I am a Wolf of strength. Nothing can break my spirit. I am wild and free. I am a warrior of the light. I am me. #amaroqthewolfdog #wildspirit #freespirit #freedom #wolf #warrior #wolfwarrior #wolfphotography #worldofwolves #wolfdog #mysticwolf #photography #wolfhybridsofinstagram #pets_of_instagram #photooftheday

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Sunday Breakfast!

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Breakfast of champions!
PC:📷 @spectrain_nc - It’s never to late for @highspeedgear #tacotuesday I take mine with a side of #🇺🇸 with a hint of #🐍 and heavy on the #freedom. Halfway to the weekend. Get after it! -

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I want to be an author living deep in the forest, with only my imagination to keep me company. But other times I want to be a detective living in the heart of a big city, living off caffeine and adrenaline, ready to answer calls to the most gruesome cases. Other times I want to be an artist, who lives in a flat above a street cafe studying art and theatre with a cat named Button. Or an island princess with only animals as company with feathers and braids in her unruly hair. Or, sometimes I want to be a regency lady, wearing long flowing dresses with her hair in a hairstyle that defies the laws of physics, dancing at balls with royalty. Or a surfer, who has enough money to keep her happy and care free, living at the ocean with a dolphin as her friend.

I really can’t decide!


Beanie with Screen Printed “Gadsden Rattlesnake”. Made in USA.

The “Gadsden Rattlesnake” is screen printed on a Made in America Bayside Beanie. - 100% acrylic knit - Approx. 8 ½" long - Made in the USA These are screen printed with elasticizer added to the ink so the print will easily stretch.

From Sons of Liberty Tees: