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I have so many requests to catch up on! T^T I’m so sorry, guys! Life has been pretty crazy. But here’s a WIP and a promise to you all that I’m working on them! <3

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The Lunar Witches.

“I am a Luna Child, Born of night’s own tender womb. Kissed by light and freed by darkness, my kin fly high across the glittering sky. Bats and owls, moths and witches, We are all children of the moon. Blessed with wisdom hinged on madness, our North star shines from within.” #SilverAppleSociety

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Gray Fullbuster - Fairy Tail

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Ja’far - Magi/ Snb

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Kaoru Hitachiin - Ohshc

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Makoto Tachibana - Free!

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Freed Justine - Fairy Tail

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It’s the second time this blog will host it and while I do apologize for the blog’s deadness over the past year I am excited to announce the next official

                                           Raijinshuu Week

It will again start on May 20th and end on May 24th! The dates have been overtaken from the blog that used to host the week years ago. In the following you can read the prompts I have thought have:

  • Day 1(May 20th): Freed ‘The Dark’ Justine
  • Day 2(May 21st): Bickslow
  • Day 3(May 22nd): Evergreen
  • Day 4(May 23rd): Eye magics
  • Day 5(May 24th): Blue Pegasus

Fairy Tail’s strongest three member and probably most feared team is far too underappreciated in the fandom and unfortunately doesn’t get all too much fighting or general panel time in the manga anymore either even though all three of them are unique and interesting characters and definitely can kick major ass s please, if you have the time to participate, do! <3

Feel free to message me if there are any questions. Now of course there are a couple of rules which need to be mentioned for this work:

1.) Anyone who wants to can participate!
2.) Almost no limits as to what you can post/submit/contribute! Fanart, fanfictions, headcanons, any sort of edits, colorings, etc.
3.) No shippy stuff! This is a weekend dedicated to this team and their amazing characters so please keep it about these three only! The same goes for nsfw stuff, I’m sure not one has something against sexy Thunder God Tribe individuals but as all three of them a gorgeous - but overly nsfw stuff should be avoided.
4.) There are two ways you can contribute: Either you submit your posts to this blog if you are more comfortable like this or you post your contributions for this week. If you post them on your blog please make sure to leave at least one of the following tags in the first five tags of your post: raijinshuu appreciation, raijinshuuappreciation, raijinshuuweek, raijinshuu week.
5.) Have fun and give these amazing characters all the love they deserve!

I am looking forward to this event and hope to see many amazing contributions and it would be great if you could spread the word!

Can We Take A Second To Appreciate How…

Hook has always been so attentive to Emma’s needs?

Because sorry, I’ve forgotten. Please, remind me…

Who was it that bandaged Emma’s hand after she cut it on the bean stalk?
Who was it that saw Emma needed a way to get to Henry and offered his services and his ship?
Who was it that gave Emma Neal’s cutlass because he saw she needed something of his to hold on to?
Who was it that poked a lil hole in a coconut so Emma could have something to drink?
Who was it that immediately told Emma’s family when he found out Neal was alive?
Who was it that gave Emma a pep talk about how he’s never seen her fail, and that’s why he knows she’ll succeed in saving Henry?
Who was it that promised to win Emma’s heart in a fair way?
Who was it that saved Emma’s father’s life?
Who was it that convinced Emma, even when she didn’t remember him, that she was living a life of lies?
Who was it that took care of Henry while Emma was busy?
Who was it that made Henry feel better about his dad’s death when Emma couldn’t?
Who was it that encouraged Emma to embrace her powers?
Who was it that saw right through Emma’s bullshit and kept telling her she couldn’t just run back to New York?
Who was it that didn’t kiss Emma when his lips were enchanted, and did everything he could to make sure Emma kept her magic?
Who was it that went to find Emma when she was sitting alone on a park bench?
Who was it that followed Emma into a bloody time portal?
Who was it that helped Emma on her quest to get her parents’ love back on track?
Who was it that made sure Emma had a partner who knew what he was doing at her first royal ball?
Who was it that said he’d go to the end of the world for Emma, or time?
Who was it that gathered Emma into his arms so that she’d have someone to hold onto while she watched her mother die?
Who was it that encouraged Emma not to keep reliving that terrible event?
Who was it that wiped Emma’s tears when he could tell there was something still bothering her, even after they got her parents’ love back on track?
Who was it that talked Emma through what was bothering her and believed in her, which led to the return of her magic?
Who was it that was Emma’s right hand man when she was fighting off the snow monster?
Who was it that shouted “You can do this!” when he could see Emma needed a confidence boost?
Who was it that reminded Emma that they need to enjoy life’s quiet moments?
Who was it that did everything he possibly could to get Emma out of the ice cave?
Who was it that gathered Emma into his arms, enveloping her with the warmth of his body, when she finally got out of said ice cave?
Who was it that fetched Emma the space heater?
Who was it that knelt on the hard floor and cuddled Emma to keep her warm?
Who was it that couldn’t resist going to the woods and trying to find the snow queen because Emma shouldn’t have been doing it alone?
Who was it that made Emma feel better and told her exactly what she needed to hear, that he was a survivor?
Who was it that handed Emma a drink when she looked like she needed one?
Who was it that asked Emma permission and made sure she was okay before looking into an intimate part of her life?
Who was it that held Emma’s hand and put his arm around her when he could see her heart was hurting?
Who was it that desperately tried to get a hold of Emma and warn her that the Crocodile was trying to hurt her?
Who was it that said he’d die fighting before he let Gold use the bloody hat on Emma?
Who was it that told Emma he was a fan of every part of her?
Who was it that came to see Emma one last time, but didn’t tell her of his impending doom because he knew she had more important things to focus on?
Who was it that reassured Emma that he was a survivor once he had his heart back in his chest?
Who was it that brought Emma a grilled cheese when she was hungry?
Who was it that assured Emma he didn’t intend to let her down?
Who was it that walked over to Emma so she could feel him breathing after Ursula failed to kill him?
Who was it that figured out Gold’s evil plan and warned Emma about it?
Who was it that told Emma that her friend was feeling better?
Who was it that comforted Emma after she learned the terrible thing that her parents had done?
Who was it that talked Emma into reconciling with her parents?
Who was it that, even when he couldn’t REMEMBER who she was, sacrificed his life to help Emma get back to reality?
Who was it that talked Emma down from causing Merida’s heart?
Who was it that refused to let Emma’s family use the dagger on her?
Who was it that enveloped Emma in his arms and made her feel better afterwards?
Who was it that the most intent on finding Merlin and vanquishing the darkness?
Who was it that tried to True Love’s Kiss the darkness out of Emma?
Who was it that refused to fall for Dark Swan’s! antics?
Who was it that grabbed Emma’s hand and didn’t let her use dark magic?
Who was it that stuck up for Emma and said saving Robin would be too much for her?
Who was it that held Emma in his arms when she was seeing Rumplestiltskin?
Who was it that stayed up with Emma when she couldn’t sleep?
Who was it that went with Henry to take Emma to a quiet and isolated little nook?
Who was it that promised he’d never stop fighting for Emma and their love?
Who was it that got Emma’s heart racing?
Who was it that got rid of Rumplestiltskin for Emma?
Who was it that gave Emma a ring so that she had something to draw strength from when she was alone?
Who was it that told Emma that all sins could be forgiven when someone loves you?
Who was it that made sure to get Excalibur from Arthur for Emma?
Who was it that once again, prevented the dagger from being used on Emma?
Who was it that talked Emma through her fears of the future?
Who was it that gave Emma an encouraging nod when she was about to forge the blades?
Who was it that was willing to die so that the blades could be forged so Emma could be freed from the darkness?
Who was it that encouraged Emma to STAB HIM WITH EXCALIBUR?

