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Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

i was tagged by @lio-zehel, @broship-addict and @requiemofkings thanks friendies <3 this is the handiest meme ever because i really need to figure out what i’m doing with my life and this helps!!! so, in rough order of updates/posting:

  • chapter eight of a freedom sound - kevin and neil start up night practices, andrew is super over their shit, and then renee and andrew gossip about the rookie
  • an andreil-centric companion to corvus, vulpes, lupus set in the pro years after neil and andrew have both graduated which is entirely @thepalmtoptiger‘s fault. it’ll be called ‘order’
  • chapter five of tumbling ain’t the same as falling - neil tussles with aaron in the bathroom, and goes somewhere he definitely, definitely shouldn’t
  • chapter one of my new allison-centric renison fic light side of the dark (a random excerpt that i love):

Allison used to drive a Shelby mustang in metallic blue like a late summer sky, striped white down the body. Then a man leaned up against it at a gas station once and asked her if it was half the ride she must be, and forced her to punch him in the face. She sold it so she could buy her barbie-pink convertible instead, and now when she punches people in relation to the car, it’s the same reason she always punches people: because they underestimate her.

Afterwards in his room, he says to Salome, “I don’t think I can do this.”

She whips him across the shins with her tail, hard enough to sting. “You should have considered that before you decided to take him as a challenge.”

“That’s not,” Jeremy stutters. “I don’t think he’s a challenge.”

“He tried to imply that he’s worthless as an asset and therefore as a human being, so you basically strong-armed him into signing with this team.”

“Okay, A, he’s wrong about both those things in a dozen different ways, and you know it. And B, he had a choice but he didn’t care. At least here they’ll be safe.”

“Safe,” Salome says, like she’s musing on it. “You think we can keep them safe, if it comes down to it.”

Jeremy rolls over and presses his face into the back of her neck. “Maybe I’ll have to ask Andrew Minyard for tips.”

  • the andreil first time fic i was talking about/prompted for a couple of weeks ago 
  • MY BIG BANG FIC i love it so much and i’m really excited and i am writing it SO SLOWLY JESUS (a continuation of this fic)

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I can’t believe we watched Harry and Louis grow up and grow until their growth showed a sad shadow that cut through their honesty and freedom. I weep every time I think about that ONE interview where the iron closet had started. Harry’s face was the worst. He looked so lost. Like he has been thrown down a cliff and he just accepted it. Waiting foe the pain that will begin, the crash to the stones and grass and sand and the hopelessness was so PROMINENT.

And then there was Louis. After that day he teied so many times to show his support to Harry. He was there for him when we couldn’t be there doe him. He looked after him in every subject that came up.

You remember the interview where it was only Niall, Liam and Harry? Where he had to deny Larry on his own? HE CRIED AFTER THAT (sort of) DENIAL. Niall comforted him. If Louis were there he would’ve jumped in and helped him. But since Harry is a lost puppy at stuff like this he couldn’t cope with it.

But Louis was always there.

They deserve each other the most. AND NO ONE ELSE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE.

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if a "happy 4th of july" is posted on aks instead of an update, i will need to destroy someone with rainbows