don't mind)? Thank you! ^_^

Aaaaaaah, of course lovely anon.

You, are Alice. You are trapped in this wonderland of characters that look a lot like youtubers you watch at home.

Everything’s the same as in Alice and wonderland, except for the kingdom. It’s not run by the Queen of Hearts, but rather the King of Hearts (Mark), Queen of Diamonds (Matt), Ace of Spades (Sean), and Jack of Clubs (Ryan), whom all together are called the Court of Cards. There seems to be a rivalry between them and the Mad Hatter (Danny).

With the help of the characters, you, the Alice, get to decide who you truly believe, the Court of Cards, or the Mad Hatter and his lovely crew, which is made up of the March Hare (Arin) and the White Rabbit (Felix).

Other characters include the Cheshire Cat (Ross), who is seemingly a watcher and a messenger and his friend Barry the Dormouse, who acts as his own little eavesdropper.

The gorgeous Gryphon named Suzy, who guards the Court of Card’s castle gates with her loyalty to Mark.

Holly the Pigeon, who honestly just wants the world to come back to normal.

Bob and Wade, who were sewn together unwillingly and are now forever scarred thanks to a certain someone.

Wiishu, who is the knave of hearts and acts as a sort of second in command under the court of cards.

Kevin, who’s White Rabbit’s partner who honestly feels like a slave.

Each character you will meet, and you make your own observations and say who you believe. Do you believe the Mad Hatter, who tells you that the Court of Cards took freedom from the characters and made them a kingdom, or the Court of Cards, who tell you that Mad Hatter has killed Mark’s own family and tried to take over on his own?

princess and the pauper | pt.4

Falling in love is the most dangerous thing. I know it, because I’ve been through it and it hurts so bad.

➤ 4.3k words

➤ angst angst angst (ya’ll)

➤ summary: royalty was no adventure to you. but when you find yourself in depths of the kingdom for the first time, you didn’t expect to find your favourite adventure in the heart of a pauper florist

➤ a/n: a week late BUT IM BACK so this isn’t the last ((for your own relief)) I will be working on a christmas special so ;) stay tuned bubz))

pt.1 pt.2 pt.3 pt.5

It felt all too suffocating.

What was he thinking when he showed up at the ball, jittery fingers in his pockets as he meddled and toyed with the loose thread of his cuffs, biting his lips as he struggled to crane his neck all in hopes to see you.

God, Jimin felt so significantly weak when the proposal was announced, bestowed with practice, as if this was all planed out since the beginning. There was a spasm of emotions that overwhelmed him as he casted a gaze upon you the moment you searched his eyes in the crowd. The look of utter disbelief, loss and bafflement was splayed on your features, in the eyes that he once could trust his heart with.

He could have run up to you, take you in his hands and make a dash for the moonlight, away from the palace and the cruelty of this world that forbade the love of the princess and the pauper. But reality sank in when everything that surrounded him reminded himself that he could never do that.

This is where you belong. This entire palace is where your heart and soul is forever placed while his is cast away in the depths of the village town, hidden among the wild flowers. There was a long exchange of emotions as Jimin gave you a hard condescending look, one of deep agonizing realization before looking away and disappearing into the crowds before he makes another mistake of hoping.

He could here the distant calls of the prince, but Jimin was unfazed by it, maneuvering his way until he was choking on the stale air of Friday evening. With every swift step away from the crowd, away from the palace, away from you, the spectrum of thoughts that clouded him became too unbearable. With every slam of realization that hits him in the guts, he tries to hold back the tears. It became too apparent as to how vulnerable he was to love, how easy he was to hope to be with you, only to realize how impossible it was to begin with.

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Can u tell the story of how you got your url? I always imagine that people with usernames like yours were the first users of tumblr or something

It was the summer of 1969. I was 17. I had just graduated from high school. I thought I was invincible. I thought I was king of the world. Little did I know that my whole world was about to change…forever.

My buddy Vince and I, in an effort to postpone the adult world for as long as possible had gotten heavily into hallucinogens and German expressionism. We started going everywhere in black leotards and face paint. Vince had a mini tape recorder he kept in his pocket to simulate the sound of an orchestra playing us into and out of  every room that crossed our path. We didn’t speak but we got really good at mime. I considered my acting a bit heavy handed but Vince was always there to give me confidence…and him? He was the best.  We got an apartment together and we called it the cabinet. Vince starting getting hardcore in Somnambulism. I tried it. I won’t lie,  but i just couldn’t follow him down that dark path.

When September rolled around and all of our high school friends were going off to college or going off to war, Vince and I stayed wrapped in the warm embrace of youthful freedom. Our draft cards hadn’t been called so Vince suggested we take his Somnambulist act on the road. He started calling himself Cesare and me “the Doctor.”