Who was it that made Emma feel safe 100% of the time?
Who was it that made Emma feel valuable 100% of the time?
Who was it that made Emma feel loved 100% of the time?
Who was it that attended to Emma’s needs 100% of the time?



empresstress13  asked:

Are you still writing prompts? I was wondering recently what is Melarue up to in the Mana'din AU? What does she think of the youngest Evanuris? Or is there a version of Melarue that ends up coming through any of the eluvians in the version of the AU with the clusterfuck of worlds?

Falon’Din is not really dead, Melarue learns that quickly enough. If the great lord Dirthamen and his daughter and the gracious Mythal think they can hide that fact, they are wrong. Mythal would not kill one of her children, and Dirthamen does not show the signs that a twin-souled would upon the death of their other half. Melarue knows what to look for, and that is something that the evanuris in their hubris seem to have forgotten. 

The rise of the youngest member of the pantheon is built upon lies, just like the entirety of her family’s empire. Melarue had thought, briefly, that Dirthamen’s daughter may have shown promise. Perhaps a child not raised by Mythal could learn to see the truth.

But whether or not Mana’Din has seen that truth, she has not acted upon it. 

Melarue will act. 

There is so much innocent blood on them all. No amount of change or forgiveness will wipe that away. They will be held accountable for each and every death, Melarue will make certain of it. 

Mana’Din, at least, seems to understand that there is a price she must pay. That her title and her family’s power was built upon the backs of slaves and regardless of her kindness, she will one day face judgment. 

She is trying, but it is not enough. Not when Melarue can clearly see that in the end, Mana’Din will not allow the death of the tyrants. Her compassion will cost the lives of countless others. The change she hopes to instill will come with every new sacrifice and murder her family enacts in the meantime. 

Melarue has kept the ledgers exact, to show the evanuris what is due, when the time comes.

They had hoped, and it had been an odd thing. But Mana’Din is not a rebel. She grew up coddled and loved and she will never shake herself from the privilege of godhood. 

It is a shame, but it was inevitable. One who has not suffered under the evanuris does not have the right to decide if that suffering was worth it, or how long it should last before there is peace. 

The evanuris must die. 

Mana’Din, at least, may die mercifully. Melarue will give her that.

It is a choice none of the evanuris have ever seen fit to bestow, after all.

So in the Mana’Din AU, we really see the WORST of Falon’Din up close and personal on many levels, and so there is certainly no way that Melarue would look kindly on any of the evanuris there. Because as kind Mana’Din is, and as much as Dirthamen is changing to become better, they are both utterly complicit in the acts of their fellow tyrants and have actively contributed to them. Redemption does not mean that they get to live their lives free of that, even if they do turn on their family to aid the people. You have to be held accountable for the things you’ve done. It is a very dark AU for Mel, because they’ve lost Nithroel, and countless more of those they knew and cared for in the fighting that followed when Falon’Din started going mad.

It is an AU where Melarue is heavily sided with the Nameless, and will likely go on to become the Cunning One again. 

As to the clusterfuck AUs, if any version of Melarue comes through those eluvians it is likely that they’re coming from a world that’s been destroyed by the evanuris (unless it is a modern au) so I highly doubt that they’ll be any kinder at all to the idea of Mana’Din or her family. Mana’Din might have a better chance of getting them on her side that way, though. Melarue would definitely be a shrewd and blunt adviser to Mana’Din and, similar to Elalas, would not hesitate to call her a killer and a tyrant and remind her of the blood on her hands and those of her family.  The problem is that if this Melarue also comes from a world that was not only torn apart by the Evanuris but then locked away and nearly destroyed by Solas, Melarue will likely send someone to kill him as well to keep these things from repeating. 

Ghost Whisperer - Request

Requested by anon:  Heyyy, I would really appreciate if u can write an one-shot about the reader can see ghost and helps them to get to the other side (something like the show Ghost Whisperer?) and the Winchester boys find her and are curious about it and you can add something else maybe. Thank youuuu!!!

Characters: Dean x reader x Sam (No Wincest).

Word Count: 4,962

Warnings: It made me cry. Major character’s death (can’t specify because #spoiler), angst (but a happy ending), some people may get triggered (because, you know, death).

A/N: This made me cry. Things like this can be difficult for some people so if it triggers you, I’m sorry. This took a twist I never expected it to take but I’m so happy with the result I can’t help but to keep it. Ghost Whisperer was one of my favourite shows as a child so I left myself go with this one and make it as emotional as I remember the show to be. Enjoy!

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He was just a boy – a scared boy that missed his mum. He needed guidance, he needed patience, he needed to feel safe and that’s what she was there for.

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) was one of the most popular psychic/medium in the hunting community. She tried to stay away from dangerous spirits and focused on helping the others to cross to the other side. It was a lot easier to call her and let her do her thing than salting and burning graves like crazy, which was what made her so popular.

Of course she couldn’t run from dangerous ghosts all the time, and she had the “pleasure” to meet some during the beginnings of her career. That’s how she met hunters and formed a friendship with them.

She wasn’t a murderer, or a criminal. She had a small business in a calm town, where she’d sell all kinds of ingredients for spells and other stuff that hunters needed in order to wrap of their gigs. Sometimes, if the ghost wasn’t much of a danger/murderer but rather an innocent in an awful situation, they would call her and she’d help said ghost to cross. Otherwise, she tried to stay away from hunting because it was far too dangerous.

She’d go to hunter’s gather ups, funerals, parties, conventions, etc. and was very involved in everything that happened in that community. She had always had an interest for supernatural things, even before receiving her gift, so she would try and keep up with whatever was going on.

The Winchesters were usually part of said things.

She had heard their names over and over again as the years went by. “The Winchesters freed demons from Hell”, “The Winchesters started the Apocalypse”, “The Winchesters died, came back, died, and came back again”, “The Winchesters are dealing with angels”, “The Winchesters are hunting a knight from Hell”, “The Winchesters split up, one of them turned into a demon, not sure which one”, “The Winchesters are back together, they freed the darkness”, “The Winchesters set Lucifer free once more”, “The Winchesters are allied to a witch and a demon”, etc.

She had never seen them in person. Hell, she hadn’t even seen a picture of them, but every huntress that walked by at her store agreed on one thing: They were both handsome and funny. However, none of the many words the huntresses used to describe them actually compared to the beauty of both brothers.

(Y/N) was having a regular day at her store, cleaning a bit on the back when two men entered. The bell hung over the door made its usual tingling noise, calling (Y/N) back to the front desk. She almost gasped at the two men waiting patiently for her to appear.

