I was tagged by harlows-monkeys and she just posted a bunch of selfies without an explanation as to why I’m supposed to post a bunch of selfies too but I’m guessing it’s a year recap thing sooo…. Thanks(?) Abby love.

1.) I turned 20 and my dear friend Ashley drove out to the corn field Martin is to visit.

2.) You already know. Horse freak.

3.) I took shots in Gulf Shores with Pam from Archer because HOLY SHIT SNACKS.

4.) Was the ultimate white girl and took a selfie in a jeep with the babes.

5.) Accidentally matched the boyfriend and we saw each other on campus wearing the same thing. Disgusting.

6.) Starbucks got vanilla caramel chia and its very good and very basic.

7.) Black Friday round two and I love customers.

8.) Worked at Aero for an official year and man it’s been R.E.A.L.

9.) Horse wants treats and can’t find them. Next best thing is to sniff my face.

Tagging bird-with-no-wings and whoever else wants to do this

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers.

Love this! Self love y'all! Seriously, do this if i send it to you. I want to know what makes you happy to be YOU. 

1.) My eyes are hella blue and hella fine

2.) I’m a sweet multi-tasker and for the most part not a procrastinator

3.) I love that I’m really interested in my future career and that I’m super motivated to go places with it 

4.) I like that I can admit to my mistakes and not blame others for my wrong doings

5.) Overall I feel like I’m an open minded person and I love the fact that i  allow myself to learn new things and change my opinions upon further understanding and comprehension