Things spiraled out of control. People got hurt. People got killed.  I had to clear my head. About that time, there were some murmurings in the underground about a new high. A new high called “blogging.” I decided to try it. I thought I could only do it once and walk away. I thought wrong. I rolled up my sleeve and put the belt around my arm and I logged in to tumblr dot com. I typed “internet” into the desired url box and I pressed inject. It was all downhill from there…

Thousands of Czechs held symbolic red cards in the air on November 17, in a protest against President Milos Zeman. The gathering came on the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, the peaceful overthrow of Czechoslovakia’s communist regime in 1989. Protesters are angry with what they regards as Zeman’s pro-Russian stance on European Union sanctions on Russia, his criticism of the Russian punk group Pussy Riot who were jailed for denouncing Vladimir Putin in a Moscow cathedral, as well as his use of vulgar language during a recent radio interview.

How do my fellow INTPs feel about public speaking?

I for one, used to be terrified of going up in front of the class to do a presentation. When I become interested in science, I started watching public lectures/debates/discussions of people like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Lawrence Krauss and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, I thought, I want to do this when I’m older. I want to spread knowledge and curiosity this way.

So I joined the school’s debating team last year. I got more confident pretty quickly; after the first 2 round of debating, I did an 8-minute speech with no cue cards (about freedom of speech if you wanted to know, and yes we were allowed to choose our topics). So after some experience, the anxiety levels go down.  The thing is, you’ll only fuck up if you think you’re gonna fuck up.

I’m not the best speaker in the world. My friend - who is most likely an ENTP - is a very good speaker. He uses more enthusiasm than I do, and therefore gets the audience more interested. I don’t know what I look like speaking - I’ve never seen a video of myself doing so - but I think I tend to smile a lot and chuckle to myself a bit (I probably seem goofy). When I try to express anger, for example, it either doesn’t work very well or seems put on. Acting is a big part of good public speaking, I think. So I’m working on that.

Anyway I have another public speaking competition in 2 days. We are allowed to choose our topic, so I’m going to talk about time. I don’t know how much my audience is going to appreciate it, but I’m sure my INTP homies will! I’ll post my speech when I’ve finished writing it.

The Signs as Clow Cards

[Aries]: The Fight Card: Courageous, Dynamic, Energetic, Quick-witted, Quick-tempered, Confident, Impulsive, Dare-devil.

[Taurus]: The Wood Card: Gentle, Loving, Patient, Reliable, Possessive, Greedy, Self-indulgent. 

[Gemini]: The Twin Card: Youthful, Lively, Communicative, Witty, Cunning, Inconsistent.

[Cancer]: The Maze Card: Imaginative, Emotional, Protective, Cautious, Changeable, Moody, Intuitive. 

[Leo]: The Firey Card: Warmhearted, Creative, Broadminded, Expansive, Pompous, Interfering, Intolerant, Dogmatic.

[Virgo]: The Silent Card: Modest, Shy, Intelligent, Analytical, Fussy, Overcritical, Perfectionist, Conservative.

[Libra]: The Flower Card: Romantic, Charming, Sociable, Easygoing, Peaceable, Changeable, Gullible, Easily Influenced, Flirtatious. 

[Scorpio]: The Power Card: Determined, Forceful, Intuitive, Powerful, Compulsive, Competitive, Exciting, Obsessive. 

[Sagittarius]: The Fly Card: Optimistic, Freedom-loving, Honest, Intellectual, Philosophical, Restless, Careless, Superficial. 

[Capricorn]: The Song CardPractical, Prudent, Ambitious, Disciplined, Patient, Careful, Humorous, Reserved, Pessimistic, Miserly, Grudging.

[Aquarius]: The Mirror CardFriendly, Humanitarian, Honest, Loyal, Original, Independent, Intellectual, Intractable, Contrary, Unemotional, Detached.

[Pisces]: The Illusion CardImaginative, Sensitive, Compassionate, Selfless, Unworldly, Intuitive, Sympathetic, Escapist, Idealistic, Secretive, Vague, Weak-willed, Easily led.

How to Get Money Back When Booking Travel

Wrote this to help some of my friends get to a destination wedding, but con season is coming up, so I thought I’d share. Essentially works out to getting 5 cents back for every dollar you have to spend, but the points are spread out over several accounts so redeeming them is a long game (about 2-3 years). 

Use Hipmunk to find the ideal flights that work for you, time and cost-wise. Then write down their flight numbers. 

  • I usually take one-way fares on multiple airlines to get the best deals, and I buy them each seperately.
  • Note that for certain cities, short-haul flights (like between Texan cities via Southwest) will be cheaper but they don’t list on aggregate sites, so you will have to check their pages individually.