One of them was taller than the other. He had long brown hair, a lot silkier than anyone else and the most intense hazel eyes she had seen. The other one had dirty blonde hair, shorter than the first man, and the kind of green eyes you can only read at a romantic novella. They both had sharp jawlines, and broad muscles that could be seen even under their multiple layers of clothing. If it weren’t for the scars over their face and hands – presumably over every inch of their body – (Y/N) would’ve thought they were Calvin Klein Models.

“Hello, can I help you?” (Y/N) smiled, trying to act chill in order to hide the arousal from the mere sight of them.

“We’re looking for (Y/N).” The blond one spoke. He had a deep voice that made her heart skip a beat.

“It’s me. What can I do for you?” Both brothers shared a glance before looking back at her. They were smiling like idiots – really hot idiots. “Ingredients for a spell? A ‘special’ weapon? Maybe a reading?”

“You read?” The brunet asked, showing true interest.

“Tarot, palms, tea and coffee…” She replied proudly.

“Awesome.” The blond mumbled as he gave her a boyish grin.

Having two men with such looks was far away from anything she had ever imagined, which was causing her to blush uncontrollably. “So… Reading?”

“Actually we’re here to… Talk about your…”The tall one struggled to formulate the sentence.

“Talent.” The other one finished.

“Uh…” She muttered, “It’s a gift… I got it when I was twelve, and it’s uh… Cool, I guess.” She was shy, looking down to her fidgeting hands. She was truly adorable, and the brothers couldn’t help but to feel drawn to her.

“So who gave it to you?” One of them asked.

“My grandma… Although she didn’t give-give it to me… It’s a gift, a power that runs in our bloodline… My mother is too much of a scared cat to develop it, so she doesn’t have it.” (Y/N) explained with a shy smile on her lips, “My grandma helped me develop it and… Here I am.”

“We’ve heard so much about you.” The green-eyed man confessed, making the other one slap his shoulder.

“Really? Where?”

“Take a guess.” He dared her, and his brother continued to give him warning glances and punches.

“You’re definitely not reporters, nor writers from some snazzy sci-fi community… I’d say you’re hunters but I’ve never seen you before…”

“We stay away from other hunters as much as we can… Our dad didn’t like hunter gather ups so we grew up isolated from everyone else.” Sam explained quickly.

“Who was your father? Maybe I heard of him?” She leaned down on the desk, very interested in the conversation.

“John Winchester.” They said in unison.

“Oh yeah, he went over to my grandma’s to try and contact his wife… He also got into a lot of fights with other hunters and… WAIT.” She stood up straight as her eyes widened in realization. “Winchesters! THE Winchesters that have been messing around with things they shouldn’t!”

Sam and Dean shared a look once more before looking back at her. They gave her an apologising smile and shrugged their shoulders. “If it works… We’ve fixed each and every single one of them.” The blond one offered.

“Almost…” The other one muttered.

“Right… So which one’s Dean and which one’s Sam?” She asked.

“I’m Dean.” The blond one said, “and this is Sam.” Sam waved his hand shyly.

“Cool.” She said nonchalantly, “I’m about to close so why don’t you come to the back with me so you can answer some questions.”

Sam nodded shyly, while Dean winked at her flirtingly. They were so opposite to each other, and it could only be proven by such minor gestures like the way they stood up, or how they talked, even in the faces they made when she recognized them as trouble makers. (Y/N) felt like she could read them as easily as she read magazines and even when she was acting chill, she was being a hard-core fangirl on the inside.

(Y/N) shut the store as she usually did on regular days and guided the brothers to the backside of the store. There were a lot more strange objects there than there were at the front; there was also a table and a small fridge in the corner. (Y/N) asked them to sit and walked over to the fridge and took out three beers.

“So, are we in trouble?” Dean asked flirtingly, making Sam giving him yet another warning look.

“Funny.” (Y/N) replied sassily, handing the brothers their beer. “I’ve heard a lot about you, guys… There are so many things I’d like to know.” She said as she sat down in front of them.

“Look, Sam!” Dean joked, “The girl we’ve been fanboying about for over a year is now fangirling over us!” Sam let out a laugh.

(Y/N) let out a chuckle. “It’s hard not to fangirl over the guys that have turned the world upside down over and over again.”

“Say we also have some questions for you… What about we make a deal?” Sam inquired. (Y/N) lifted an eyebrow and encouraged him to keep talking, “You ask, we answer; then we ask and you answer…”

“Quid pro quo, Clarice.” Dean added, using his best Hannibal impression.

“Go on.” She smiled at the man. Sam rolled his eyes and started asking.

They shared all kinds of stories, anecdotes and even little secret no one else had heard before. The three of them got along so easily, it was almost as if Life wanted them to become friends.

They were laughing, drinking from their beers, and talking when (Y/N) suddenly froze. She sat straight on her chair as her face turned serious, looking to her side as if someone was whispering into her ear.

“They are good people, I promise.” She whispered to the air.

“Uh… (Y/N)?” Sam asked as he and his brother looked at each other in confusion. (Y/N) gestured them to stop talking with a movement of her hand.

“Don’t worry, Kate… Why don’t you go upstairs and play with the dolls, huh?” The woman continued, “I promise I’ll be up in less time than you think.” Then, a cold shiver ran down the brothers’ spine as the girl followed it with her eyes, giving it a begging look. The coldness faded and she finally relaxed.

“Sorry, it’s a girl I can’t finish sending to the other side…” She shivered, “My apologies.”

“It’s fine…” Sam calmed her.

“So, why is she here?” Dean asked with true concern.

“Unfinished business, like everyone else.” (Y/N) sighed.

“I mean like here… Here.” Sam and Dean leaned to the front.

“Uh… Long story… Pretty boring as well, don’t worry. She’s not dangerous.” (Y/N) shove the thought away and the Winchesters understood that it wasn’t something she’d like to talk about, so they returned to the previous, less awkward conversation.

(Y/N) offered them a place to crash. She had some extra rooms for the hunters that arrived to the store, so it wasn’t really a problem. (Y/N) guided them through a door hidden behind some voodoo stuff; it connected to a very cozy house.

The lights gave it a warm appearance, and the smell of cinnamon and vanilla was only adding extra points to it. She walked up a set of carpeted stairs that led to the rooms. They recognized her room immediately because of the clothes over her bed – it was the first one to the right. They walked forward and found two doors. She told them those were their rooms and begged them not to go exploring at nights because some hunter-friends had set a few traps all over her house and it was dangerous.

They fell asleep almost immediately. (Y/N) handmade sure to serve them a huge, home-made dinner in order to make up for the many beers they had drunk. The Winchesters couldn’t help but to moan and compliment her cooking with each bite they took, obviously eating until they felt like dying and then went to sleep.

The night was pretty calm, but Sam couldn’t help to wake up at the sound of a little girl singing. He figured it was some strange movie (Y/N) was watching or something and went back to sleep. Fifteen minutes later, Sam heard his door open and his mattress sink at someone else’s weight – someone lighter and smaller than him.

He opened his hazel eyes and met face to face with a very pretty girl. She must’ve been around eight years old, with big eyes and light hair. Her skin was pale, but apart from that, she looked normal.

