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Jeff Sessions addresses 'anti-LGBT hate group,' but DOJ won't release his remarks
Jeff Sessions delivered a speech to an alleged hate group at an event closed to reporters on Tuesday night, but the DOJ is refusing to reveal what he said.
By ABC News

Jeff Sessions, during his 20 years as a U.S. Senator, consistently adopted anti-LGBT positions, opposing all rights and protections for the LGBT community. He now joins Donald Trump and even-more-consistently-anti-LGBT Mike Pence in speaking at formal anti-LGBT events.

“The Alliance Defending Freedom is a legal advocacy group … that ‘specializes in supporting the recriminalization of homosexuality abroad, ending same-sex marriage and generally making life as difficult as possible for LGBT communities in the U.S. and internationally.’”

Because being a regular ol’ KKK-supporting racist just isn’t enough for him.


November 24 2016 - Hundreds of antifascists marched in Brussels against the opening of an office of the APF (Alliance for Peace and Freedom), an alliance of European fascist parties, including the Greek Golden Dawn, the NPD from Germany, Italian Forza Nuova, Spain’s Democracia Nacional and Nation from Belgium. The APF has been sponsored with over 600k euros through the EU. [video]
Trump Will Issue An Executive Order To Protect Churches Involved In Political Activities
A senior White House official said the order will address tax enforcement for churches and contraception mandates under Obamacare — not exemptions that allow LGBT discrimination, as many expected.
By Dominic Holden

The Trump administration on Wednesday night said it would issue an executive order the next day to expand religious freedom, fulfilling a promise to social conservatives who coalesced around Donald Trump during the campaign even though he fell short of saintliness himself.

The order will direct the IRS to give the maximum discretion possible when enforcing a 1954 law designed to ban tax-exempt organizations, like churches, from engaging in certain political activity, a senior White House official said on a conference call with reporters.

The official added that the order will also provide so-called regulatory relief for religious organizations that are required under the Affordable Healthcare Act to provide contraception coverage to employees.

Trump is expected to sign the order when a bevy of religious figures visit the White House on Thursday for the National Day of Prayer.

However, the scope of the order described by the official — if signed in the condition described — would fall short of what many religious conservatives had hoped for.

Many speculated on the left and right that the order would offer protections for people and corporations with a religious objection to LGBT people and women’s reproductive choices, far more hot button issues. The White House official said there were not plans for a separate order that addressed LGBT issues.

Speculation about what the order will say is based largely off a draft version circulated this past winter. According to the leaked preliminary text, the order would block the federal government from retaliating against those who act — or refuse to act — based on their religious objections to same-sex marriage, transgender people, abortion, contraception, and sex outside marriage.

Still, the White House hasn’t released text of the final order — and several congressional offices from both sides of the aisle, conservative organizations, and liberal groups all indicated they did not have knowledge of the order’s actual contents.

The announcement of the forthcoming order comes after several humiliating setbacks for Trump during his first 100 days: His travel bans were blocked by courts, his attempt to defund sanctuary cities was halted by a federal judge, and his pledge to repeal Obamacare has so far faltered in Congress. But while those issues have been popular topics for Trump’s white, working-class base, Trump has given comparatively little attention to conservative religious wedge issues. As the administration tries to find firm footing, a religious executive order may throw those constituents a bone.

Earlier this year, Trump had vowed to “get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment,” a law that prohibits tax-exempt, charitable non-profit organizations from endorsing or opposing in political races. Among other groups, the law applies to churches and other religious groups classified by the IRS as a 501©(3) — though the thinking has gone that Congress would need to repeal the law.

The White House official on Wednesday night said the order will give the IRS maximum enforcement discretion when enforcing the Johnson Amendment.

As for offering regulatory relief in terms of enforcing Obamacare contraception coverage mandates, the official said the order did not specify what the relief would be.

Nevertheless, civil rights groups were prepared on Wednesday for something far broader, and they had teed up challenges the order if it reflected the drafts they saw in January and February concerning LGBT people and women.