Join a StarAlliance and/or OneWorld Frequent Flyer program. This lets you use the same FF# across several airlines and booking sites.

  • I am a member of four FF programs: United MileagePlus (StarAlliance), American Aadvantage (OneWorld), Delta SkyMiles, and JetBlue/Hawaiian. Each of these lets you earn and spend miles across multiple airline partners (and credit cards). (Note they are all separate partnerships: you can’t spend StarAlliance miles on OneWorld or vice versa.)

Join Expedia’s Expedia+ program and book your flights, accommodations, and car rentals via their site. The prices are normally the same or better than going through the hotel. (Most aggregate sites don’t have points-earning, but Expedia does.)

  • Check the fare class of your ticket. Some won’t give you FF points.
  • Note, you cannot book Southwest through Expedia, but often the savings of taking a common Southwest route will be greater than the points you’d receive for booking via Expedia, so just use Southwest’s website.
  • Note, depending on your party size, AirBnB may also offer greater savings than Expedia so just use AirBnB.
  • Note, if you are flying for a conference, the conference rate will usually beat the Expedia rate, but it’s also worth a look-see to check Expedia for cheaper hotels in the area. (Filter search by distance.)
  • Only if you have Chase Sapphire Preferred, booking through Chase’s site sometimes give you a 20-25% discount, so you should check their prices before committing to an Expedia booking.

In all cases, pay with a credit card that also gives you points. Here are some of the best:

  • Make sure to pay for all major purchases on card, but be sure to pay it back immediately! The high interest rate on a CC will totally nullify any points you gain. Especially useful for convention artists doing large, bulk orders of merchandise.
  • United MileagePlus will give you 2 points per $1 if you are booking on United. Not great since it ties you to an airline, but it has a killer sign-up bonus if you know you’ll need to fly within the next year. (it’ll get you about a free domestic RT/international 1-Way) Also! No foreign transaction fees, so you can still earn points paying with CC in the DR. Combines your miles with those already in your United MileagePlus FF account. But cancel it after a year or they start charging you $95 annual fee.
  • American AAdvantage is essentially United MileagePlus but for American Airlines instead. Killer sign-up, nice travel perks, but they’ll charge you after a year.
  • Discover It Miles is best for its first year, giving you 1.5 points per $1. But they’ll double this after the first year, meaning 3 points per $1. Great card to just pick up and keep forever because no annual fee, would make your credit score look better.
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred is best overall, giving 2 points per $1 on all travel expenses. Charges $95 annual fee but can be downgraded to a no-fee Chase Sapphire when you’re traveling less. Plus, you can combine this with the 5% rotating-category-cashback no-fee Chase Freedom card. The points go to the same rewards account.  (Rule of Thumb: if you spend more than $4750 on travel (flights, hotel, even dining) per year, you will still have a net gain with the CSP despite its annual fee. Or if you have both CSP and CF, just $1900 on categories like Amazon, groceries, and gas will make the annual fee worthwhile.

Also, look for special limited-time offers. Sometimes you can get double points for booking to a specific location or some other gimmick. I mean, Expedia is giving away triple points until the end of June just for people booking through its app.

The best days to book are 6-8 weeks before a domestic flight on Tuesday and Wednesday - airlines release their sales on Mondays and the rest change their prices on Tuesday to match. Tues and Wed (and sometimes Sat) are the cheapest days to fly since no one likes them. Friday and Sunday are the most expensive. February and October are overall the cheapest months to fly. Spring is OK, but certain “spring break” destinations get expensive.   Summer is generally pricey everywhere (June-Aug in Northern Hemisphere, Nov-Jan in Southern).  American Thanksgiving is a cheap time to fly internationall, but world-wide holidays like Chistmas and New Year’s (especially New Years in Asia) are ridiculous…. but the weeks before and the weeks after major holidays are actually insanely cheap!

If you are a traveling artist like me, you can even write your purchases off on your taxes.

The industry standard is 1 point/mile ~= $.01 USD when redeemed. More or less. Different airlines have different redemption requirements. United’s a pain in the butt to redeem, but Chase Rewards are super easy. 

That said, I’ve taken about $1000 in free flights this year. But it also takes me like 6 hours to book one dang trip, so it’s a trade-off. LOL…

Secrets From An Ex-Banker: How To Crush Credit Card Debt

Nearly half of Americans struggle with credit card debt, and no one likes to talk about it. If thinking about your credit card debt makes you break out in night sweats, and if running from the collection agencies that hound your phone isn’t your exercise of choice, you need to read this book. No matter how much you owe, our new e-book will help you ask the right questions to steer you toward the ultimate goal: liberation from credit card debt.