“You make funny faces when you sleep.” She giggled, and though the comment was pretty scary, Sam smiled at her.

“My brother says the same.” He said with a shy giggle.

“My sister also makes weird faces… And sometimes she talks.” The girl spoke, “Grandma said she was talking to the spirits that were already on the other side.”

“So is (Y/N) your sister?” The girl nodded proudly.

“She’s the best sister in the world.”

“I’m sure she is.” Sam smiled sadly. Although he could see the girl, and even feel her weight beside him, he knew there was something odd about her, and he was almost certain of what that odd thing was. “What’s your name?”

“Kate. What’s your name?” Yup, there it was. He was very sure to have heard (Y/N) calling the ghost Kate.

“Sam.”  The hunter responded after clearing his throat.

“What’s your brother’s name?” She tilted her head.

“Dean.” The girl nodded again, “So why aren’t you asleep?”

“I don’t sleep… Not anymore.” The girl confessed sadly, “My sister says it’s because the shadow man, but I haven’t seen him anymore so I don’t know why I still can’t sleep.”

“That’s awful… I don’t sleep sometimes.” Sam spoke, trying to make her feel safe with him, “Who’s the Shadow Man?”

“I’ll tell you if you promise not to tell my sister.” The girl pouted. She was adorable, just like (Y/N).

“Promise.” Sam lifted his pinkie and the girl tangled it with his. Her touch was ice cold, and it felt like smoke.

“When a person turns into a ghost, the Shadow Man comes to get it.” Kate started, “That’s why my sister likes to help other ghosts… If they don’t leave soon, the Shadow Man makes them get angry and vengeful. After that, if they’re still here, the Shadow Man eats their energy and makes them do awful things until they become shadows just like him.”

“That’s so scary.” Sam said with a childish voice and the girl nodded in agreement. “But I’m sure you don’t fear him,” Kate shook her head, “So when did he come?”

“My sister says it was many years ago, but it feels like yesterday to me.” Kate spoke shyly, “He came after our parents died. We had just moved here and he was angry with my sister for keeping ghosts away from him, so he attacked me.”

“What did he do to you?” The girl shrugged her little shoulders.

“I don’t remember…”


“Weeeell…” She pressed a finger to her pouted lips and looked up, “A big shadow appeared in my room one night and it fell over me… It was all dark for many hours, but then my sister’s voice called me and I escaped the darkness…”


“It was like walking in smoke, so I just walked to the sound of her voice and I woke up in my bed.” She said somehow proudly, “My sister made her friends set all kinds of strange drawings on the windows and all kinds of strange traps all over the house to keep the Shadow Man away.”


“YES!” She exclaimed, raising her little hands to the air, “and she doesn’t let me go out… But its fine, because she spoils me.”

“She spoils you?” Sam let out a tender smile.

“Yeah, she doesn’t force me to shower anymore, or to change my clothes, see?” she gestured at the pink romper she was wearing, “This is my favourite piece and I can wear it every day! AND I DON’T HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL.” Her excitement made her fall back to the bed, causing both Sam and her to giggle once more. “She rocks.”

“I’m sure she does.” Sam smiled, helping her to sit back up.

“Is your brother cool like (Y/N)?”

“Oh yes.” And so, Sam proceeded to tell her all kinds of stories about Dean as a brother. Most of them the funny kind. Kate eventually cuddled next to him, and though her whole self was cold as Hell, Sam didn’t struggle to fall back asleep after hours of talking with Kate.

The next morning, (Y/N) and Dean woke up earlier than Sam. They were both cooking breakfast, turning out to be a really awesome team. Sam eventually went down and helped them set the table, and in no time they were already eating.

Dean was telling her about how his mother would make breakfast before dying, when (Y/N) froze again. This time, it wasn’t a cold air but rather a little girl jumping into Sam’s arms.

“Sam!” She cheered, climbing his legs to sit on his lap.

“Heya, Kate.” Sam smiled at her. (Y/N) dropped her fork as she stared in horror. Meanwhile, Dean got immediately embellished with the kid.

“Who’s this beautiful girl?” He said. Kate chuckled, and if she could, she would’ve blushed.

“I’m Kate!” She said, showing Dean a big smile with a few teeth missing.

“Nice to meet you, Kate.” Dean smiled back, “I’m Dean.”

“YOU’RE SAM’S BROTHER!” (Y/N) was still frozen, alternating her gaze between the brothers and her sister. She wasn’t supposed to be visible.

“Why didn’t you tell us you had a sister?” Dean asked, looking at (Y/N) for a second before turning back to Kate.

“She’s shy sometimes… Didn’t want to scare her, that’s all.” (Y/N) replied quickly.

“We’re not scary, right Kate?” Kate shook her head enthusiastically and moved over to sit with Dean.

“Hey, isn’t the ghost from yesterday a Kate too?” Sam asked, trying to push an explanation out of (Y/N).

“Ghost?” Kate asked as her smile faded.

“YES!” (Y/N) squealed, “But she’s a Cate with C and this Kate is Kate with K…” (Y/N) breathed out heavily, trembling.

“Like a Kardashian!” Kate cheered and (Y/N) stiffened.

“Where did you hear that?” She asked in a high pitched voice.

“I read it in one of your magazines.” Kate explained innocently.

“Stop reading my magazines, you do NOT want to be a Kardashian.” She pointed a finger her way, making Dean laugh loudly.

(Y/N) couldn’t help but to let Kate stay for the rest of the breakfast. Dean was head over heels with her, she was far too adorable for him to focus on anything else. Sam, on the other hand, gave (Y/N) a knowing look, which was replied with a heavy sigh from the woman.

Eventually, Kate dragged Dean to her bedroom, where they had a fabulous tea party while Sam helped (Y/N) clean up.

“Why haven’t you crossed her?” Sam finally asked. He and (Y/N) had finished picking up the table and were now washing the dishes.

“I can’t… It’s too hard.” She confessed, focusing on the dirty plates instead of looking up at Sam.

“This Shadow Man…” Sam started, “The lore books say he’s far too dangerous and…”

“He’ll find her one way or another… I know, Sam.” She sniffled.

“You have to help her.” Sam insisted and (Y/N) finally looked up at him. She had tears in her eyes.

“How am I supposed to tell her she’s dead?” She cried, “She’s just a girl, Sam… And, as ironic as it may be, she’s so full of life…”

“That’s not life, (Y/N).”

“She wanted to be a ballerina – she still does… How will I tell her she won’t ever be it?” Sam sighed.

“Dean and I will help you keep him away, but you have to cross her.”

“There are enough sigils in this house, already.” (Y/N) grumbled.

“She’s not supposed to be visible… Not even ‘palpable’ and you know it.” Sam hissed.

“Ghosts can be visible if they want to.” She muttered.

“Dean and I have been dead… All of our friends are dead as well and I can tell you that the only way a ghost can be visible to people other than psychics are if they are angry enough…”

“She’s not angry.”

“But what if the sigils stopped working?” (Y/N) stiffened at the thought, “Dean gave her a piggy-back ride to her room, can’t you see? He’s reaching out to her with sigils or not.”

“I can’t stop him.”

“Who is he? Maybe Dean and I can burn him.”

