“The animal of prey is the highest form of mobile life. It implies a maximum of freedom for self against others, of responsibility to self, of singleness of self, an extreme of necessity where that self can hold its own only by fighting and winning and destroying. It imparts a high dignity to Man, as a type, that he is a beast of prey.”

Oswald Spengler (1880 - 1936)
Man and Technics - A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life


awaken mother/earth I have cleansed you again/with drops of silver

with drops of silver/open your soul and be free/flora and fauna

flora and fauna/stretch your newfound consciousness/find your purpose here

find your purpose here/oh you new dancing flowers/and be eternal

-spring rain-

thank you @goodlucksolvingmesherly for the prompt :)

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I always find conservatives and libertarians always use ’freedom of speech’ as a get out of jail card to say all the shit they want and shut down debate. But the thing is freedom of speech applies to everyone which means its in everyones right to critise what u are saying and u have to face the consequences of what u say!