Lambda Legal and the American Civil Liberties Union told BuzzFeed News on Tuesday they were prepared to file separate lawsuits if the president signs an order that targets LGBT people for discrimination. They worried it would violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment by preferring certain relious beliefs over others, and that it may conflict with Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment by singling out certain groups of people for poor treatment.

Religious conservatives, however, were eager for a sweeping order on Wednesday, including Gregory Baylor of the Alliance Defending Freedom.

“Something like this executive order is exactly what we need,” he told BuzzFeed News in a phone call. “We believe there is a burgeoning problem of impositions on religious freedom, especially on hot-button culture-war issues that have to do with sanctity of life and sexuality.”


Coachella’s owner Phil Anschutz actively funds anti-LGBTQ and climate denial groups

  • There’s something rotten at the heart of Coachella, and the values it appears to represent don’t exactly line up with its owner’s practices. 
  • According to recent reports, the festival’s owner, Philip Anschutz, has a history of funding anti-LGBTQ groups and climate denial strategy, in addition to having a record of anti-environmental scandals.
  • Anschutz has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-gay organizations, such as the Alliance Defending Freedom, the National Christian Foundation and the Family Research Council. 
  • These groups, according to the Washington Post, are “aggressively working to chip away at the equal rights of LGBTQ Americans." 
  • Greenpeace has also specifically named Anschutz as a major financer of climate denial groups, alongside fossil fuel billionaires the Koch Brothers. Read more
folkkvangr replied to your post “so… Leia wearing black means she is on the fucking WAR PATH?”

i have a serious take on this and a silly one. the serious one goes that anakin wearing black becomes a warning for all new governments that if they fail their people, the shadow is always lingering, waiting to swallow them. the silly one has a jingle and is aired on holonets and goes “are you tired of your local government? is it about time for a just revolt of the people? then call 1-800-ekkreth, and we’ll send a genuine Skywalker straight to your local government!”

Help I am sobbing with laughter.

(Meanwhile Padme’s ghost is also cackling with laughter, and she will not stop trolling Anakin’s dreams and teasing him about the fact that he’s become, like, the defender of democracy now.

At first he’s just excited to see her, and also intensely guilty, but eventually it becomes normal enough that he starts getting annoyed, until finally he’s just like, “Ugh, Padme, I still don’t care about democracy. I just care about people being free.”

Padme just looks at him and then smirks, really slowly. “Sure,” she says. “Whatever you want to call it.”)
Christian video company sues for the right to discriminate against same-sex couples
The founders say doing so would contradict their religious beliefs.

A Christian video production company is suing Minnesota over a nondiscrimination law that requires them to provide services for same-sex weddings, even if doing so violates their religious beliefs. 

If they break the law, they could face a $25,000 fine, 90 days in jail or both.

The lawsuit, backed by the conservative Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom, stated that producing wedding videos for same-sex couples “directly contradicts their religious beliefs” in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, which protects freedom of religion.

The case is the latest involving U.S. businesses that have declined to provide services to gay couples, citing Christian beliefs.

Gay marriage became legal in Minnesota in 2013, and a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last year legalized it nationwide. Minnesota’s Human Rights Act requires that private businesses provide services to all regardless of factors including race, disability, age, gender and sexual preference.

Oh, goodie, we’re still doing this. 


Arizona school district puts an anti-abortion, pro-abstinence sticker in every biology textbook 

Late last year, the Alliance Defending Freedom — a religious and conservative advocacy group — bombarded the Gilbert, Arizona, public school board demanding several pages be removed from an honors biology textbook. While doing so would have violated copyright law, the school found another solution: Stickers. The worst part though? The content the Alliance Defending Freedom took issue with is medically accurate information.

Why Mash and Monde are important for Mary's character

Watching the show yesterday, I found myself asking an important question. Although this is completely my opinion, Bash and Conde are actually extremely important to Mary’s character (Bash in season 1, Conde in season 2). As one of the few Mash shippers, I found myself sad over the fact that Reign writers replaced a love triangle with another one. Bash and Conde seemed SO similar to me. They were both there to pick up Mary after Francis’s mistakes. So I asked myself this

“What is the difference between Bash and Conde?”