“He has a lot of shadows looking out for his bones… Trust me, others have tried it and didn’t make it.” (Y/N) dried her tears with the back of her hand.

“We’re not the others… We’ve faced worse than that… Trust me, we can fix it.” His hazel eyes showed nothing else but compassion and even hope. “We’ll salt and burn and you’ll tell her the truth and help her cross.”

(Y/N) let out a sigh along with a few more tears before agreeing. Sam didn’t hesitate in wrapping his arms around her, comforting her.

They told Dean, who couldn’t help but to get teary after realizing that the awesome girl he had been playing with was actually a ghost. He didn’t hesitate in helping, not even when they told him the plan consisted in Sam burning the bones on his own. Dean just copped with it.


The plan, although extra dangerous, was simple. Sam would burn the bones and (Y/N) would remove the sigils, exposing her sister as bait. Dean would make sure they Shadow Man didn’t get to her.

“I promise I will take good care of you… And Dean won’t allow the shadows touch you.” (Y/N) promised to her sister.

“I don’t want him to take me, I want to stay here with you forever.” The little girl cried. (Y/N)’s heart broke with her sisters words, and she cried and cried, holding her close to her chest.

“Nothing’s gonna harm you.” (Y/N) promised.

Dean kneeled beside (Y/N). “I’m like a superhero, Kate. I won’t let anything get you or your sister.”

Meanwhile, Sam had done a pretty good job at keeping the shadows away. They were literally what happens between being a vengeful spirit and turning into a demon, so salt was more than enough. Kate had given him a hula-hoop she had filled with salt when she was alive; it was (Y/N)’s idea and the only way she would let her sister join her during the “whispering missions” – as Kate liked to call them.

Sam hadn’t much trouble digging the grave almost completely, but just when he was about to reach the bones, a bunch of other shadows appeared and attacked him. Threatening to “swallow” him like they had did with Kate. But Sam Winchester was far more experienced to let them win – He was Sam freaking Winchester after all.

(Y/N) washed off the sigils and removed the traps. The Shadow Man started rising. It sounded like an extremely windy day inside their heads, and the lights went off and darkness surrounded the house.

Kate started whimpering.  She gripped tightly to her sisters legs as Dean stood in front of them protectively. “Hurry up, Sam.” Dean groaned, like he and his brother had some kind of telepathic connecting or something.

A silhouette formed out of the shadows. It was a tall, skinny man and he walked inside the house like nothing. His facial features were barely visible, but one thing was sure: He had a wicked smile and his eyes were shining red.

“Remember me, Kate?” The wind-like noise hissed. Kate buried her face in (Y/N)’s legs and the woman protectively wrapped her arms around her sister as Dean shot the man a pack of rock salt.

He was a powerful being – a demon. So rock salt didn’t fully stop him. Thankfully, Sam had suggested drawing a devil’s trap on the roof just in case, and the Shadow Man was walking towards it without even knowing it.

“Back off, bitch!” Dean ordered, which made the Shadow man chuckle.

With a flick of his dark hand, Dean was pushed against a wall. His gun flew to the other side of the room and Kate cried in horror as she lifted her gaze just enough to see Dean spitting blood from the impact. However, he was already inside the devil’s trap and he couldn’t get out of there.

“You think this will keep me forever?” The demon hissed. Strings of shadow appeared, crashing through the windows and the floor and started ripping the devil’s trap. Dean got up as fast as he could and reach for his gun, shooting at every tentacle he could.


Sam was already salting, but the shadows constantly messing up with him and beating him up were making the whole process slower.

The devil’s trap was about to become useless and Dean had run out of salt. So he did what his reckless ass thought would be best: He threw himself towards the Shadow Man, who started eating his essence. (Y/N) screamed his name, taking him out of the darkness just like she had did with her sister many years ago – except Dean was still alive.

The hunter fell back, and he crawled back to (Y/N) and Kate, still on the floor but setting himself in front of them.

Sam finally dropped the match.

Flames covered the house, and (Y/N) got scared that it would burn it to the ground, but it didn’t. Only the shadows burned, disappearing with a loud screech that finished cracking the windows and every other crystal thing in the house. He was gone.

Dean breathed out the air he had no idea he was holding, and in just seconds (Y/N) and Kate were over him, crying and gripping him tightly like he were the only thing that kept them back on Earth. Dean wrapped his arms around them and pulled them closer, allowing them to let go off whatever they had felt.

Sam arrived a bit later. Kate got up and hugged him, and Sam didn’t hesitate in carrying her and holding her tightly while Dean helped (Y/N) up and dried her tears. “It’s over.” Sam spoke softly.

“So can I go out of the house now?” Kate asked. There was hope in her eyes, even behind the fear and the death, there was still a living part inside of her.

Sam and Dean gave (Y/N) a comforting glance, and Sam let (Y/N) carry Kate all the way towards the messy living room. “There’s something I need to tell you.” (Y/N) said, failing to control the tears on her eyes.

“You can tell me anything.” Kate spoke, “That’s what sisters are for.”

“I don’t know what I’ll do without you.” (Y/N) confessed. Dean breathed in, trying to keep the tears from falling whilst Sam dropped a few, not really caring of his manliness like his brother.

“Without me? Why would you be without me? It’s us against the world!” Kate cheered, “That’s what you told me when we moved here…”

“I can’t keep you here, Kate…”

“Are you sending me away? WHY? The Shadow Man is gone, I can go back to school and ballet and…” (Y/N) shook her head.

“You can’t… Kate, you’re…” (Y/N) bursted in tears. Dean rushed to sit beside her, holding her tightly and whispering comforting things to her ear.

“I’m what? (Y/N)!!!” Kate was never patient, and seeing her sister unable to speak was making it worse. (Y/N) pulled away from Dean and held her sisters hands in hers.

“Kate, why do you think you can’t sleep anymore?”

“Because the Shadow Man gave me nightmares.” Kate explained as if it were that simple.

“Why do you think I don’t make you shower, or change your clothes or go to school?” (Y/N) continued.

“Because you’re an awesome sister…” (Y/N) shook her head.

“The Shadow Man… He hurt you, Kate…” Kate nodded.

“I know, but he is gone! You don’t have to send me away!” Kate begged.

“I do… I must.” (Y/N) cried.

“Where will you send me?”

“With mom and dad, and grandma and that dog you used to have.” (Y/N) gave her a reassuring smile through the tears.

“But they’re all…” Kate gasped, “Death.”

(Y/N) nodded and cried once more. Sam kneeled in front of Kate as Dean held (Y/N) once more. “You’ll be fine, Kate… Don’t worry.”

“What will happen to her?” Kate whimpered, “We only have each other.”

“We’ll take care of her.” Dean said as he rubbed (Y/N)’s back.


“Promise.” Sam lifted his pinkie once more and Kate tangled her own with it.

A golden light appeared, although only Kate could see it. (Y/N) pulled away from Dean, willing to give her sister one last good-bye. Kate threw her arms around (Y/N) and promised her to wait for the day she joined them; she also promised to tell everyone how much she loved them, and take care of her from above. And then she was gone.


“So… What’s next?” Sam asked the next morning. They had been up all night.

“A retired hunter will take care of the store… As for me, well,” (Y/N) chuckled, “Kate was the only reason why I stayed… She was attached to the house so… I guess I’ll travel around the country to help spirits and so…”

“Like a hunter?” Sam inquired.

“Kind of.” (Y/N) gave them a sheepish smile.

Sam and Dean shared a knowing look and then returned their gazes back to her. “You know,” Dean started, “we could use someone like you in our team…”

“We’d keep you away from danger and give you a place to live…” Sam continued.

“An underground bunker with memory-foam mattresses and the best water pressure in the world.” Dean winked.

“It would be a change of airs, and there are so many books you can read…” Sam offered.

“And we also have Netflix.” Dean added.

(Y/N) giggled. “Are you seducing me to move with you?”

“What if we were?” Dean inquired flirtingly. (Y/N9 breathed out a smile.

“A change of airs sounds nice…” She mumbled.

“So I’ll go get your bags, and Dean,” Sam looked at his brother, “don’t scare her. We don’t want her to change her mind.”

Dean punched his brother’s arm playfully. Yes, it would definitely help her to move away; and what better than to move with two of the most amazing men ever? Whatever they had done in the past was made up by how humane, caring and funny they were… And let’s face it, living with two hotties like them wasn’t much of a torture.

Little Archangel (2/4)

Imagine being the fifth Archangel and not only being ‘Team Switzerland’ to your brothers, but being totally different then them.

A/N: So the first one was so popular I decided to make a little series (totally unplanned). You can read the first one below! This one is shorter than the last but the next two will be longer for sure.

Warnings: uhhhh none really I think. Destruction? There are some light season 11 spoilers.

Word count: 650

Read Part One Here

   “Y/N, darling. Please don’t tell me you poofed us somewhere just out in the open,” your brother Lucifer was looking around in concern.

   “Yeah I wouldn’t exactly call this a ‘safe place’,” Gabriel shared his same facial expression as he looked at his surroundings.

   “Did you really think I’d be stupid enough to take us somewhere unprotected?” both brothers just nodded. “Nobody can find us unless I want them to. Somebody could be standing right in front of us and wouldn’t see us,” the two of them seem surprised .

   “But why in the middle of nowhere? There’s no buildings, or people,” was your oldest brother really complaining about not being around humans?

   “I’d watch it Luce, apparently our little sister isn’t so little anymore,” this was going to be an interesting experiment.

   Almost six years had passed since the apocalypse took place, your whole hiding out plan clearly didn’t work out too well. Your once beautiful blonde hair had turned black. Gabriel was killed by Michael, not Lucifer like the pagan Gods said. Micheal, Adam and Lucifer were stuck in the cage due to the Winchesters. Sam had gotten pulled out, lucky him. Over the passed time, you’d changed. Sure nature and being a “hippie angel” as Gabe used to say, hadn’t changed. But violence and anger took over, now you were more like Luce than you’d admitted. There had been yet another day where the Winchester brothers had gone and unleashed almost literal Hell on Earth…again. This time, they’d freed The Darkness, who happened to be your aunt. You’d decided it would be a good time to step out into the field and play ball. With a blink of an eye you were in one of the busiest cities in the world, New York. People and monsters, angels and demons…they all needed to know you were very much alive and that you meant business. What better place to do this than such a big city?

   Walking into the middle of the busy street, you held your hand out. Instantly crushing every car like a balled up paper that was in your direct eyesight. Screams filled the air around you, a rush of adrenaline ran through each vein in your body. Slowly you began to lift your hands into the air, raising the crushed vehicles with it. People around you were gasping in amazement and awe. From the corner of your eye you caught a group of people filming. Quickly you bleed your fist up and crushed every phone that was recording you. Technology still didn’t please you. With the wave of your hand the cars that were floating in the air flew out in every direction. Terror overcame the bystanders as they ran for cover. Your powers had never been used for this before, it felt…good. Out of nowhere, Amara appeared in front of you.

   “Y/N, I was beginning to get worried that my baby niece was nowhere to be found,” she was wearing a black dress, letting her hair fall naturally. “You’ve changed,” looking around at all you had caused she seemed intrigued.

   “Is change such a bad thing?” cars were still flying around in every direction “I’m tired of this. All of this. Angels, demons, humans…all of it. And where is my father in all of this? Allowing destruction to be placed upon all he loves,” for the first time in your life, your aunt seemed sympathetic to you.

   “Sweet Y/N,” she reached a hand out and brushed away your tear. “I hadn’t realized he had abandoned not only me, but his children as well. Together we will get him to show himself. To come back, no matter what,” this was a side to Amara you’d never seen, but you weren’t about to turn her down. She stopped your chaos that had been created and took your hand, taking both of you away from there to discuss things.

Read Part One Here

Read part Three here

anonymous asked:

Can you write a NSFW fic about MC being married to saeyoung but has an affair with saeran ? Like she loves them both and they also loves her too. How would saeran react when she kiss him for the first time when saeyoung wasn't around ? You can just ignore this if you're not comfortable writing this ^^

Are you kidding me? I am the type of person who’d happily ditch Saeyoung for his brother. Let’s do this!

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Cheating (?)
Categories: F/M
Relationships: MC x Saeyoun & MC x Seven (kinda)
Word count: 3800

Despite having been the first one to lay my eyes on her, I never really saw her. Back then I’d been under Rika’s leadership, following her every word, obeying to her every command. There had been nothing in the world but her. She’d been my savour, the one that had shown me the light in all the darkness I’d fallen into. So when she’d send me out to find her another pawn to use for her big game of chess, I’d happily obliged. As long as it brought her a step closer to fulfilling her life wish, I would have done anything for her. I really thought I loved her, back then. That was, until someone stepped into my life that taught me what love even meant.

When I’d picked MC it hadn’t been because of any kind of personal preference. She’d been family-less, which meant that no one would miss her, between jobs and most importantly she’d shown kindness in different sorts of situations, which was necessary for what Rika had planned. In that moment, she’d been nothing but a faceless pawn to me. She just made it so easy, walking right into the trap that I’d constructed for her. I watched her answer the messages as I wrote them, following her through the streets and to Rika’s old apartment. I knew it had surveillance cameras in it, which meant I couldn’t just break in and steal the documents myself. A kind little girl, however, merely returning a phone would not pose a threat.

What I hadn’t expected, over the course of spying on her, tormenting my brother and his little friends group, was that I’d grow attached. Rika had given me a time limit to retrieve the information she needed, told me to blow the building up, if it took too long. After all, she didn’t actually want the girl to use that information for herself an the RFA. I wanted to obey, but another part of me simply refused. I was torn, painfully so. It was agony and I found myself letting it out on her. I threatened her, came to attack her, texted her when I knew she was most vulnerable; all by herself in an unfamiliar apartment in the middle of the night. All of it just to get a reaction out of her, make her suffer like she was making me suffer.

