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Gray Fullbuster - Fairy Tail

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Ja’far - Magi/ Snb

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Kaoru Hitachiin - Ohshc

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Makoto Tachibana - Free!

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Freed Justine - Fairy Tail

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For those who may have forgotten about this interesting detail that got only mentioned once; this title exists. Freed the Dark. We don’t know why exactly Freed has this title/nickname but I think all our assumptions go into the same direction. It’s probably not only his kinda dark magic though also the small devilish and sadistic streaks he’s shown to have in some situations and I just think that it’s an important and interesting information. Mashima probably won’t tell us more about this, even though I’d love to know more of Freed’s past, but this little info alone already tells a lot. If you’ve any headcanons or ideas about this then I’d love to read them, too!

More Headcanons

Time for Fraxus because I really need to work on their relationship a bit more

● Laxus really really likes brushing Freed’s hair

● The only time Laxus ever feels jealous is when Freed picks up a book

● Freed likes to sit in Laxus’ s lap while he reads

● If Laxus starts getting annoyed from a lack of attention Freed can tell because his hair starts standing up

● Static electricity ftw

● Laxus didn’t realize he was a big cuddler until he got with Freed

● Freed didn’t realize what a big softie Laxus could be until they got together

● Both Freed and Laxus really really want a kitty cat

● Especially Freed

● Laxus makes it his fucking mission to get his bf a cat

● Laxus is awkward af and Freed is really fucking smooth

● And Laxus is like wtf who is this person

● Basically just Fraxus

● I am so gay wtf

● But I’m not but I fucking am

● Someone help me


Here’s a sneak peak of the project I was working on before I started this crazy moving process. Right now it’s stalled at the line art and I still have to pick one more character to add but once I get everything unpacked I’ll be back to working on it!

It’s your love that fixed the scattered segments of mine
Rectified my cold and frozen heart
Made rainbows appear in my stormy mind
Killed the anxiety planting in my head
Taught me how to love every droplets of life
Took away my fear for storms and dark
Freed me from the web of anger and hate
Wiped the tears pouring down my cheeks
Wrapped me in a warm embrace that felt like home
Yearned my soul that once died and buried
Replaced my nightmares with sweet dreams
Filled my heart with every sentiment
My heart was alive once again
Like, a magic spell was casted
You’re the magician as I might say
Thank you for making it possible
Thank you for loving a broken girl
—  S.L
Blind and deaf as a child, Helen Keller had no idea that the ‘words’ her teacher signed into her palms actually referred to things. Then in a dramatic moment it came crashing in on her that she could use these words to refer to things and so talk about things, thereby being freed from her dark and silent prison. It shows so powerfully that words in themselves do not refer; rather people refer by means of their words.
—  William L. Craig
Meanwhile in the Cage with Michael, Lucifer and Adam...
  • Michael and Lucifer arguing like normal when they suddenly stop and just stare at each other in horror.
  • Adam: Oh God, that can't be good. That's bad. That's really bad.
  • Michael: I can't believe they just did that.
  • Adam: What's going on?
  • Lucifer: Your stupid brothers just freed the Darkness and broke the universe.
  • Adam: Shit.
  • Michael: We should stop fighting and get out of here.
  • Lucifer: Good idea, smartass.
  • Michael & Lucifer: *start screaming like hell*

I really couldn’t resist.

(Yeah no writing inspiration for Gruvia week so- I had to do something)

Freed At Last

Dark. Silence.

Sammy didn’t know how long he has been trapped here. Hell, he didn’t even know what happened to his dad and brother. He sighed and shifted in his tiny prison until he felt a movement and he wildly glanced around. “Dean?” Iscthat you?“ he called. At no answer, his eyes filled with tears and he let them fall. He was trapped in this stupid necklace because he was a stupid kid. Suddenly a bright light engulfed the tiny room and when Sam opened his eyes, he was staring into an older version of him.

Finally an official post now that November is closer! This had yet to happen but here it is:

                                  Freed Justine Weekend

It will take place on the 17th & 18th of November and it’s split up in two parts!

November 17th: Freed Justine
November 18th: ‘The Dark’

I have the feeling that many easily forget how awesome, badass and complex this character is, not only because he ( along with the rest of the Thunder God Tribe ) gets way less attention than he deserves, so this week is a way to dedicate some time for this man only!

This blog will host it and you are free to message me if there are any questions. Now of course there are a couple of rules which need to be mentioned for this work:

1.) Anyone who wants to can participate!
2.) Almost no limits as to what you can post/submit/contribute! Fanart, fanfictions, any sort of edits, colorings, etc.
3.) No shippy stuff! This is a weekend dedicated to Freed and his amazing character so please keep it about him only! The same goes for nsfw stuff - I’m sure no one has something against sexy Freed, by all means post it! But overly nsfw stuff should be avoided.
4.) There are two ways you can contribute: Either you submit your posts to this blog if you are more comfortable like this or you post your contributions for this week. If you post them on your blog please make sure to leave at least one of the following tags in the first five tags of your post: freed justine weekend, freedjustineweekend, freedweekend
5.) For the second day you are more than welcome to submit any kind of headcanons as well! We don’t know how exactly it came to him having this title but I’m sure many of you have brilliant headcanons about it!
6.) Have fun and give this amazing character all the love he deserves!

I am looking forward to this event and hope to see many amazing contributions and it would be great if you could spread the word!

Credit for this droolworthy art pic goes to Hiro Mashima.

I have been thinking about Rowena’s role as the one who cast the spell that removed the mark and freed the darkness. Was it just me, or did her power seem to ramp up to 11 after she cast the spell? The spell’s main ingredient, contrary to everything we’d been predicting, ended up being a part of herself.

All along, we’ve been led to believed that the cure would have to do with love. This has been hinted at going all the way back to S8, where the ingredients for the angel fall spell all had something to do with love, and Metatron’s story about love and heartbreak and love, and Dean not being with the love… and love. The entire Power of Love undercurrent (Who Do You Love? We all love you. The people who love me. Need I go on?) took a sharp left turn in the finale when the spell became about Rowena’s metaphorical heart. The one thing she’s ever loved in her long and witchy existence had to be sacrificed for her to complete the spell releasing the darkness. In the end, it had nothing to do with Dean’s love, Cas’s love, Sam’s love, or even (heaven forbid) Crowley’s love.

So it was Rowena whose heart is now tied to the Darkness. She’s the one who freed it. I don’t know what her relationship will be with this force she unleashed on the universe, but I really hope it’s explored in S11. I would love to see her tied to this beast that she unleashed. Primordial chaos may not be subservient to any master, but they are connected through the spell Rowena cast.