And I finally thought of an answer that seemed right to me. Bash and Conde being two different people and being a love interest works to a certain degree. They each reflect a struggle Mary is facing for the season. Bash is free spirit. Conde is heart. Francis is her queenly obligations. 

This of course doesn’t mean that Mary doesn’t genuinely love Francis, just in different ways from the other two.

In the first season we have Bash who says things like “With me you are wild and free.” Mary at this time is preparing to be ruler of France and know she doesn’t have a choice. She is of royal blood, but still very playful and innocent. The entire first season was the transition of a princess to the Queen of France. I could go on forever of the conflicts Mary faced that season and how freedom/alliances/obligations messed up her relationship with Francis. Mary has to rule but also wants to be free and make her own choices. 

This is where Bash comes in. Someone who puts her first before obligation. Together, they even see a baby being born (symbolizing innocence). Bash was a part of her innocence and part of her freedom to do what she wishes. But she can’t do what she wishes. She’s going to be a Queen. Picking Francis over him, she slowly started losing her innocence and led to her transition in season 2. Now she’s a bit harsher. 

In the very beginning of season 2, Mary is at conflict with Katherine on how to rule her kingdom as the Queen.  The conflict being what her heart wants and what is right for France. This is when we are introduced to Conde. She slowly builds her friendship with him and opens up her heart to him. when she was dealing with her sexual assault, Conde was right there by her instead of Francis. The same episode her friend tells her she is strong and finally gets through to her heart-Mary touches Conde.  

Leading to the most recent episode when Mary was telling Conde why they couldn’t be together. He points out that all her reasons weren’t of the heart. And he was right. Her duty as the Queen and loyalty to Francis and blocking out another relationship. 

I truly believe that if Mary doesn’t end up with Conde or Bash, her innocence will be completely gone. As much as I want Mash to be end game. Free spirit and free will are least likely to happen for Mary. Maybe that’s why it seems like such a tragic couple. However, I think Mary can be a Queen who chooses her heart. There have been many rulers who are loved by their people and rule by their hearts. If Mary were to follow this path, she could become the opposite of Henry and Katherine and instead inspire her people. In order to reach that, Francis has to die while Mary becomes Queen (as happened in real life). 

None of this means Frary isn’t a necessary couple, I think all three of these ships are important for Mary’s character and her character development. This is how I see things going down or should go down. 

Consider: Critical Role Firefly AU.

  • Vex and Vax as a pair of smugglers, barely eking out a living, but enjoying their freedom.  Born to an Alliance politician and a rim-planet farmer, they never really felt welcome in either world, so they took to the Black in a crappy little ship and made it their home.
  • Pike as a doctor the twins picked up when she was looking for a ship that’d help her find her missing foster brother, Grog.  She comes to like them and elects to stay.
  • Grog as the hired muscle of the twins’ crew, who was offered the job after they rescued him with Pike.
  • Scanlan as a companion hitching a ride with the twins to get to his various clients on the cheap.  His mother died in a Reaver attack when he was young.
  • Keyleth as a university student who is “studying abroad” for her dissertation on terraforming and the rim worlds and ends up as a long term passenger on the twins’ boat.  She’s terrified that her research won’t be good enough.
  • Percy as an engineer the twins hired after they sprung him from a jail on some backwater moon and found out he’s quite nifty.  He has episodes where he isn’t responsive to others and/or goes into a state of ruthless hyperfocus where he achieves alarming feats of dexterity and marksmanship.  There others know little about his past beyond the fact that the Alliance thinks he’s dead.
  • The ship is called the Greyskull.

It’s amazing how when Planned Parenthood hired an organization to go over the videos, and found that there was editing/misinformation, anti-choicers lost their shit and disregarded the information simply because Planned Parenthood hired them.

Now there’s an organization hired by Alliance Defending Freedom (a religious hate group I might add), that found no editing apparently. They’re celebrating/parading this information around, and ignored us when we pointed out that by their claims, this information should also be disregarded because the organization was hired by a biased company. 

I’m not even surprised at the level of hypocrisy anti-choicers demonstrate anymore.