Nothing worked. It was infuriating. She merely texted back before returning to the bed. MC didn’t seem distressed nor scared. Even when I tried to kidnap her she’d merely bitten me and run off. Later on she’d been the one to help my brother save me, despite everything I’d done to her, and even went as far as to tend to my wounds immediately and without hesitation. She didn’t flinch away from my touch and when I’d broken down MC hadn’t hesitated to hug me, reassure me that all of this wasn’t my fault, that I wasn’t crazy nor broken. I hadn’t been hugged like that in years and with every touch of hers, I felt myself giving in to those new feelings bubbling inside of me. I dare say it was that moment I started loving her.

Once my brother had forced me to live with him after said incident things quickly started to change. It wasn’t easy to begin with; my nightmares were keeping me awake and Saeyoung didn’t really know how to help me. He knew all that was electronic but lacked in the human department. It was fine though, for the better part, as I’d finally been freed from the dark clutches of a devilish mistress only to reunite with my brother. I was happy to be alive, to be able to dream and have nightmares at all. Saeyoung didn’t seem satisfied though and that is when things became complicated. As it turned out, my brothers solution to everything compassion and emotion related was her. That day, she moved in with us.

I kept my distance for a long time. Not because I wanted to give them and their new, blossoming relationship space, but because I didn’t like having her around back then. I told myself it was jealousy, making me feel that way. I didn’t want to share the brother I’d only just gotten back. In reality, I didn’t trust myself enough not to betray that very same brother. I hated seeing them together, catching glimpses of shared laughter and stolen kisses in the morning. My heart would ache in ways I’d never ute experienced before and my entire day would feel just a little darker. Those feelings made me feel sick, for more than one reason. Not admitting the truth to a friend, can be painfully hard. Not wanting to admit the truth to yourself, however, was simply excruciating. 

Weeks passed like that; me watching my brother fall more and more in love with the first woman I’ve ever felt a connection to. The one that every night would sit beside me and hold me as a shook with the nightmare still ringing within me. MC never spoke during those, as it was not necessary. In fact, we didn’t exchange many words over the weeks in general, which is not to say we didn’t connect on a deeper level. I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words and her actions spoke only for her. MC’s kindness and compassion allowed me to finally come out of my shell. She never pushed, allowed me to take things one step at a time and just like that I fell in love with a woman – the first woman I ever felt connected to – and I was not even allowed to pursue her. One week later Saeyound asker for her hand in marriage. She said yes. An hour later he asked me to be his best man. I said yes. One and the same word spoken from two mouths and it had shattered my entire world in minutes.

The next months passed in a blur. So much so I recall very little of them. There was a lot of planning involved, cheerful people congratulating the happy couple and a lot of swallowed down bitterness on my part. Luckily, since I was still considered traumatized, people hadn’t expected me to smile or cheer too much, which had been a blessing in disguise. When I stood beside my brother at the altar and saw MC walk down the isle she took my breath away. That is one of the most vivid memories I can recall. I remember a tear rolling down my cheek as they’d said their finals vows and how people had later on told me I was such a sweet and loving brother to be so happy for Saeyoung that I myself cried. I hadn’t bothered to correct them.

People always tell you that time heals all wounds, that you move on and leave the pain behind eventually, right? Well, that is a lie. I never moved on and my wounds never healed. No matter how much I tried, I found myself falling deeper into a pit of resentment. Myself, for having been to slow. Her, for having made me fall in love. My brother, because he’d taken the one thing I ever desired before me. For a long time I forced myself to endure. I’d missed out on more than half a decade worth of ‘special moments’ with my brother and I wanted those back. Reality doesn’t work like that though. You can’t catch up with time and you can’t outrun it either. What’s past is past and there is no getting it back. It took me a long time of suffering through shared breakfasts and cuddling on the couch to understand that. 

The brother I’d once known was gone. I couldn’t blame him. I wasn’t the brother he once knew either and yet he took me in. Still, I found myself aching for freedom. I’d been locked inside and unhappy for long enough. I couldn’t watch them any longer as it killed a little more with every instance. One night, I decided to sneak out. I still had the code to Rika’s old apartment and since the party was months away, MC rarely used it. I didn’t have many belongings, so packing my stuff and leaving wasn’t hard nor dramatic. It was silent and unnoticed. Much like me, I suppose. What I hadn’t expected was a knock on the door of Rika’s apartment mere two hours later. I’d just taken care of the camera, reprogramming it so it would show an old image of an empty room, as turning it off completely would raise suspicion.

I’d sighed then, already preparing for Saeyoung to give me a long, big brother and protector speech and drag me bag home. Instead I was met with big, teary eyes and a quivering lip before a pair of gentle arms wrapped around my neck, holding me close. I froze, surprised to see MC standing in front of me. However, I couldn’t resists the warmth for long, hesitantly wrapping my arms around her slender frame, burying my face in her soft hair. She smelled so good, I never wanted to let go of her. Sadly, that decision was taken from me as she untangled herself from me, taking my wrist and pulling me along as she began taking steps back, telling me to come back home. I’d closed my eyes with a long sigh, pulling back my arm and letting it fall to my side.

“I can’t…”, I’d merely said as explaining further would only worsen things. “I’ll be staying here, if that is alright with you.” I leaned against the open door, resting my forehead against the cold surface to calm my nerves. She needed to leave or I’d find myself doing something I’d regret for the rest of my life soon, I’d known even back then. I’d been tired, sad and vulnerable and she’d been my salvation. Self control had never been my strong suit and she’d been testing it in that particular moment. “It’s not alright with me”, she’d replied, voice high pitched and obviously upset. I’d never quite seen her like that before. “You belong home with Seven. And me.”

Now that had gotten my attention. Why had she sounded so upset, so lonely as she’d spoken those words? She’d stepped closer again, reached out for grip the front of my shirt before closing the distance between us once more to bury her face in my chest, still holding onto me so delicately. “Please don’t leave”, she’d sobbed and it had broken my heart and yet I couldn’t help but be greedy with her, be selfish. “Why?” What did I want to hear? The truth that would hurt or a lie that would make me happy?

“Because you always wake up around three in the morning, so I usually get up earlier so I can wait for you. That way you don’t have to be alone after your nightmares. That way I can instantly wrap you in a blanket and keep you warm and safe but tonight…tonight you weren’t there and you weren’t in your room and Mint Eye doesn’t exist anymore so I figured you were here and oh Saeran, I was so scared something had happened to you. How can you do this to me?”

How indeed? In that moment I hadn’t been so sure myself. How had I gathered the strength to go, do the right thing, when the forbidden fruit was the sweetest. I wanted her so much my body was tearing from the inside out not to crave into those desires. She was my brothers wife. Even without the rules of Mint Eye to guide me, I knew very well that desiring her, let alone acting out on such thoughts, was great sin. I could not do that. Not because of myself, I would have gladly burned in hell for the chance to give myself fully to MC, but because of her. She was an angel that walked earth and had to return to heaven some day, I was sure of it.

“Why aren’t you answering me”, she cried, the first tear running down her cheek. It made me want to kneel before her, beg for forgiveness. I couldn’t though. I knew it would be more hurtful to admit to my shameful feelings than to let her cry it out. “Don’t we matter to you at all?” I found myself stepping forward, cupping her face and brushing over her rosy, wet cheeks to wipe away the tears. “You’re all that matters to me.” The words had been out of my mouth before I’d even registered them and it was too late to take them back.

I’d sighed, shoulders slumping as I stepped away from her again, eyes closed as if it would make this all go away somehow. “Please, MC, just go and -”, the rest of the sentence was silenced by her warm lips pressing against mine. The kiss had come as such a shock, for the first couple of seconds I hadn’t been able to return it. Once my brain had caught up though, all resistance inside of me had melted away and my arms had found their way around the MC’s body. We held onto each other like our lives depended on it and yet as if the other was the most delicate thing in the entire world.

We hadn’t had sex that night. Instead we’d found our way to the bed, lying beside one another as we kissed and touched and explored without fully crossing the line that could never be uncrossed once passed. We’d both been aware that there would be no going back from that moment on. This thing between us, whatever it might have been at the time, it was too intense and all consuming to ignore. It was merely a matter of time until we would give in entirely. That night marked the beginning of our intimate relationship, which, despite all odds, was still going strong in this very moment, almost a year after our first kiss.

I hold her in my arms, a peaceful, undisturbed and unrushed moment between just the two of us. Over the past couple of weeks those have become rare, as my brother seems to be circling her like a hawk would his pray. I don’t think he suspects anything, but we both know that in a situation like ours, it is much better to be safe than sorry. Our naked bodies are interlaced below the warm covers. Her head is resting on my bare chest, listening to my heartbeat as she always does after we make love. When I asked her once, what it was that fascinated her so much about it, she’d replied with telling me that her power over my heart made her happy. It beat faster when she excited me and slowed to blissful relaxation whenever we held onto one another like this. My heart truly was hers.

With an arm wrapped around her I held her close, pressing a kiss to her forehead, smiling to myself. “What is on your mind, love”, she asked, looking up at me with those innocent eyes. “You.” A simple yet fully honest answer. It was always her. It always would be. MC chuckled at my words, the sound that moved my heart to this day. “Other than me, silly. It’s always me when I ask.” I smirk down at her, brighter even. “Us. You and me”, I reply then. “Really? What is it that you think about then, when you think about us? Is it something nice? Something happy?” I nod. “I think about us running away. Far, far away where no one can find us ever again. Just you and me. I think about asking you to marry me and how you’d say yes. How we’d start a life together somewhere, maybe a family.”

It’s not the first time we indulge in such fantasies. In a relationship like ours, fantasies are all we’ll ever have. What if’s are probably the worst thing to ever cross a humans mind, and yet they were all we had, so we made the best out of it, as we dreamed about those things together. It wasn’t like we didn’t love each other enough to go through with it. We’d both agreed that it was an option. But MC loved my brother and I both and so did I. I could not betray him like that, steal away his loving bride and she could not abandon her best friend and husband. It was complicated, messy and hurtful, but we made it work.

Suddenly she’s moving under the covers, climbing on top of me. Her hands are resting on my chest now as MC looks down at me, eyes shining with something so intense, love is not sufficient to describe  it. Her hips begin to roll against mine once more and I can feel that she’s wet still, hungry still. Sometimes she can be insatiable, seducing me many times a night. This isn’t one of those nights, however, not just about physical satisfaction. It’s about being connected in the most intimate way human possible, being one for even just a couple of minutes. 

She reaches down between us, holds my erection between her tender fingers and sits down on it. No matter how often we do this, the feeling of being able to sink into her wet warmth overwhelms me every single time. Especially with such an intense chemistry in the room. I gasp quietly once I’m buried inside her fully. She smiles down at me, reaching out to caress my cheek as she begins to roll her hips against mine. I turn my head to the side, press a kiss to her palm before looking back up at her. The view is mesmerizing and yet again I find myself incapable of looking away.

Her eyes are closed, head slightly thrown back with her hair cascading down her shoulders and back. She is almost entirely quiet, other than the short, breathy pants and the occasional gasp. I don’t mind. Sex doesn’t have to be loud to be passionate and good. If anything the way her cheeks redden and her lips are ever parted shows me just how much she is enjoying herself. I let my hands roam over her body, grips her by the hips and caress them before traveling higher. Up her sides I move my hands to her breasts, holding them in my hands and playing with her nipples. They instantly harden under my attention and MC bites down on her bottom lip to muffle any further noise.

I like having her on top of me like that, her entire body bared to me to feast on its beauty. Her pale skin looks beautiful when it starts to flush with the strain of sex and orgasm, glistening with small pearls of sweat that formed in the moments of passion. I sit up from my lying position, craving the closeness. We are eye to eye now, one of my arms wrapped around her while I cup her face with the other hand. She opens her eyes and they lock with my. Our pupils are blows, eyes half lidded with our faces so close our lips are always brushing together.

I begin thrusting into her then, slow but deliberate. We moan in unison, moving together in tandem to find out peak together. As we kiss, licking into each others mouth, tongues dancing together, my movements become more desperate. I can feel myself growing closer with every rock of my hips, her walls tightening around me only increasing my pleasure. She knows how to pleasure me, how to have control even when it is seemingly me. Mc break the kiss, a load moan falling from her hips as I hit jus the right spot inside of her. I want to make her come before me, trailing kisses down her neck, nibbling at the sensitive skin the way I know she likes. 

I can never leave marks and as much as that thought pains me, I am glad to have her in my arms at all. She comes soon after, face buried in the crock of my neck, nails digging into my back as her body shakes with orgasm, her walls tightening around my cock it takes me a mere handful of thrusts to follow her over the edge and spill inside of her. Once we’re both spent we fall back onto bed together, still slightly out of breath but happy and sated. Yet again my hand is brushing through her hair and her head is resting above my heart to listen to it slow down. I would have never thought that I would enjoy routines. I wanted adventure when I was young, constant adrenaline. Now I’m grown up and realize just how silly those dreams were compared to what I want now.

Now I dream about settling down, leaving my former ‘adventurous’ life behind. I dream about settling down somewhere with a family home, a white picket fence and a little harder. I dream about putting a ring on the finger of the woman I love, about building a family and maybe buying a dog. I dream about having a job boring enough to be safe and safe enough to provide for my family and a routine that begins with waking up to one another and ends with putting the kids to sleep. No matter how mundane my dreams, however, how seemingly reachable, they are still as unrealistic as me dreaming about being a pirate or an astronaut.

When I was a kid, I wanted one adrenaline rush after the other. Now I would do anything to be able to give it up, because the adrenaline rush you get from fucking your brothers wife is not an adrenaline rush you will ever be able to enjoy. Especially when the punishment you get for such a sin is not something that awaits you in hell, but happens on earth. Every day I have to let her go and watch her walk back into his arms. I watch her smile at him the way she smiled at me the night before. I watch them cook together in the afternoon and cuddle together in the evening.

My punishment is watching my twin brother live the domestic bliss with the love of my life that I will never ever have…and it kills me more with every day in ways that not even Rika did.

I do not condone cheating and you are a piece of shit if you ever do it in real life. No excuses. If you don’t like your partner anymore at least have the courtesy to break up with them before sleeping with someone else. Be polite. 


Here’s a sneak peak of the project I was working on before I started this crazy moving process. Right now it’s stalled at the line art and I still have to pick one more character to add but once I get everything unpacked I’ll be back to working on it!